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We’re So Sorry, Uncle Bosie: Biden’s Latest Trip Down Dementia Lane Is A Doozy

President Joe Biden talking to reporters in Pennsylvania.
Image CreditSky News / Youtube 

Biden’s whopper about his war hero uncle eaten by cannibals exposes bigger problems than his longtime trouble with the truth.


While Speaker Mike Johnson and the House were cannibalizing border security, President Joe Biden was proving once again that he should be in a dementia ward, not president of the United States of America. 

The story of Uncle Bosie, the war hero suffering a series of most unfortunate events, would be absurdly hilarious if it weren’t so sad. So sad, in fact, that even the accomplice media couldn’t ignore it. 

It took a trip to a war memorial near his Pennsylvania hometown for Biden to wax nostalgic — and delusional — once again. The dementarian told reporters about his Uncle Ambrose Finnegan (“Uncle Bosie” to old Joe), a reconnaissance pilot in World War II who, Biden says, gallantly volunteered for a mission over Papua New Guinea.

He never came back. His plane went down in the Pacific Ocean. Adding insult to injury, the U.S. Army Air Forces lieutenant ended up as the main course of some natives, the president suggested. Cannibals ate Uncle Bosie! 

“He flew single-engine planes, reconnaissance flights over New Guinea. He had volunteered because someone couldn’t make it. He got shot down in an area where there were a lot of cannibals in New Guinea at the time,” Biden said. “They never recovered his body.”

Now we know why the president canceled his trip to Papua New Guinea last May. The White House claimed he needed to get back to wrap up discussions with congressional leaders on a deal to raise the debt ceiling. I think Biden was worried about going out like Uncle Bosie. 

Not Just Any White Man Falling from the Sky

Except, like so many of lying Biden’s tall tales, the story isn’t true. It’s apparently so untrue that the White House had to correct the record.

Uncle Bosie and his plane did go down in the Pacific Ocean, but the cannibal stuff is a load of crap. There’s nothing in the official military records about the service member being shot down or being eaten, points USA Today had to concede in a ludicrously headlined article asking, “Was Biden’s uncle eaten by cannibals near New Guinea in World War II? 

In fact, the people of Papua New Guinea are reportedly pretty annoyed about the insinuation. 

“Joe Biden’s suggestion that his uncle may have been eaten by cannibals in Papua New Guinea during world war two has been met with a mixture of bemusement and criticism in the country,” the leftist Guardian reported. 

Michael Kabuni, a lecturer in political science at the University of Papua New Guinea, told the publication that Melanesians, the indigenous people of the Oceania nation “are a very proud people,” and “would find this kind of categorisation very offensive.”

That’s not because of the reference to cannibalism, he said. That indeed was part of the native culture, if you will, at one time. 

“But taking it out of context, and implying that your [uncle] jumps out of the plane and somehow we think it’s a good meal is unacceptable,” Kabuni said. 

The scholar suggested the practice was more of a kind of compassionate cannibalism. A deceased relative, for instance, might be consumed to keep the body from decomposing. 

“There was context. They wouldn’t just eat any white men that fell from the sky,” Kabuni told The Guardian. 

‘Emotional Moment’

The White House also insists there’s context to Biden’s latest whopper. He was just caught up in an “emotional moment” when he suggested Uncle Bosie was someone’s supper. 

“The president had an emotional and I think a symbolic moment. He had an opportunity as president to honor his uncle’s service in uniform,” White House Lie Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said.

Furthermore, Jean-Pierre scolded Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy, we shouldn’t “make jokes” about the Uncle Bosie story. Doocy had asked why Biden suggested his uncle had been eaten. 

“Your last line is for a laugh, is for a funny statement. And he takes this very seriously. His uncle who served and protected his country lost his life and that should matter,” the ultimate parody of a press secretary sneered. 

In other words, How dare you point out what everyone knows, that this president is full of baloney. 

What’s most remarkable is that Biden injected his bizarre Uncle Bosie story while repeating the left’s lie that his opponent, former President Donald Trump, had once called World War II veterans “suckers and losers.” As The Federalist’s Biden lie tracker notes, “The lie, published by The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, was debunked by nearly two dozen Trump White House officials.”

A Sad State of Affairs

Once again, it’s so much more than the embellishments, the truth-stretching, and the outright lies. This Uncle Bosie tale is just the latest in a litany of incidents that expose a hard truth: The United States’ 81-year-old president is a senile old man.

We have all watched Biden shake hands with no one, his stumbling, his mumbling, and his utter confusion on the national and international stage. Remember, Biden dodged charges in his classified documents mishandling case because he suffers from a “severely limited” memory, according to the special prosecutor. 

While his doctor may have been willing to give the president a clean bill of health, other physicians, including a doctor who served former presidents, are much more concerned. 

“You’ve got cognitive decline right in front of our eyes. It’s very obvious how he’s performing today versus, say, five years ago, and it’s sad, really,” Marty Makary, a Johns Hopkins University professor and surgeon, told Fox News. 

It’s sad for the country, for the world, for the clearly impaired old man that cynical leftists unconscionably continue to prop up for their selfish purposes. It’s even worse than what Biden thinks happened to poor Uncle Bosie. 

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