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Here’s The Authoritative List Of Lies Joe Biden Has Told As President: 251 And Counting

President Joe Biden in Oval Office
Image CreditWhite House/Flickr

Updated Sept. 28, 2023. Two hundred and fifty-one lies and counting.

More than two and a half years into President Joe Biden’s White House tenure, his fabulism is on repeat. He’s told more lies than anyone could ever quantify, but we’ve done our best to document his serial falsehoods. Here is part four of The Federalist’s rigorous coverage designed to hold Biden and his administration accountable with substantive fact-checking throughout the rest of his presidency.  

You can find part three of “The Full List Of Every Lie Joe Biden Has Told As President” here.

251. Biden Claims He Convinced Strom Thurmond to Support a Civil Rights Bill

During a Sept. 28, 2023, speech, Biden claimed he talked former South Carolina Sen. Strom Thurmond into supporting a civil rights bill during the waning moments of the former’s Senate campaign.

“Toward the end of my Senate campaign, I convinced Strom Thurmond to vote for the civil rights legislation! Not a joke!” the president said.

While it may not be a “joke,” Biden’s claim is most definitely a lie. For starters, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act on June 19, 1964, meaning Biden would have been 21 years old at the time. Biden didn’t run for Senate until years later and was elected at age 29. Moreover, Thurmond voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

250. Self-Professed Catholic President Claims He Was Raised in Synagogues

In a call with Jewish faith leaders on Sept. 14, 2023, Joe Biden claimed he was “raised in the synagogues” in Delaware.

 “I — you might say raised in the synagogues in my state. You think I’m kidding. I’m not,” Biden said during his greeting.

Just like Biden was not raised in a black church or a Puerto Rican community, Biden was not raised in a synagogue. Instead, he grew up in a Catholic home and attended an all-boys Catholic school.

“I’m as much a cultural Catholic as I am a theological Catholic. My idea of self, of family, of community, of the wider world comes straight from my religion. It’s not so much the Bible, the Beatitudes, the Ten Commandments, the sacraments, or the prayers I learned. It’s the culture. The nuns are one of the reasons I’m still a practicing Catholic,” Biden wrote in the first chapter of his biography “Promises To Keep.” 

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