The Federalist Staff
Matthew Yglesias Calls For More Babies, More Immigrants, And More Americans

On the Federalist Radio Hour, Yglesias lays out his vision for how America can focus on important problems and maintain American exceptionalism.

H.R. McMaster On America’s Enemies And Most Crucial Foreign Policy Challenges

On the Federalist Radio Hour, H.R. McMaster details policy initiatives the White House implemented concerning China, Russia, and other countries that were long overdue.

The History Of Contentious SCOTUS Fights And How A New Justice Transforms The Court

Ben Domenech and Ilya Shapiro discuss the history of contentious court fights and how they transitioned from an insulted political conflict into the public square.

Exposing The Progressive Movement’s Historical Embrace Of Racist Eugenics

Professor Thomas Cargill joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the progressive embrace of eugenics and forced sterilization in order to attain a better society.  

DHS’s Ken Cuccinelli On Delivering ‘Peace Through Strength’ In American Cities

Although federal law enforcement is currently unwelcome by certain states and cities, Cuccinelli said that they are ready to go whenever they are called to do so by the president.

Newt Gingrich On Power, Decadence, And Moral Decline In America

“This is one of the great transition periods,” Gingrich explained. “I think the most important thing to recognize is that this is a historic rather than a political period.”

How ‘The Venture Bros.’ Created Prestige Animation

Voice actor James Urbaniak joins The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss how ‘The Venture Bros.’ created a new kind of storytelling in animation.

OMB Director Russell Vought On Defunding Critical Race Theory In Federal Agencies

Vought said the government prioritizes diversity, but wants to facilitate a diversity curriculum that unites the country instead of using “buzzwords” to divide it.

We Went To Kenosha. Here’s What WI Voters Are Saying About Trump Vs. Biden

Will enthusiastic support for Trump on the ground translate from street demonstrations to the ballot box?

Byron York On Why Washington And The Media Are Obsessed With Trump

York explains Democrats’ quest to impeach Trump and explores why “the media were gripped by an anti-Trump hysteria that blinded them to reality.”

Kelley Paul On The Mob, The Media, And Leftist Hypocrisy

“There was real violence going on that night and I consider what happened to us to be real violence,” said Kelley Paul, wife of Sen. Rand Paul.

No. 1 Podcast ‘Nice White Parents’ Fights Racism With More Racism

Garnett and Pullman explore the basis of the arguments in the “Nice White Parents” podcast that seemingly take issue with race, but may be more than skin-deep.

Jim Gaffigan Didn’t Risk Anything By Condemning Trump

Jim Gaffigan won’t get “canceled” for coming out against Donald Trump, but he also won’t go public with values he holds that are less popular with the left.

Is Politics Killing The NBA’s Ratings?

The NBA’s ratings have dropped significantly across different viewing platforms. Is it because of the infusion of politics in the league?

How Much Did Steve Bannon Change Politics?

The Federalist Radio Hour unravels Bannon’s path in the world of politics and the implications of his actions on the fundraising industry.

The Forty Year Evolution Of Conservatism From Reagan to Trump

WSJ Editor Gerald F. Seib joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss his new book, new book, “We Should Have Seen It Coming: From Reagan to Trump–A Front-Row Seat to a Political Revolution.”

Marsha Blackburn On The State Of Conservatism In 2020: Can We Shrink Government And Preserve American Values?

On The Federalist Radio Hour, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) talks Big Tech, Taylor Swift, this year’s RNC and more with Emily Jashinsky.

How Michael Pack Is Draining The Swamp And Rooting Out Bias In Taxpayer Journalism

Here’s what people might not know about public broadcasting, Voice of American, USAGM’s international coverage.

Why Night One Of The RNC Was A Surprising Success

On this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour, Chris Bedford and Emily Jashinksy react to the first night of the Republican National Convention.

How The 2020 RNC Can Outperform The Virtual DNC

One of the biggest deciding factors in distinguishing the two conventions will be the absence or presence of a live audience.