The Federalist Staff
Discovering The ‘Unseen’ Story Of Rural Maine

Gigi Georges joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss her book ‘Downeast: Five Maine Girls and the Unseen Story of Rural America.’

How ‘Woke Communism’ Attacks American Justice

Tom Klingenstein joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his article ‘Winning the Cold Civil War’ and the problems with ‘woke communism.’

How Our Ailing Culture Fuels The ‘Cartel’ Of Family Law

Actor, producer, and director Greg Ellis joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his book ‘The Respondent: Exposing the Cartel of Family Law.’

Can A Generation Swamped With Wokeness Turn To Free Thought?

Gen Z YouTuber Daniel Idfresne explains how his parents, his church, his teachers, and his own personal interests inoculated him against the woke politics of his peers. 

Meet The Maskless Elites Whose COVID Hierarchy Profits Them And Punishes You

These leftist elites don’t truly believe in the ‘science’ they so dutifully preach, because they won’t suffer the consequences for breaking the rules.

How The Changing Comedy Landscape Is Making Hollywood Dispensable

Tyler Fischer joined Ben Domenech to talk about how comedy has changed over the years and during the pandemic, and to pay tribute to Norm Macdonald.

Debating America’s ‘Tech Panic’ With Skeptic Robby Soave

Reason Senior Editor Robby Soave joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his new book ‘Tech Panic: Why We Shouldn’t Fear Facebook and the Future.’

The Arc Of Cultural Leftism Bends Towards Dystopia

On this episode, author David Marcus joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his article ‘NYC is failing its homeless residents.’

How The Newsom Recall Cemented California As A Sanctuary State For Leftism

Tristan Justice and Jordan Davidson break down how the failed recall of California Gov. Gavin Newsom cemented the state as a leftist paradise.

Is Postmodernism Wiping Out Human Adaptability?

Biologists Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying discuss their book ‘A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century: Evolution and the Challenges of Modern Life.’

The State Of Comedy And A World Without Norm Macdonald

Josh Denny, host of ‘Next Week Tonight,’ reflects on the state of comedy and how Norm Macdonald’s passing will affect comics around the globe.

Podcast: Dispelling Misconceptions About Alaskan Drilling, Mining, And Caribou

Environmentalists stifle projects to protect the wildlife, but others say development is necessary to forward Alaska’s oil, gas, and mining industries.

What It Was Like To Work For The Vice President On 9/11

Neil Patel, Co-Founder and Publisher at The Daily Caller, recounts how he responded to 9/11 as the then-chief policy adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney.

Behind The Incredible Rescue Efforts Of ‘Digital Dunkirk’

Digital Dunkirk’s Alex Plitsas discusses how he’s helping American citizens and other at-risk Afghans escape the grasp of the Taliban.

New Survey Finds Modern American Workers Want Unions To Stop Playing Politics

A new survey from The American Compass found that labor unions were viewed more positively by upper and middle-class Democrats than by working class people.

How The Corporate Media Is Indoctrinating Americans With Fear And Lies

Federalist D.C. Columnist Eddie Scarry discusses his article ‘Corporate Media Once Again Target Ron DeSantis While Democrats Ruin Everything.’

What Oregon’s Political Divisions Can Tell Us About The Rural-Urban Divide In The US

Tristan Justice joins Emily Jashinsky to discuss how the political divisions in Oregon speak to the rural-urban divide in the United States.

Podcast: Afghanistan And The Future Of War

Bedford and Jashinsky discuss how Biden will try to sweep the Afghanistan crisis under the rug and refocus on progressive domestic policy.

How Hollywood Is Pushing Abortion Propaganda And What To Do About It

Madeline Fry Schultz talks about her recent article and discusses how entertainment outlets are pushing the abortion agenda onscreen.

Hemingway: Biden Focuses On Ida Because It’s Only Disaster He Didn’t Cause Or Exacerbate

President Joe Biden is using Hurricane Ida to mask all of the nation’s other disasters that he created, said Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway.