The Federalist Staff
Will The CDC’s Newest Mask Flip-Flop Be The Tipping Point?

Jordan Davidson and Emily Jashinsky discuss the CDC’s flip-flop on masks and how fed-up Americans are pushing back.

Why Keeping Critical Race Theory Away From Your Kids Requires A Lot More Than iPhone Activism

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Joy Pullmann and Spencer Lindquist discuss what’s at stake if parents don’t fight back against critical race theory indoctrination.

How El Chapo’s Rise Exposes The Corruption Of The Mexican State

Corruption in the drug smuggling industry is “institutionalized” in the Mexican government, author Noah Hurowitz explains on the Federalist Radio Hour.

Why This Professor Is Running For Attorney General In Wisconsin

Conservative professor Ryan Owens joins Emily Jashinsky to discuss why he is running to be Wisconsin’s attorney general and what he thinks needs to change.

Can We Rescue The American Dream From Bully Corporations?

Christopher Bedford explains how groups like BlackRock are barring more people out of buying homes and pushing more people towards renting.

Is Parler Proof Of Big Tech’s Antitrust Problem Or Proof There’s No Problem At All?

Who is it that gets to be the arbiter of truth today? Is it tech executives? Is it the White House? Emily Jashinksy discusses with Parler CPO Amy Peikoff.

Podcast: What Your Child Reads Changes His Soul

Executive Editor Joy Pullmann interviews children’s book author Matthew Mehan about how a healthy society relies on good literature.

‘The Dark Knight’ At 13: Ben Domenech Reflects On The Iconic Film’s Cultural Legacy

On the 13th anniversary of Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight,” Ben Domenech breaks down by the movie is still just as powerful today.

Why Unions Prioritize ‘Wokeness’ Over Their Own Blue-Collar Workers

Bill McMorris, senior editor for the Washington Free Beacon, discusses how identity politics has fractured the labor movement.

The Media’s Desire To Amplify Activism Is Spurring Anti-Christian Church Burnings

Federalist Senior Editor Christopher Bedford breaks down some of the myths about the American Indian graves that are used to justify attacks on churches.

Podcast: Country Music Populism And The Rage Against The Nashville Machine

Jashinsky and Kaminsky discuss how “mainstream” country music is experiencing a shift away from its rural roots and traditions to appeal to the masses.

Communism, Not The United States, Is Responsible For Cuba’s Problems

“The fact that so many people seem to buy into this propaganda notion that it’s just evil America to blame is just devoid of logic,” said Tom Rogan.

Will Major League Baseball Survive Its Own Woke-ification?

MLB’s caving to the woke mob has more to do with cancel culture than the league’s position on Georgia’s voting bill.

Would Ending Endless Wars Make America Safer?

President of the Quincy Institute Andrew Bacevich argues that we must end the previous ways of “endless wars and a succession of moral and material disasters.”

Podcast: How The Left Killed Opera Music

“They’re trying to take opera and bring it into the modern age by paring it down, which takes away so much of the beauty,” said Abby Roth on The Federalist Radio Hour.

Bureaucratic Red Tape, Not Climate Change, Sparks Wildfires

The government can help ensure that the wildfire crisis is solved, so what’s stopping them? Listen to this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.

Failures, Breakdowns, And Politics: What Went Wrong In The Trials Of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher

Retired Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher joins the Federalist Radio Hour to share his story and why the military justice system needs reform.

How To Raise Kids Who Won’t Be Swayed By Decadent Culture

Parents must be intentional and teach their children how to have real-world conversations to combat leftist narratives, Michelle Easton said.

Podcast: How ‘Origins-Centered’ History Is Limited By Politics

Princeton Associate Professor Matthew Karp talks 1619, 1776, and the politics of the past on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.

The Ultimate Federalist Guide To 4th Of July Grilling

Fly the flag, light the grill, and hang out with your fellow Americans this weekend.