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Interview: Cathy McMorris Rodgers On Trust, Culture Wars, And Down Syndrome

Ben Domenech interviews Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the conservative Congresswoman from Eastern Washington on the decline in Americans’ trust in Congress.

Problematic Women Episode 36: Why Meghan McCain Is Not A Feminist And Katy Perry’s #MeToo Movement

In this week’s episode of #ProblematicWomen, Kelsey Harkness and Bre Payton talk about Katy Perry’s problematic #MeToo moment and why Meghan McCain says she is not a feminist.

Unraveling The Insane Story Of Gawker, Hulk Hogan, And Peter Thiel

Author Ryan Holiday examines the nearly unbelievable conspiracy of how Hulk Hogan and few secret individuals were able to dismantle the infamous Gawker.

Podcast: Rex Tillerson, Pennsylvania Special Election, And Midterms

Washington Post reporter James Hohmann joins the Federalist Radio Hour to share what he heard from voters in Pennsylvania and other upcoming, close races.

Podcast: Amy Chua On Tribalism And How To Restore American Unity

Amy Chua, Yale Professor and “Tiger Mom,” joins Federalist Radio to discuss her new book on the tribal politics of America and how we can learn to hear the other side.

Hillary Unloads On Middle America, Says ‘Backwards’ Trump Voters Hate Black People And Women

Hillary Clinton recently insulted Americans living in the middle of the country who voted for Donald Trump at an event in Indiana, saying they were ‘backward.’

#ProblematicWomen Episode 35: Nikki Haley, Bumble, And The Bachelor

On this week’s episode of #ProblematicWomen, Bre Payton and Ginny Montalbano talk about Nikki Haley, The Bachelor, and Bumble’s new anti-gun policy.

Listen: Interview With NYT Reporter Jeremy Peters On Political Journalism

Jeremy Peters covers politics for the New York Times and joins Ben Domenech on Federalist Radio to recount his career in reporting, campaigns, and politics.

Kmele Foster Talks Race In Politics And Entertainment On Federalist Radio

Kmele Foster is a producer at Freethink media and host of The Fifth Column podcast. On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Foster and Domenech Read Full Article >

Steven Pinker On Science, Progress, And Why Humanity Is Better Than Ever

Steven Pinker joins Ben Domenech on the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss how safety, peace, knowledge, and happiness are on the rise across the globe.

Podcast: Daniel Hannan Talks Conservatism, History, And Nostalgia

Former British politician and writer, Daniel Hannan, joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the state of conservatism and politics across the pond.

The Movies President Ronald Reagan Watched

Mark Weinberg discusses the relationship presidents have with media, and why Hollywood held a special place in the Reagan presidency.

VIDEO: Mary Katharine Slams Media Coverage Of Parkland Students

Mary Katharine Ham slammed the 24/7 media coverage of the Parkland students pushing for increased gun control while ignoring students who have other opinions.

Listen To Federal Reserve Bank President Kashkari On Wages And Lending

Neel Kashkari, president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, joins Ben Domenech on The Federalist Radio Hour.

Radio: Marion Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron, And Disruption In European Politics

Writer and European policy analyst Bill Wirtz joins the Federalist Radio Hour to explain the ongoing chaos in European politics and how it compare to U.S. political parties.

Happy 52nd Birthday, Don Lemon!

The Federalist wishes CNN’s Don Lemon a happy 52nd birthday! 

Hemingway And Davis On Second Amendment Liberties And Russia Conspiracies

Mollie Hemingway and Sean Davis host the Federalist Radio Hour. They discuss guns, bump stocks, House Intelligence memos, and their current favorite music.

Podcast: Behind The Cameras Of White House Press Briefings, CPAC, And DACA

White House Correspondent Saagar Enjeti joins Bre Payton on the Federalist Radio Hour. They discuss an upcoming immigration battle and the crazy of covering the administration.

Watch Ben Domenech Interview Sen. Ted Cruz About Guns, Health Care, And Freedom

In an interview on CPAC’s main stage Thursday afternoon, Federalist publisher Ben Domenech interviewed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and asked him about guns, health care, and freedom.

Podcast With Andy Ferguson On Writing, Politics, And Bogus Expertise

Andrew Ferguson of The Weekly Standard joins Ben Domenech on Federalist Radio to discuss his least favorite things about our current media and politics.