The Federalist Staff
Lauren Chen Explains How Progressivism Is Fueled By Basic Ignorance

BlazeTV Host Lauren Chen joins Ben Domenech to discuss the intrusiveness of progressive politics, anti-capitalism, and alleged systemic racism.

Journalist Katie Herzog On The Insanity Of Cancel Culture And Media Narratives

“Part of this civil unrest we’re seeing right now is responding to the media narrative rather than reality,” Herzog said

John Yoo Argues Trump Is A Defender Of Constitutional, Presidential Power

Berkeley Law School professor and constitutional scholar John Yoo joins the Federalist Radio Hour to make the case that Trump is protecting the Constitution.

Dr. Deborah Soh Debunks Popular Myths About Sex And Gender Identity

As a liberal herself, Soh said the evolution of gender identity has been used by the radical left to further a narrative that’s harmful to children and not based in science. 

Author Lionel Shriver On Wokeness In Fiction Writing And The Religion Of Fitness

The woke left has limited author creativity and made books less interesting, Shriver said, by setting a standard for each type of character. 

Abigail Shrier Explains Why Transgenderism Is Exploding Among Teenage Girls

Writer Abigail Shrier discusses the appeal of the transgender movement in recent years, particularly among young women, and the subsequent results.

Podcast: This Pastor Is Suing Gov. Newsom, Arguing Church Is An Essential Service

Pastor Ché Ahn argues the Constitution makes it clear the government cannot prevent citizens from gathering to worship.

Domenech: Republicans Are Starting To Realize Bias Is Just One Feature Of Big Tech’s Monopoly Power

Google is ‘interested in driving others out of the ad market so that they have total control to demonetize sites as they deem fit,’ Domenech said.

Civil Rights Activist Bob Woodson On Why 1776 Is America’s True Founding, Not 1619

Civil Rights Activist Bob Woodson tells Ben Domench the New York Times’ 1619 Project hijacks the rich legacy of the civil rights movement.

Hollywood Executive Chris Fenton On The Relationship Between China And Hollywood

Film director Chris Fenton joined Emily Jashinsky to discuss the Chinese Communist Party and his experience distributing major Hollywood films in China.

Bernie Sanders Campaign Vet Chuck Rocha On Why Woke Whites Alone Won’t Win The Latino Vote

Chuck Rocha discusses his experience on the Sanders 2020 campaign, as well as the campaign’s Latino outreach program he orchestrated.

Dr. Scott Atlas: Science Demands That Schools Reopen

“There is nothing more important to the United States than educating our children. It is an absolute urgent top priority,” Atlas said.

Avik Roy On Why Keeping Schools Closed Is Detrimental To Students

While following realistic protocol to ensure students’ safety, Avik Roy asserts that schools must open this fall for children to have the greatest chance for success.

Daughter Of Captive Uyghur Outlines China’s Human Rights Offenses

“I think people don’t have enough understanding…the actual level is people getting bitten, even bitten to death,” Jewher Illham said. 

Immigrant Karol Markowicz On Why She Loves America And New York

Karol Markowicz immigrated to the United States from the USSR in 1978. She joins Ben Domenech on the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss why she loves America.

Jim DeMint And Rachel Bovard On The Progression Of Socialism In America

On this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour, Jim DeMint and Rachel Bovard discuss how the American education system and political system is embracing socialism.

Why We Must Separate Artists’ Professional And Personal Expression

Libby Emmons and Paulina Enck join Emily Jashinsky to discuss Harry Potter author and radical feminist J.K. Rowling’s stance against transgenderism.

David Paul Kuhn On The Shortcomings And Victories Of The Modern Democrat Coalition

David Paul Kuhn joined host Ben Domenech to discuss the makeup of the Democratic coalition of the ’70s and how it compares to the Democratic party of today.

Economist Don Boudreaux Breaks Down COVID’s ‘Unprecedented’ Economic Damage

American people don’t understand that the government’s decision to have the Federal Reserve print money doesn’t create actual wealth.

Surgeon Jeffrey Singer On Hospitals, Schools, And Leadership Under The Virus

Singer argued that the system of power, in which the governor can dictate when the economy can reopen, has created imbalanced incentives.