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Home For Christmas: Mom Of Seven Shares Practical Wisdom For Making Motherhood A Joy

Author and blogger Leila Lawler discusses her blog ‘Like Mother, Like Daughter’ and offers practical wisdom and tips for making motherhood a joy.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, author and blogger Leila Lawler joins Federalist Executive Editor Joy Pullmann to discuss her blog “Like Mother, Like Daughter” and offer practical wisdom and tips for making motherhood a joy.

“We have an expertocracy. We think that every single thing has to be outsourced to experts and we fail to realize that we can just use our common sense and we can rely on and have confidence in the fact that by the virtue of being married, we have the ability to educate our children,” Lawler said. “So it’s kind of like dig down, dig deep, pray, and grab hold of those resources that are, I would say, supernatural resources, to get this job done.”

Lawler said the task may appear daunting at first but “it can be done.”

“I’m really hoping that families just come to their senses and realize this is, we just need to get back to the basics of husband, wife, children, education, live life, and just do it simply,” Lawler said.

You can find Lawler’s book set “The Summa Domestica” here.