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The Federalist Staff Present: An Hour Of 2022 Predictions

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The Federalist staff joined Ben Domenech on Fox News’ ‘The Ben Domenech Podcast’ to share their predictions for the year 2022.


The Federalist staff joined Ben Domenech on Fox News’s “The Ben Domenech Podcast” to share their predictions for the year 2022.

Mollie Hemingway

“Republicans will have an extremely good November, they will have a massive takeover of the House of Representatives, and they’re on pretty good footing in the Senate as well,” Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway said. “The failure of Democratic uni-party control of D.C. is so profound and so undeniable that Republicans will benefit mightily.”

“I think the Supreme Court will have a very interesting term and something that pro-life activists and other human rights activists have cared about for a very long time, which is moving away from the Roe v. Wade jurisprudence that the Supreme Court put the country into in 1973. I think that will finally go away in June when they rule on the Dobbs case,” Hemingway continued.

Finally, she predicted that “Hunter Biden will get off without any prosecution from the feds, even though he’s being investigated right now for some of the crimes involved with the Biden family business. And I predict — this is also a pretty safe prediction — that nothing will be done about it.”

Jordan Boyd

“One thing I am very sure of is Big Tech will continue to censor The Federalist, our writers, and other conservative outlets with a vengeance,” Staff Writer Jordan Boyd predicted. “Hopefully, we won’t get deplatformed. But I won’t be surprised if that happens.”

“I do predict that SCOTUS will rule in favor of pro-lifers in handing the life issue back to states,” she added. “It may be a narrow ruling, but I do believe that Dobbs v. Jackson will pull out some victories for the pro-life community, that’s definitely going to be something that everyone’s paying attention to when that decision comes down and could have a momentous effect on our politics.”

Elle Reynolds

“I really do think that people are starting to get sick of kind of the ‘what another horrible year’ blues. And I think that’s going to show in 2022,” Assistant Editor Elle Reynolds said. “That’s not to discount how bad the Biden administration has made things, from inflation to Afghanistan to the border crisis. But I’ve also spoken to people in person, noting that they had a good year, personally. And so I hope people will stop kind of automatically victimizing their year, based on the media’s doom and gloom.”

After the debacle that took place in Loudoun County public schools in 2021, Reynolds said, “I really think that the whistleblowing and the revelations about the radicalization of public schools are going to prompt more people to pay attention. I think that’s going to create more opportunities for things to come out about what school boards are doing.”

Eleanor Bartow

“One of the things I think we’ll see a lot more pushback with is transgender athletes competing against female athletes,” predicted Features Editor Eleanor Bartow. “The left is just denying science. And it can’t go on much longer like this. It’s simply unfair to women. Liberals are supposed to be the ones that believe in women’s rights. And it’s just such a dichotomy. It makes no sense.”

Another expectation that’s “almost too predictable,” Bartow said, is that “Democrats will continue to just drag on the January 6 select committee investigations, they’ll bring that up to the midterms.”

“One thing that we can just expect to continue is Biden misspeaking,” she added. “And lastly, one thing that I do hope we’ll see is that as COVID drags on and on and more people have their own experience with it … they’ll know what the real risks are more than what they’re hearing from the biased media and scaremongering politicians.”

Madeline Osburn

Madeline Osburn, The Federalist’s Texas-based Managing Editor, predicted that “Beto O’Rourke, who’s running against the [Texas governor] incumbent, Greg Abbott, is going to say or do something really, really stupid. … He’s just notorious for sticking his foot in his mouth. So I think you’ll probably see him do that several times this year and the media will continue to just kind of laugh it off.”

“Californians are going to continue to show up and buy all our houses with wads of cash,” she added. Further, “this is going to be another interesting year for the king and queen of Texas, Chip and Joanna Gaines. I think they’re going to continue to ascend in their power and fame. … And so I think with that fame and power and money, there will probably be another cancellation attempt this year.”

Kylee Zempel

“My first prediction is about the NFL. I would love to predict a Packers Super Bowl win. But I’ve been a Green Bay fan long enough to know that they almost always choke and let me down in a big way,” Assistant Editor Kylee Zempel said. “So I’m hoping that a prediction against them might result in them actually winning. … I’m predicting a full Tom Brady sweep. So I’m predicting a Bucs win. And that Brady will be MVP after the Rogers vax dust-up.”

Additionally, Zempel predicted “another ‘Bachelor’ controversy coming down the pike.”

Finally, “my only other prediction is just that Sean Davis is going to get banned from Twitter, because all my favorite accounts get banned from Twitter. And he’s at the top of the list.”

John Davidson

“We’ll probably get a new variant at some point this year. But no one will care by then,” said Senior Editor John Davidson. “And they’ll go on with their lives as normal, except for a handful of blue checks on Twitter that will still try to keep milking the COVID hysteria, you know, the gravy train. And along with that, we may get a fourth or fifth booster in the course of 2022. But no one will take it.”

Additionally, Davidson predicted, “there’s going to be some kind of a foreign policy crisis. It could have to do with Russia and Ukraine, it could have to do with China and Taiwan. Something will happen and the Biden administration will very badly bungle it and they will turn what is a challenge or a problem in the foreign policy sphere into a crisis or a full-blown catastrophe.”

“My last one is a pop culture prediction and the one I care the most about by far, and that has to do with Amazon’s Middle Earth ‘Lord of the Rings’ series that premieres in September, and my prediction is that it’s going to suck,” Davidson said. How does he know? “There’s only one image they’ve released for the series, but there’s a glaring problem with it. In the distance, there are two glowing trees. Presumably these are the trees Telperion and Laurelin, which are the two trees of Valinor. … The problem is, this is supposed to be set in the second age. The trees of the Valinor were destroyed in the first age, okay?”

Tristan Justice

“I think we’re going to see new levels of censorship this year come from Twitter and Facebook,” predicted Western Correspondent Tristan Justice. “I also think it’s going to be a bad season for wildfires again. It seems like every year we have this routine coverage of mega wildfires ripping across the American West but the real culprit of these wildfires … is really bad land management and we really haven’t made much progress on that front.”

“I also think when it comes to COVID we’re going to see enhanced federalism,” Justice added. “I think blue parts of the country are going to remain locked down and cling to their pandemic measures.”

Finally, “I think it’s going to be another big year for space,” Justice concluded. “I think we’re going to get some of the first pictures that come back this summer from the James Webb telescope, and then China is going to finish its space station, and then the Dart mission is set to explode in September and we’re gonna find out if we can survive in armageddon.”

Emily Jashinsky

“My prediction is that [the Beijing Olympics] are not going to go as well as the CCP might think that it’s going to go,” Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky said. “You will see more and more mainstream voices being very very critical of the Chinese Communist Party over the course of the Olympics, of their human rights records … and I think that’s actually going to amp up the pressure on corporate America … to be way more wary of their entanglements with China than they already are.”

“I do think some of this is going to make Hollywood sort of memory-hole its relationship with China,” she added. “They’re not making the money they expected to from China, and I think that in combination with the clear publicity problems is going to make them suddenly act as though they are deeply outraged about the human rights abuses in China more and more.”

Jashinsky also predicted Hollywood will have “a deceptively good year at the box office,” though “I don’t think that’ll mean much in the long term.”

Chris Bedford

“Republicans and Democrats are really going to be called out in some of the things that they’ve both been promising,” Senior Editor Chris Bedford said. “One of the big things I expect is this to be a thousand-papercut year for Big Tech. The American people have largely given up on them. … The right and the left have completely different ideas about what exactly they’re going to do with that but both know that something ought to be done.”

Additionally, Bedford guessed, “there’s going to be a big push to get rid of Kamala Harris and to start to replace her by Democrats, which is going to be difficult because she’s not going to put the interests of the party before herself, she’s not just going to leave office since she’s been elected. And I think the Democrats are going to be unable to accomplish anything and we’re going to see some real infighting.”

Ben Domenech

“In November, we’re going to see a real swath of new Republicans coming into office on Capitol Hill and across the country, but I think one of the things that people underestimate about what’s going on within this whole development is that, as we saw during the rise of the Tea Party, you’re going to end up with a lot of people winning who really come out of nowhere,” Publisher Ben Domenech predicted. “And with that, they bring with them a lot of passion for what they do, but also not necessarily a willingness to go along with the way that things have gone in the past.”

“This is going to be a year where we see really a test of the plethora of new streaming services that are out there,” Domenech added. “People are going to drop off from these streaming services and I think you’re going to see more bundling, more combinations, and more of an effort on their part to really create something that changes the conversation.”

Finally, Domenech emphasized “the likelihood of having a major international event that pulls in the United States and our allies in a really negative way. … I think that we’ve gone on too long without something like this happening and with such tension building in places around the world, it seems inevitable to me that 2022 is going to contain a foreign policy crisis that is going to test the Biden administration’s approach and also lead to potentially our allies getting involved in a way that America may not be the leading name in the midst.”

Listen to the full episode here.