The Federalist Staff
The Hilaria Baldwin Scandal Is An Indictment Of Our Media

This episode of The Federalist Radio Hour reviews how Hilaria Baldwin faked being a Spaniard for years and what it exposed about the media’s corruption.

Z To X: Christmas, COVID-19, And The Freedom To Make Choices

‘What we’ve experienced is crazy and it makes it seem like it’s more about power than it is about anything else,’ Evita comments in this episode of ‘Z to X.’

Make America Beautiful Again: The Truth Behind The Executive Order You Might Have Missed

James McCrery and Justin Shubow join Christopher Bedford to break down Trump’s recent executive order promoting ‘classical and traditional architecture.’

Taylor Swift’s Music Is Becoming More Woke And Less Relatable

‘I think prime Taylor was somewhere between ‘Red,’ which was probably her best album of all time, and ‘Reputation.’

Was 2020 The Year Biology Made A Comeback?

‘So much of what people like J.K. Rowling are fighting for is really just the free exchange of ideas, which should be a very basic, fundamental thing we all agree on in our society.’

Chef: COVID Lockdowns Are ‘Class Warfare’ Against Small, Local Businesses

“What’s happening right now is really a class warfare whereby your big business, your campaign donors, your elites are operating [and] small business retailers are being told that they have to shut down.’

Podcast: Attending Church Gives People The Hope They Need During A Pandemic

“It is such a bright spot, among so many other things that are just dark, when you’re able to attend church weekly,” Zempel said.

Hollywood Had A Bad Year

Between the death of movie theaters and accelerated streaming options, will Hollywood be able to make a comeback in 2021?

Podcast: What We Already Know About Biden Family Corruption

On the Federalist Radio Hour, Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute, breaks down investigations into Biden family foreign business dealings.

Will The Biden Administration Undo Trump’s Successes In Religious Freedom And Foreign Policy?

Susan Crabtree, national political reporter at Real Clear Politics, discusses her report, “Religious Freedom: Will U.S. Emphasis Continue Under Biden?”

The Difference Between True History And The 1619 Project

Political Editor John Daniel Davidson interviews Peter Wood, President of National Association of Scholars, on his book “1620: A Critical Response to the 1619 Project.”

Dr. Larry Arnn On The Founding Of America And The Meaning Of 1620

Hillsdale College President Dr. Larry Arnn joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the American struggle for a free, equal nation for all.

Papa John Schnatter Dishes On Pizza And Woke Corporate Culture

“Papa John’s started in the back of a broom closet, so I love a little guy and I’m a fighter for the independent pizzeria, all the way to the bank,” said Papa John.

Why We Think About Divorce, Surrogacy, And Family From The Wrong Perspective

While it’s an unpopular opinion, taking care of children requires sacrifice and doing hard things like adults restraining themselves and prioritizing the rights of kids over their own desires.

Matthew Yglesias On How Writers Are Adapting In A Dynamic Media World

“I think digital media has become less friendly to trouble makers,” Matt Yglesias told Ben Domenech on The Federalist Radio Hour.

Banning Free Speech Is The Tip Of The Society-Sinking Higher Education Iceberg

‘Politics is downstream from culture and maybe culture is downstream from our universities,’ RealClearEducation’s Nathan Harden said. 

How Trump Changed The White House Press Corps

Christian Datoc, Senior White House Correspondent at the Daily Caller, discusses expectations for journalism under a Biden administration.

Christopher Kimball Explains How Lockdowns Improved Home Cooking

Christopher Kimball of Milk Street joins host Ben Domenech to discuss cooking at home during a pandemic and how to revive the restaurant industry.

From Libertarians To Nationalists, Millennials Are Shaping The New Right

According to Tiana Lowe, there are many opportunities for conservative and libertarian millennials to capitalize on their generation’s distrust in elite institutions.

What The Fight For Free Speech In Higher Education Looks Like Under A Biden Admin

Spencer Brown, spokesman for Young America’s Foundation, joins this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.