The Federalist Staff
Hemingway: Biden Too Incompetent To Hold Woke Generals Accountable For Failure So Voters Must

‘We cannot lose sight of how we can never fight a war like this ever again,’ said Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway.

How Texas Is Punching Back At An Establishment Obsessed With Killing Babies

Live Action President and Founder Lila Rose joins The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss how this anti-abortion law got past abortion activists’ attempts to block it.

How Bad Media Coverage Made The Afghanistan Crisis Worse

Eddie Scarry critiques coverage of Biden’s Afghanistan crisis and explains why the corrupt press faces a partisan dilemma when covering foreign policy.

Will The Trump-Invigorated GOP Have The Stamina To Survive?

Christopher Bedford discusses whether the post-Trump GOP will have the stamina to survive another leftist push to turn once-Republican strongholds blue.

Should Biden Be Impeached For His Incompetence In Afghanistan?

‘I think it is obvious by now that Biden is not fit. He’s not competent or capable of the office of the presidency,’ Davidson said.

Should Conservatives Care About Spending When The Culture Is Crumbling?

Tim Phillips breaks down how Democrats are using the taxpayer-funded ‘infrastructure’ and reconciliation bills to push their leftist, progressive agendas.

How Victim Ideology Fuels Addiction And Homelessness And Ruins Cities

Michael Shellenberger talks about his new book ‘San Fransicko’ and how progressive policies are exacerbating drug addiction and homelessness.

How Partisan ‘Fact-Check’ Sites Used By Big Tech Are Sowing Distrust

Madeline Osburn and Emily Jashinsky break down why ‘fact-checking’ sites employed by big tech giants are partisan institutions unworthy of Americans’ trust.

General Who Served 10 Tours In Afghanistan Says Our Leadership Failed

‘There’s a level of arrogance and hubris that exists at the senior levels on both sides, military and civilian. They can’t accept the fact that they may be wrong.’

This Mom Won’t Let Teachers Union Bullies Stop Her From Questioning CRT In Her Kid’s School

Concerned mother Nicole Solas discusses how she’s fighting back against her local school district and the nation’s largest teachers union.

Why The Taliban Are Now In Charge Of America’s Afghan Evacuation

On the Federalist Radio Hour, Stephen Miller called Biden’s botched withdrawal the “greatest unforced error in military-strategic history.”

How Public Relations Firms Are Exploiting Distrust In Media For Dollars

In the void of trustworthy news sources, audiences are being taken advantage of and being peddled political talking points from PR firms.

Podcast: Afghanistan And The Future Of American Foreign Policy

On the Federalist Radio Hour, Tom Rogan discusses how the decision to abandon Afghanistan leaves a weakness for terrorists to take advantage of.

How Two Decades Of Lies And Incompetence Led To Disaster In Afghanistan

“Anyone who spent some time in Afghanistan knew that when the U.S. left, eventually the Taliban would come to power once again,” said veteran Amber Smith.

How Parents Are Holding Schools Accountable For Politicizing Education

Laura Zorc explains how to hold school boards accountable for allowing CRT, radical gender theory, and politically motivated mask mandates in classrooms.

How America’s Cultural Tensions Were Reflected In The Most Divisive Olympics Ever

Many athletes went to Tokyo with an attitude that was not about winning for their country, said Outkick’s Bobby Burack.

Democrats’ Radical ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Is Going To Drastically Change The Country

The infrastructure deal is packaged as something that will help the country, but it is really a way for Democrats to take power from the people and give it to the federal government.

The Media’s Shameless Fawning Over Andrew Cuomo Fuels Institutional Distrust

“Every single thing about this guy was in broad freaking daylight and they just ignored it because they’re soulless awful, trolls,” said Christopher Bedford.

How The Sexualization Of Teen Television Is Ruining Culture

“If we’re really going to have a dialogue about the ills of society and how to make them better, we need to stop becoming entertained by them,” Winter said.

Robert Davi Wants To Change Hollywood

Actor, singer, and director Robert Davi discusses his upcoming film about the Biden family ‘My Son Hunter,’ and the left’s grip on Hollywood.