The Federalist Staff
Vaccine Passports Are A Terrible Idea

A vaccine passport requirement not only removes the element of choice for Americans who might be hesitant about receiving the shot, but also contributes to the growing division in the country.

Hemingway: Democrats Haven’t Gained So Much From A Crisis Since The Great Depression

Biden says it’s not political, but “this deadly virus has been the greatest political gift to the Democratic Party since the Great Depression,” Hemingway said.

Podcast: How Twitter Is Destroying Journalism

On this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour, Siraj Hashmi explains why so many journalists act as if any criticism of them is a form of harassment.

Hemingway: If Biden Is A Moderate Seeking Unity, Why Is He Ramming Through Leftist Extremism?

President Joe Biden continues to masquerade as a moderate while endorsing the unprecedented demise of the Senate filibuster to ram through an extremist agenda.

How Criminal Organizations Are Profiting Off Of Biden’s Border Crisis

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, we discuss cartels, drug smugglers, and how Central America fails to provide security and jobs for their own people.

Podcast: What On Earth Happened With Gov. Kristi Noem?

“This whole thing is ultimately a cover for vetoing on behalf of Amazon and the Chamber,” Jon Schweppe explained on The Federalist Radio Hour.

Scott Walker On The New Frontier Of The Culture Wars

Scott Walker joins The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss why what’s happening on college campuse is critical to the future of the country.

John Daniel Davidson: Border Crisis Is Going To Be ‘Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Had’

“The surge is a direct result of policies and messaging from the Biden administration before the election,” Davidson said.

Hemingway: Pentagon’s Problem Isn’t Money, It’s Woke Ideology And Weak Generals

‘Our military has turned into something that thinks its job is to push social justice instead of defending the country from foreign adversaries,’ she said. ‘No amount of money will fix that.’

Is Social Distancing Over Or Is It Just Beginning?

Chris Bedford and Emily Jashinsky discuss how a year of irrational lockdowns and strict mandates has divided Americans.

How The Biden Administration’s Feckless Immigration Policies Are Exacerbating The Border Crisis

“Democrats are in a position where they begin to look like they are totally disconnected from reality,” said John Davidson on The Federalist Radio Hour.

Filmmakers Behind Hunter Biden Biopic Explain Chilled Creative Climate

“We wouldn’t be making this movie if the media, if journalists had done their jobs,” said filmmaker Ann McElhinney on the Federalist Radio Hour.

Ben Domenech: Vaccinated Politicians Send Wrong Message Wearing Face Masks

‘Virtually all of them that you see on your TV cameras have been vaccinated. They are not going to be transmitting this disease, they are not going to be vulnerable to it anymore.’ But they still wear masks.

California Progressives Are About To Implement A Radical And Sweeping Social Justice Curriculum

Those involved in the curriculum’s creation and evaluation are openly sympathetic to Marxism and treat the ideology as a “utopian exuberance.”

How A Year-Long Pandemic Changed The Country Forever

On this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour, we discuss how lockdowns and restrictions lingered beyond after we started to learn more about COVID-19

Chris Bedford: It’s A Little Weird How Biden Has Been Held Seemingly Captive In His Own White House

Chris Bedford said Wednesday it’s weird how Joe Biden has been hidden from the White House press pool given its glowing coverage of the president.

Once Pandemic Heroes, Democratic Governors Are Now Tyrannical Villains

“Once natural rights are gone they can never be regained,” said Executive Editor Joy Pullmann on the Federalist Radio Hour.

What Groupthink Caused The CDC To Get Wrong About COVID-19

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Dr. Marty Makary explains how the CDC did not want to listen to critical or dissenting opinions on COVID-19 protocols.

Ben Domenech Breaks Down The Math On What Wins Elections With David Shor

Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech hosted political data scientist David Shor on his new Fox News podcast published Monday.

New Project Seeks To Honor 4,000 Fallen Heroes In Arlington National Cemetery On Memorial Day

The Honor Project will place flags on the graves of at least 4,000 fallen heroes buried in Arlington National Cemetery whose loved ones are unable to visit on Memorial Day weekend.