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John McWhorter: Antiracism Is Not An Ideology, It’s A Religion

McWhorter explains how we need acts of ‘open bravery’ and to normalize calling out ‘woke racism’ for what it is: a dangerous religion.


Linguist John McWhorter is the author of the new book, “Woke Racism: How a New Religion Has Betrayed Black America.” He joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky on The Federalist Radio Hour for a discussion on a new kind of leftist who clings to the new religion of race where the original sin is “white privilege,” and why they can’t be negotiated with.

“We are faced with a person that we either have to walk around or have the guts to stand up to because we can’t make them understand the virtue of compromise,” McWhorter said.

McWhorter explains how we need acts of “open bravery” and to normalize calling out “woke racism” for what it is.

“This book is something I wrote in order to ride what I think of as a healthy wave of resistance to these extremes,” he said.

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