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Will Legacy Media’s Misleading Coverage Of Kyle Rittenhouse Lead To More Riots?

Anyone who has followed the Rittenhouse trial closely would see it’s a pretty clear case of self-defense, and yet, National Guard troops are called in as we await a verdict.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky and D.C. Columnist Eddie Scarry break down the recent trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, the legal sideshow it has become, and the misleading corporate media obsession with it.

Scarry and Jashinsky discuss how legacy media coverage of the trial has likely led people who haven’t been following it closely to believe the likely outcome for Rittenhouse should be a conviction. The Wisconsin National Guard is on standby ahead of the expected verdict for only one outcome, “and if that outcome isn’t acquittal, that’s why they’re there,” Scarry said. “There will be no rioting if there is a conviction.”

This week’s closing arguments solidified the prosecution’s apparent incompetence and, despite the judge’s orders, this is a political trial, Scarry said.

“I’ve wondered to myself, are they really this stupid, or did they just end up with a case that they felt they had to pursue and this is the best they could do?” Scarry said.

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