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Five For Fighting’s John Ondrasik Sings The Protest Song That Other Rock Artists Won’t

Grammy-nominated Five For Fighting’s John Ondrasik performs his protest song, ‘Blood On My Hands’ on the Federalist Radio Hour.


Grammy-nominated Five For Fighting’s John Ondrasik joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky on The Federalist Radio Hour, where he discusses and performs his new song titled “Blood On My Hands.”

Ondraski said he wrote the song in reaction to the recently botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and to call for accountability of our leaders. “Blood On My Hands” has already surpassed well over a quarter of a million views on YouTube.

Ondrasik discusses how some band members disagree with the message of his song, how the music industry is no longer interested in fighting the system, and how artists can confront cancel culture.

“You would think in this day and age, the usual suspects who usually like to write protest songs about oppression, and women’s rights, and gay rights, would be all over Afghanistan,” Ondrasik said. “It’s ironic that the music industry and the music media have frankly become ‘The Man’ and they have little to do with rock and roll anymore which is disappointing.”

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