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Tucker Carlson Rails Against Neocon Push For War With Russia Over Ukraine

Tucker Ukraine
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson railed against the neocon push for U.S. troops abroad to fight Russia over Ukraine Tuesday as the two nations prep for war.


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson railed against the push to war with Russia over Ukraine Tuesday night as the two nations locked in a territorial stalemate prep for a Kremlin invasion as early as next year.

“The only question that matters is, ‘How does intervening in Ukraine help the core interests of the United States?'” Carlson asked. “Of course, that is the one question no one in Washington is asking.”

At the core of the conflict is Ukraine’s desire to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a post-World War II alliance formed to counter Soviet aggression. Ukraine’s recruitment threatens Russian interests in eastern Europe and jeopardizes access to a major naval base in the Black Sea, while strengthening an alliance adversarial to the Kremlin.

“For Vladimir Putin, that’s unacceptable. It’s a disaster, he cannot let it happen, he will not let it happen,” Carlson said. “But for the United States, and this is the main point here, there is no benefit either. The United States would gain precisely nothing for taking over Ukraine. Why would we want to do that?”

Carlson explained an overly aggressive response from the White House would drive Russia “deeper into the arms of China.”

In the president’s call with Putin on Tuesday, Biden reportedly committed to severe economic consequences complemented by enhanced military support for Ukraine if Russia followed through on its invasion. The United States has also threatened to send U.S. troops to the region.

“If there’s one thing the Biden White House cares about, it’s secure borders, at least in Eastern Europe, where borders are not racist,” Carlson said. “It would be immoral to open those borders to the world and allow say, tens of thousands of unemployed Haitians to pour across. We can’t allow that, and in fact we will send American troops to Ukraine to prevent that. Open borders are only permitted in Texas, Arizona, and California and anywhere else Democratic voters might arrive.”