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New Docuseries ‘Exile’ Is Disrupting The Entertainment Industry And The Mainstream Narrative

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Whitworth and Garrett discuss their new series ‘Exile,’ which highlights stories of refugees around the world who are facing religious persecution.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, documentarian Matt Whitworth and former Congressman Tom Garrett join Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss their new documentary series “Exile,” which highlights the stories of refugees from around the world who are facing religious persecution.

“When you hear some of these stories, it makes any problems that we have in this country, race relations, anything like that, seem so incredibly trivial,” Whitworth said. “So that’s the goal, like we want to film in Africa, we’re going to film in Asia, we’re gonna film in Europe, right, there’s been the shocking rise of antisemitic attacks in Europe. We are going to film in North and South America because there’s, you know, there’s problems.”

Both Whitworth and Garrett said that as global religious persecutions rise, so does the need for people to help.

“The media, the world’s eye has been taken from humanitarian issues and causes. Bad actors know that now’s the time, because we’re distracted and so we’ve taken our eye off the proverbial ball and it’s definitively gotten worse,” Garrett said.