Jeremy Carl
Jeremy Carl

Jeremy Carl is a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute and web pioneer who has written about politics and the Internet for a quarter-century.

‘Mrs. America’ Can’t Hide All The Things Phyllis Schlafly Got Right About Women

Just as has happened in our economy dominated by finance capitalism, feminism brought outsized benefits to a few in exchange for the suffering of many.

Net Neutrality Is A Sideshow To Big Tech’s Online Conversation Bans

Because Big Tech has already abused their greater power, any discussion of net neutrality and an open internet must begin with sensible rules to curb the power of tech monopolies.

‘Don’t Be Evil’ Axis: Google Blacklisting Conservative Search Results

Google maintains a ‘blacklist’ of politically sensitive search terms, and Google’s overwhelmingly left-wing staff manually manipulates search results.

How The New NAFTA Trade Deal Lets Big Tech Squelch Conservative Speech

Big Tech lobbyists orchestrated the quiet insertion of a seemingly innocuous provision into the deal that will allow them to silence conservative voices.

Why We Need Anti-Censorship Legislation For Social Media, Stat

Social media companies got rich with legal protections as platforms, only to turn around and behave like publishers when conservatives started using their publishing services.