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As Miss Maryland And A Military PR Rep, This Man In A Dress Will Interact With Kids

Bailey Anne Kennedy will be in close proximity to many children and especially young girls as a Miss Maryland USA pageant winner.


The Miss Maryland USA pageant crowned a man Thursday night who goes by the name of Bailey Anne Kennedy. DC News Now described Kennedy, whom pictures show has large prosthetic breasts, as a 31-year-old “military officer’s wife.”

The Miss Maryland USA Instagram account says Kennedy works with the U.S. military’s United Service Organizations, or USO, a Department of Defense entity that exists to boost troop morale and promote positive feelings about the U.S. military. Kennedy’s Instagram account includes numerous mentions of the USO and military imagery, including pictures with his apparent spouse wearing a U.S. Navy uniform.

U.S. brass have been reamed out in multiple congressional hearings for damaging troop morale and recruitment by using drag performers for military PR. U.S. Rep. Jim Banks, a Navy Reserve officer from Indiana running for an open U.S. Senate seat, says military personnel even lied to Congress about such programs. I detail such insurrectionary behavior on behalf of queer politics in my new book, False Flag: Why Queer Politics Mean the End of America.

Winners of pageants such as the state Miss USA and separate Miss America franchises also constantly come into contact with children. They are given podiums at numerous public events such as charity fundraisers, local and state fairs, and civic events.

Here’s last year’s Miss Maryland USA, Savena Mushinge, posing with some little girls at a cancer fundraiser.

Here’s last year’s Miss Maryland of the Miss America franchise speaking to middle schoolers at a private school for children with learning challenges in the D.C. area.

While Miss USA is more of a modeling competition and Miss America more of a scholarship and career competition, both also partner with pageants for girls as young as age 4. The adult pageant winners “mentor” these young women. They are obviously role models for these little girls, and thus it matters a lot who they are.

Here, for example, is Mushinge with some little girls from the National Miss pageant.

So Kennedy will be in close proximity to many children and especially young girls as a Miss Maryland USA pageant winner. It’s another example of how queer politics makes the public square toxic by exposing children as young as preschoolers to sex.

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