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Detrans Helps Transgender Cult Survivors Tell Horrifying Truths All Media Work To Hide

Detrans book cover
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Denial of reality can turn hospitals into charnel houses for children’s bodies and homes into haunted houses.


If the Americans Mary Margaret Olohan writes about in Detrans weren’t victims of Democrats, their plight would be all over Hollywood, “60 Minutes,” PBS, and all the rest. There’s more than enough in the stories of young Americans reverting transgender body modifications and personas to attract entire teams of investigative reporters and creatives for years. It’s at least as big as the Big Tobacco lawsuits, the abortion industry, the Oxycontin scandals, and child sex trafficking.

This lack of curiosity in a deep and dramatic story says a lot about our culture, our institutions, our media, and our rulers. It’s not solely a lack of curiosity, either, as Olohan’s reporting shows. It’s a horrifying lack of empathy and lack of will to secure justice for some of the most vulnerable and mistreated people in our society.

Olohan’s interviews with people who stopped identifying as transgender reveal a lot more than our cultural leaders’ lack of empathy and concern for social justice. They also reveal the predatory nature of queer ideology and the people promoting it. Their stories show that all the glitter-covered propaganda about “love” and “ending hate” overlays horrifying realities.

Chest and genital wounds that constantly weep fluid and are susceptible to infection. Rage ever since she started taking testosterone that terrifies the girl expressing it into cutting her own body in self-torture. Autistic children and children with a history of rape being told that taking the hormones and cutting off attractive female parts will instantly transform their pre-existing emotional anguish into rainbows and unicorns, and finding out that was all a lie after it’s too late to preserve their breasts and voices.

Olohan tells all these stories and more with journalistic delicacy, letting the facts and her interviewee’s voices speak for themselves.

Internet Access for Kids Pushes Queer Identities

As also confirmed in the groundbreaking 2018 Brown University study by Lisa Littman on “rapid-onset gender dysphoria,” the trans survivors who speak with Olohan note that social media exposed them to highly sexualized and queer content at young ages. Chloe Cole tells Olohan that Instagram exposure at age 11 intensified her normal body discomfort of puberty. Olohan notes research showing Meta knows their products damage girls’ body image and increase suicidal ideation.

Indeed, social media sites such as Instagram host the spread and sale of pedophilic images, according to a 2023 Wall Street Journal investigation Olohan cites. Littman’s study showed a direct correlation between young people spending more time online and queer identification. Essentially all of the detransitioners Olohan interviewed said social media played a part in pushing them into transgender extremism.

And gender ideology gives these big companies cover for profiting from the self-destruction of their users. It gives them a pass from the kind of social outcry and government oversight that would hit them like a tsunami if their products instead, say, introduced dangerous chemicals into children’s lungs or encouraged kids to jump off high buildings. But apparently anything done in the name of queer politics is A-OK, up to and including allowing doctors to inflict open, weeping wounds on children’s bodies for the rest of their lives.

Cole told Olohan her double mastectomy at age 14 still leaks, more than two years after the surgery. She doesn’t know if it will ever close. Olohan quotes men who had their genitals amputated reporting the same. Men’s never-closing wounds must be regularly probed to keep from worse complications, and some of these men now cannot urinate without leaking all over their clothing.

These sorts of abominations are not only allowed but funded by the White House, multiple states, the U.S. Congress, and almost every other major U.S. institution. No wonder they fight so hard to hide their atrocities.

Pornography Pushes Queer Identities

Abusers show children pornography to desensitize them to abuse: “Pretty much every transitioner I spoke with was exposed to pornography at an early age,” Olohan notes.

Of course, these images depict women being slapped, spit on, tied down, and other unmentionably horrifying treatment. Girls who saw this through phones and tablets learned to hate women’s bodies and fear that having a woman’s body would make them vulnerable to similar treatment. Some of the detransitioners were physically raped, as well as emotionally raped by pornography.

“I got desensitized to highly sexualized and deviant topics like kinks and I just assumed that normal sexuality consisted of things that I now know most normal healthy adults would never want to engage in to have a fulfilling intimate relationship,” Helena Kerschner tells Olohan in the book. “To be stewing in all of this gross content at a time when I had never even flirted with somebody or come anywhere close to a real relationship confused me and my relationship to my body, sex, romance, and my self-image.”

As I detail in my new book, “False Flag,” prominent transgender activists like writer Andrea Long Chu and executives at PornHub outright affirm that pornography changes people’s sexual orientation. A recent sting video indicated PornHub staff know that and inserts queer sexual behavior into “straight” porn on purpose — to attract kids and get its customers watching increasingly twisted videos as their usage turns into addiction.

Tech Titans Censor Trans People’s True Stories

To heal, the formerly transgender people Olohan interviews had to develop maturity and the ability to overcome trauma. Helena tells Olohan, “To move through and overcome painful emotions, we must first acknowledge the core emotion that is occurring and have compassion towards ourselves for feeling the emotion…Transitioning made my mental health much, much worse. Not better. It was a ‘f-ck you’ to the hurting child inside of me. It was telling her that she didn’t matter. It was telling her that I hated her and wanted to annihilate her. It was an act of war against myself.”

A statement like that is ringing proof of the courage transgender desisters show in turning to face their serious pain, much of which is not their fault and has been inflicted on them by their families and strangers on the internet. It’s a mark of maturity to notice and end the psychological avoidance tactics people use to dodge responsibility for their lives.

When the people in power are immature and psychologically undeveloped, they attack people who tell the truth. Transgender desistors are thus a model for us all for publicly testifying that the only way out of a problem is not to hide from it, but to acknowledge reality and deal with it, even if we’re angry and afraid.

Like transgender ideology, censorship is a massive denial of reality. And every denial of reality makes things so much worse. It can turn hospitals into charnel houses for children’s bodies and homes into haunted houses.

Detrans: True Stories of Escaping the Gender Ideology Cult came out May 28 and is available everywhere books are sold. An internet search for that title surfaced many pro-transgender sites but not Olohan’s book, even though those sites did not include the unique word “detrans.” I found similar search difficulties when looking by name for my new book, False Flag: Why Queer Politics Mean the End of America.

That may be because internet censors that partner with governments such as the Global Disinformation Index, which also specifically targets The Federalist, censor anyone who questions gender extremism. So search for the full title at your favorite retailer or use the link above.

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