Casey Chalk
Casey Chalk

Casey Chalk is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist and an editor and columnist at The New Oxford Review. He has a bachelor’s in history and master’s in teaching from the University of Virginia and a master’s in theology from Christendom College.

Media Fawn Over Teen Activists As Long As They Boost The Left

Media coverage that lionizes activist kids serves the same narcissistic purposes as social media and evening television, teaching them that viral moments give life meaning.

Pushing Gender Dysphoria On Kids Is Child Abuse, And Child Abuse Warrants Intervention

What is our duty when confronted by parents who really believe they are doing right by their children by encouraging gender dysphoria and even chemical castration?

Getting Beyond Global Warming Alarmism To Find Real Solutions

Bjorn Lomborg’s ‘False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails To Fix the Planet,’ tears apart the facile reasons driving climate alarmism and proposes smarter solutions.

Washington Post Reports On Critical Race Theory In Virginia Schools, Then Denies It Exists

The Washington Post accuses popular Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin of employing critical race theory as a ‘dog-whistle.’ But who is really whistling to the dogs here?

Recovering Our Common Sense Means Rediscovering The Divine

A recently translated book by French theologian Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, ‘Thomistic Common Sense,’ argues that modernity has made a lot of life’s basic questions more complicated than they need to be.

How Their Extreme Posturing Made Never Trumpers Completely Obsolete

Constantly pillorying the right over their support or tolerance of populism ends up creating the same sort of absurdist caricatures they claim to avoid.

Christians Increasingly Unwelcome In Places Like Northern Virginia

As each year passes — and the aggressiveness of leftist ideology becomes more acute — I wonder how long my family can last here.

Dear Leftists Wanting To Dismantle Power Structures: Let’s Start With Yours

The left plays the activist card as if its members are the outsiders, when in reality it controls most of the commanding institutions of our culture.

What Will It Take To Reverse The Purple Trend In Once-Solid-Red States Like Virginia?

By focusing on crime, small businesses, and working families, Mark Earley Jr. believes he can help revitalize the Virginia Republican Party.

Corporate Media Smears Conservatives Who Threaten Their Vise-Grip On What You Think

It’s easy to spot who scares the corporate media most. Just look at who they are piling on to destroy.

Leftists: Critical Race Theory Is Not Being Taught In Schools. But When It Is, It’s Just History

First they said no one was teaching critical race theory in schools. Now they are teaching it but only because it’s history.

Leftists Don’t Care About Mixing Politics And Religion So Long As It’s Their Politics In Charge

Leftist media want the Catholic Church to push their agenda. But when it enforces doctrine on abortion or sexuality, the church must stay out of politics!

Why It’s Impossible To Teach History Only Using ‘The Facts’

What teachers choose to cover (or not cover) during their limited classroom time will reveal what biases and agendas that educator has on American history.

Stop Waving Away Critical Race Theory Critiques With Claims They’re Solely Based On Fear

The arguments made by conservatives skeptical of critical race theory need to be addressed and met on their actual merits.

Americans Need To Tend Our Actual Communities, Not Virtual Ones

Civic virtue aimed at the welfare of one’s fellow citizens is a fundamental and necessary element for a well-functioning constitutional republic.

How Telling The Truth On Campus Gets You Persecuted

Canadian free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd’s book, ‘Diversity & Exclusion: Confronting the Campus Free Speech Crisis,’ tells the Orwellian story of how colleges abandoned teaching truth in favor of conformity.

No, Refusing To Teach The 1619 Project Isn’t ‘Cancel Culture’

Concerns over the 1619 Project and its creator stem not from a desire to ‘cancel’ anyone but to ensure American history education is truthful and accurate.

Washington Post Hails Activism When What America Really Needs Is Community Service

As today’s left increasingly believes America is an evil place to be dismantled, activists and revolutionaries are sought in place of dutiful citizens.

Ken Starr Is Right About Religious Liberty, But That Might Not Be Enough

Ken Starr’s new book is an excellent introduction to a complex topic, but fails to offer much reassurance for those worried about the legal conflicts with an identity politics-obsessed left.

How Activism In Everything Has Transformed National Life Into A Pantomime

Political leaders, corporate executives, and everyday citizens need to call these activist causes what they are: distractions unworthy of our attention.