Casey Chalk
Casey Chalk
Casey Chalk is a graduate student at the Notre Dame Graduate School of Theology at Christendom College.
If You’re Not Grateful To The United States, Why Are You Here?

New York University professor Suketu Mehta recently published a book arguing that ‘immigration is a form of reparations’ for past American crimes.

How This Auschwitz Victim Rose Above Identity Politics To Find Life’s True Meaning

Edith Stein’s story appears ripe for appropriation as a cudgel with which to beat traditional ideas regarding God, politics, and sex. But she chose an approach other than resentment and anger.

These Philosophers’ Conversion To Christianity Can Teach Partisans How To Talk To Each Other

Instead of assuming the worst in our ideological opponents and talking past each other, we should allow for the possibility that we may be wrong.

Beyond-Parody WaPo Article Insists ‘The Lion King’ Is Racist, Fascist, Blah Blah Blah

Only a person with a few screws loose would think after watching ‘The Jungle Book’ that he should follow Mowgli into the jungle and make friends with wolves, panthers, and bears. This guy treats ‘The Lion King’ similarly.

Say A Prayer Today For Targets Of China’s State-Sponsored Religious Terror

The current communist regime’s oppression of Christians and other religious minorities reminds us that religious persecution remains a life-and-death reality in mainland China.

No, Banning Dodgeball And Everything Else Kids Like Won’t Stop Bullying

‘We’re asking kids to hit other kids with an object and that’s no longer appropriate. We don’t use kids as human targets anymore,’ says Judy LoBianco, former president of The Society of Health and Physical Educators.

Corpus Christi Is One Way For Christians To Remain Visible In A Secularizing America

Solemn, respectful public acts of piety like Corpus Christi are all the more necessary in an America overwhelmed by anti-faith, anti-life protests by the Left.

Russell Kirk’s Gift To Conservatives, Reborn

Originally published in 1957, ‘Russell Kirk’s Concise Guide to Conservatism’ is finally being republished, and our current political debates would greatly benefit from this eloquent and brief explanation of principles.

‘Cobra Kai’ Reminds Us That Masculinity Is Good, And Boys And Girls Are Different

Although in some respects a continuation of the corny, 1980s nostalgia of ‘The Karate Kid,’ ‘Cobra Kai’ reminds Americans of cardinal truths about children that we all know deep down.

How Fishing Can Make Us Into Better People

It’s not just about the fish, but about the entire ecosystem that surrounds you, that has graciously welcomed you in.

How A Pope Turned Jesus’s Foster Father, Joseph, Into An Anti-Communist Icon

By acknowledging the value of labor, Pope Pius XII sought to provide the world an important counter-balance to an ascendant communism that held sway across much of the world.

Looking For A Female Role Model? Check Out Saint Catherine Of Siena

Contrary to what we’ve been told, there are other ways besides an atomistic drive for power and affluence to exemplify feminine strength and virtue.

Why Chip And Joanna Gaines’s Ubiquity Holds Perils And Promise

Everywhere, including every grocery store checkout counter, I’m greeted by the smiling faces of the co-founders of the popular HGTV program ‘Fixer Upper.’

Va. Public School Indoctrinates 5-Year-Olds About Transgenderism Without Telling Parents

Parents were not informed by their public school that their kindergarteners would be read a factually false transgender picture book by a cross-dressing male LGBT activist who calls himself ‘Sarah.’

Methodists’ LGBT Controversy Shows Many Don’t Know What Love Means

Those who disapprove of celebrations of sexual sin being foisted upon their Christian institutions are not necessarily being unloving. Consider that they may in fact be doing the opposite.

What Christians Can Learn From Saint Polycarp About Boldly Keeping The Faith

As attacks on Chris Pratt, Karen Pence, and the Gaines family become commonplace, Christians must remember to stand tall and affirm their faith in Christ.

Why This African Saint Thanked The Muslims Who Mutilated And Enslaved Her

The saint’s life and demeanor speaks uncomfortable truths about many modern issues, from Islam to outrage culture to the horrors of slavery.

Saying Western Civilization Means White People Is As Dumb As A Box Of Rocks

What made Jewish and Christian faiths different from other faiths of the ancient world was their rejection of racial tribalism in favor of universal truths.

What Saint Anthony’s Trek Into The Desert Can Teach Us All About Solitude

For millennia, people have ventured into the desert because it is a place of silence and emptiness, where man can be alone with God.

Saudi Woman Gets Immediate Amnesty, Persecuted Christians Like Michael Left To Mobs

It makes good sense for someone in fear of her life in an oppressive country to be offered asylum. The UN should apply the same treatment to my Pakistani Christian friend Michael.