Casey Chalk
Casey Chalk
Casey Chalk is a columnist for The American Conservative, Crisis Magazine, and The New Oxford Review. He has a bachelors in history and masters in teaching from the University of Virginia, and masters in theology from Christendom College.
Children’s Book Legend Tomie DePaola Lives Forever In His Work

Tomie DePaola’s children’s stories have sold more than 25 million copies and been translated into more than 20 languages. We said goodbye to him this week, but his legacy lives on.

Validating Suicide In Response To Transgender Skepticism Is Horrifically Irresponsible

Some appear to believe that if persuading vulnerable youths to contemplate suicide helps persuade the public that skepticism of transgender ideology is dangerously bigoted, so be it.

You Know Who Else Colonized Land From ‘Indigenous Peoples’? Native Americans

The ‘settler’ argument exacerbates racial tensions by projecting a historical narrative in which white Americans, regardless of their family histories, are singularly responsible for historical evils against indigenous people.

It’s Up To The MLB And Baseball Fans To Ensure Astros Cheaters Never Prosper

The Houston Astros are world-class cheaters, and more must be done to rectify their sin against America’s most hallowed game.

If People Can’t Get Married On Plantations, They Can’t Get Married Anywhere

Yes, horrible things happened at Southern plantations. But horrible things have happened all across the entire nation. To start banning venues due to evils is to prevent attempts to replace evil with good.

Washington Post Writer Can’t Figure Out Why Trump Supporters Won’t Talk To Her

In corporate media, conservative women are simply presumed to be bigoted, or stupid, or who cares, as long as it’s an opportunity to trivialize them.

Religious People Think Democrats Will Strip Our Rights Because It’s True

A professor claims religious people are afraid of atheists and Democrats because they’re projecting ignorance and hatred. Maybe instead religious people just follow the news.

‘The Dumbest Generation’ Has Gotten Even Dumber 10 Years Later

A decade after ‘The Dumbest Generation’ was published, there is still much reason for hand-wringing about the future of our children and nation. We must take responsibility if we want to turn the tide.

How The Left’s Culture War Positions Match Perfectly With Satan’s

In the anti-life, anti-family, anti-liberty agenda of secular leftists, we find the same strategy Satan employed in the garden.

If You’re Not Grateful To The United States, Why Are You Here?

New York University professor Suketu Mehta recently published a book arguing that ‘immigration is a form of reparations’ for past American crimes.

How This Auschwitz Victim Rose Above Identity Politics To Find Life’s True Meaning

Edith Stein’s story appears ripe for appropriation as a cudgel with which to beat traditional ideas regarding God, politics, and sex. But she chose an approach other than resentment and anger.

These Philosophers’ Conversion To Christianity Can Teach Partisans How To Talk To Each Other

Instead of assuming the worst in our ideological opponents and talking past each other, we should allow for the possibility that we may be wrong.

Beyond-Parody WaPo Article Insists ‘The Lion King’ Is Racist, Fascist, Blah Blah Blah

Only a person with a few screws loose would think after watching ‘The Jungle Book’ that he should follow Mowgli into the jungle and make friends with wolves, panthers, and bears. This guy treats ‘The Lion King’ similarly.

Say A Prayer Today For Targets Of China’s State-Sponsored Religious Terror

The current communist regime’s oppression of Christians and other religious minorities reminds us that religious persecution remains a life-and-death reality in mainland China.

No, Banning Dodgeball And Everything Else Kids Like Won’t Stop Bullying

‘We’re asking kids to hit other kids with an object and that’s no longer appropriate. We don’t use kids as human targets anymore,’ says Judy LoBianco, former president of The Society of Health and Physical Educators.

Corpus Christi Is One Way For Christians To Remain Visible In A Secularizing America

Solemn, respectful public acts of piety like Corpus Christi are all the more necessary in an America overwhelmed by anti-faith, anti-life protests by the Left.

Russell Kirk’s Gift To Conservatives, Reborn

Originally published in 1957, ‘Russell Kirk’s Concise Guide to Conservatism’ is finally being republished, and our current political debates would greatly benefit from this eloquent and brief explanation of principles.

‘Cobra Kai’ Reminds Us That Masculinity Is Good, And Boys And Girls Are Different

Although in some respects a continuation of the corny, 1980s nostalgia of ‘The Karate Kid,’ ‘Cobra Kai’ reminds Americans of cardinal truths about children that we all know deep down.

How Fishing Can Make Us Into Better People

It’s not just about the fish, but about the entire ecosystem that surrounds you, that has graciously welcomed you in.

How A Pope Turned Jesus’s Foster Father, Joseph, Into An Anti-Communist Icon

By acknowledging the value of labor, Pope Pius XII sought to provide the world an important counter-balance to an ascendant communism that held sway across much of the world.