Casey Chalk
Casey Chalk

Casey Chalk is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist, columnist for The American Conservative, Crisis Magazine, and The New Oxford Review. He has a bachelors in history and masters in teaching from the University of Virginia, and masters in theology from Christendom College.

Virginia Plans For All Public Schools To Allow Boys In Girls’ Bathrooms And Sleepovers

Pope Pius IX warned we should fear a society wherein our children’s education isn’t subject to the decisions of parents, but the whims of the state.

Your Cousin Watching Your OnlyFans Is The Epitome Of America’s Sexual Chaos

The reality of our shifting sexual guardrails is worrisome not just because of what we’ll normalize in a decade, but due to the harm done in the process.

In VOA Nominee Fight, Washington Post Insists Christians Can No Longer Hold Public Office

The media has normalized an anti-religious bigotry that threatens to remove faithful Christians, be they Catholic or anything else, from public service.

Karl Marx’s Shameful Life Repudiates His Evil Ideology

The man who pretended to speak for the oppressed participated in oppression of the poor and his own family. It’s yet another repudiation of his work on its anniversary.

Why The Left Can Be So Ridiculously Self-Righteous Without Realizing It

What we saw in the lead up to the elections, and what we’ll witness for years to come, is utter contempt for Trump voters and conservatives in general.

New ‘Deep Fake’ App That Undresses Women More Reason To Restrict Internet Porn

An internal poll found that of the bot’s users, more than 60 percent were aiming to ‘undress’ photos of girls or women they knew from real life.

These Out-Of-Print Children’s Biographies Repudiate The Bitter Lies Of Today’s Uneducated Anti-Americans

Forty years ago, as my children’s book collection proves, grade-school history pedagogy offered a diverse and inclusive narrative about our national past.

5 Most Shocking Abortion Policies Biden-Harris Openly Support

Democrats are unabashedly pro-abortion, and the records and policy positions of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris show they are happy to lead the charge.

Kamala Harris’s Skin And Sex Don’t Uniquely Qualify Her For The Vice Presidency

It would be nice if pundits could stop reducing the senator to her pigmentation and biology and discuss the issues that will affect the American electorate she aims to serve.

Yes, The Left’s Cultural Dominance Has Enhanced Its Political Power

Ann Hornaday wants readers to believe in a fabricated dichotomy in which well-meaning liberals focus on culture to change hearts and minds while conniving conservatives focus on politics.

Does Rage Addiction Explain The Voracious Market For Trump-Hating Books?

If we desire a nation that can survive this election cycle, we must not let the sun go down on our anger.

The Washington Post Has Your Guide To Repentance For The Ex-Trumper

Most striking of Harvard professor Nancy Gibbs’s advice to former Trump voters is its heavy use of religious language and calls for penitential acts in reparations for past sins.

Washington Post Columnist: Dismemberment Of Humans Is ‘Banal’

Abby Johnson’s language at the RNC might have been unnerving. But in a society that can’t make up its mind about what lives matter, what else can she do?

The Redskins Are One More Thing Wealthy Transplants Have Taken From Blue-Collar Locals

The most interesting story in Washington, D.C. sports in 2020 is what the divergence between its two fanbases says about our increasingly divided nation.

Smart Women Don’t Send Nudes To Strangers, And Other Tales Of The Sexual Revolution

The pornographication of America’s culture prevents victims from thinking clearly. Sadly, behavior once labeled bizarre or self-destructive is now common.

Your Complete Guide To Canceling Every Team In Major League Baseball

Why stop at the Cleveland Indians or Texas Rangers? When you think about it, every single team name in Major League Baseball is irredeemably offensive.

Conservatives Win In Poland, And Leftist Media With No Better Ideas Calls It Bigotry

In Poland, a center-right party favoring deregulated markets and strong integration with the EU lost to a pro-life, pro-family, pro-social-safety-net party. The media’s telling a different story.

Saint Kateri’s Story Dispels The Myth Of White People As Uniquely Evil

Rarely if ever in the many millennia of human civilization has there been a people group who has not committed some atrocity. American Indians are no exception.

Toppled Statues Of Junipero Serra Obscure A History Worth Remembering

Men like the righteous Franciscan friar Junipero Serra deserve to be remembered with respect. Their statues should be treasured and defended.

‘Top Chef’ Winner Gets A Pass From Woke Mobs Because She’s Not A White Man

The ‘Top Chef’ producers constantly find themselves trapped in a dilemma: how to appear to be a thrilling, objective competition while appealing to woke sensibilities.