Casey Chalk
Casey Chalk
Casey Chalk is a graduate student at the Notre Dame Graduate School of Theology at Christendom College.
The North American Martyrs Offer A Way To Atone For Historic Sins

The relationship between Europeans and the indigenous American peoples is often not reducible to the simplistic paradigm of aggressive colonizer and peaceful natives.

WaPo Authors: Punish Brett Kavanaugh For The Sins Of All People Like Him

The ‘guilt by association’ fallacy has been — and still is — used by racists to impugn the character of certain races, ethnicities, or nationalities.

If You Want To Get Into Hunting And Fishing, Start Here, Not With The Washington Post

Ridiculous coverage from The Washington Post of the deer culling in Virginia shows how much has changed. Here are four reasons you should get into or back into hunting and fishing.

If We Really Loved Aretha Franklin, We’d Listen To Her Music

Although I’m grateful for all the August homages to one of the queens of R&B, perhaps the best honor would be to keep her music on the airwaves.

Saint Augustine’s Mother Monica Richly Illustrates The Power Of Mothers And Of Prayer

Like any good mother, Monica did not let her child’s stubbornness, stupidity, or blatant sin obscure her love for him.

Catholics Upset With Pope Francis’s Death Penalty Opposition Shouldn’t Jump To Condemn It

The speed, intensity, and content of criticism of the death penalty pronouncement suggest a fundamental disrespect for the office and person of the pope.

Don’t Let Your Kids Waste Their Summers And Lives On Video Games Like I Did

From one who once struggled with video game addiction and now has three young ’uns, here’s my advice: keep your kids as far away from these games as possible.

5 Tips For Starting A Romance That Will Last You Longer Than Summer

With more free time, warm weather, and less clothes, romance and the legendary summer fling are upon us. Here’s how to make it turn into something real.

Lefty Gentrification Of Washington DC Brings Negatives For Black Residents

Some of the trends defining urban readjustment in Washington suggest the liberal technocratic elite are often indifferent to the needs of their black neighbors.

What The West Can Learn From Thailand About Loving One’s Heritage

It may surprise many Westerners, but Thailand, a country known for attracting notoriously libertine tourists, is actually a quite religious, conservative nation.

Why Human Baseball Umpires Are An American Tradition Worth Preserving

Baseball must not be enslaved to the same mechanistic, progressivist paradigm worshipped by our technocratic elite.

Stop Saying Rude Things About Having Three Or More Kids Like Will And Kate

The organization cited climate change, economic equality, and the distribution of resources as reasons Prince William and Kate should ‘consider foregoing having a third child.’ Balderdash.

Without Consequences, Public Apologies Equal Public Manipulation

When a public figure accepts responsibility for misbehavior without actually communicating any explicit consequences that follow, it is merely a soft manipulation of the public.

What Israel’s Struggles With Monotheism Say About Our Own Failures

Humans often seem to require dramatic crises to clarify our problems and direct our attention to what is truly paramount. One of the most striking examples is the story of the Jewish people.

Instead Of Trade Wars, We Should Snag China’s Next Big Export: Tourists

The trick, of course, is to limit Chinese tourist misbehavior and ensure their massive tour groups don’t overrun the destinations most popular with Americans.

Muslim-Led Persecution Is A Global Epidemic, And It Hit My Friend Michael Again This Week

One of my best friends, a Pakistani Catholic named Michael, was brutally assaulted by Muslim thugs in a suburb of Karachi this week.

How The Church Built And Can Still Save Western Civilization

William J. Slattery’s book, ‘Heroism and Genius,’ makes the case that the Christianity is integral to creating and preserving human rights, along nearly every other significant cultural and historical accomplishment.

There’s A Central Part Of Irish Heritage That Is Increasingly Overlooked

The American obsession with all things Irish increasingly overlooks the one quality of the Irish people that has enabled that little island to have such an outsized influence on the greater world.

On Lent: The Jewish People Remind Us Sometimes We Need A Little Drama To Refocus

We humans often seem to require dramatic crises to clarify our own problems and direct our attention to what is truly paramount.

Twisted, Degrading Beer Labels And Names Spoils Industry Success

Some beer companies need to decide whether their product is about developing a taste for the finer things in life or an aid to preying on women.