Casey Chalk
Casey Chalk
Casey Chalk is a columnist for The American Conservative, Crisis Magazine, and The New Oxford Review. He has a bachelors in history and masters in teaching from the University of Virginia, and masters in theology from Christendom College.
Methodists’ LGBT Controversy Shows Many Don’t Know What Love Means

Those who disapprove of celebrations of sexual sin being foisted upon their Christian institutions are not necessarily being unloving. Consider that they may in fact be doing the opposite.

What Christians Can Learn From Saint Polycarp About Boldly Keeping The Faith

As attacks on Chris Pratt, Karen Pence, and the Gaines family become commonplace, Christians must remember to stand tall and affirm their faith in Christ.

Why This African Saint Thanked The Muslims Who Mutilated And Enslaved Her

The saint’s life and demeanor speaks uncomfortable truths about many modern issues, from Islam to outrage culture to the horrors of slavery.

Saying Western Civilization Means White People Is As Dumb As A Box Of Rocks

What made Jewish and Christian faiths different from other faiths of the ancient world was their rejection of racial tribalism in favor of universal truths.

What Saint Anthony’s Trek Into The Desert Can Teach Us All About Solitude

For millennia, people have ventured into the desert because it is a place of silence and emptiness, where man can be alone with God.

Saudi Woman Gets Immediate Amnesty, Persecuted Christians Like Michael Left To Mobs

It makes good sense for someone in fear of her life in an oppressive country to be offered asylum. The UN should apply the same treatment to my Pakistani Christian friend Michael.

Make 2019 The Year You Read ‘The Iliad’ With Your Kids

There are many reasons you should push this amazing text to the top of your family reading list in 2019.

These Three Post-Christmas Feast Days Highlight The Church’s Martyrs

The story of Jesus’s birth and persecution, plus the feasts devoted to Christian martyrs on the 28th and 29th, deserve a closer look.

The Best Christmas Picture Books You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

This holiday season, put away whatever overwrought, commercialized bric-a-brac books you own, and pick up some of the gems listed here.

Here’s What Happened To That Canadian Academic Defenestrated For Defending Speech

Although an unlikely alliance, conservatives must recognize the importance of joining hands with free speech heroes like this liberal Canadian academic.

What We All Can Learn From The Commemoration Of Saints Margaret And Elizabeth

Ours is no era of new enlightenment––the church, and Jesus himself, have been empowering and uplifting Christian women for years.

‘National Cook For Your Pets Day’ Is A Sign Of Absurd Self-Absorption

The increasing absurdity of pet owners shows no signs of stopping and detracts from our ability to focus on what matters––serving fellow humans.

Why Halloween Is America’s Most Neighborhood-Nurturing Holiday

Despite all the threats of spiritual and criminal mayhem, Halloween represents perhaps the most effective day of the year to foster community.

No, ‘Mere Christianity’ Isn’t Enough To Keep Me Catholic Post-Scandal

How Catholic self-conception is key to understanding arguments in favor of staying in the church, despite recent scandals.

The North American Martyrs Offer A Way To Atone For Historic Sins

The relationship between Europeans and the indigenous American peoples is often not reducible to the simplistic paradigm of aggressive colonizer and peaceful natives.

WaPo Authors: Punish Brett Kavanaugh For The Sins Of All People Like Him

The ‘guilt by association’ fallacy has been — and still is — used by racists to impugn the character of certain races, ethnicities, or nationalities.

If You Want To Get Into Hunting And Fishing, Start Here, Not With The Washington Post

Ridiculous coverage from The Washington Post of the deer culling in Virginia shows how much has changed. Here are four reasons you should get into or back into hunting and fishing.

If We Really Loved Aretha Franklin, We’d Listen To Her Music

Although I’m grateful for all the August homages to one of the queens of R&B, perhaps the best honor would be to keep her music on the airwaves.

Saint Augustine’s Mother Monica Richly Illustrates The Power Of Mothers And Of Prayer

Like any good mother, Monica did not let her child’s stubbornness, stupidity, or blatant sin obscure her love for him.

Catholics Upset With Pope Francis’s Death Penalty Opposition Shouldn’t Jump To Condemn It

The speed, intensity, and content of criticism of the death penalty pronouncement suggest a fundamental disrespect for the office and person of the pope.