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Ben Domenech: Harris Leans Into ‘Girl Boss Yes Queen’ Approach While Administration Fumbles Border Crisis


On Fox News Tuesday, Ben Domenech slammed Vice President Kamala Harris and the White House for not taking the border seriously.


Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech called out Kamala Harris on Fox News Tuesday after the vice president defended not visiting the southern border, noting she embraces a feminist “yes queen approach” amid a southern border crisis the White House is not taking seriously.

“The problem that Kamala Harris has experienced in her political career is that she leans so heavily into this sort of lib-fem, girl boss, ‘yes, queen’-type approach to answering questions,” Domenech said. “It often comes across as unserious or flippant, and I think on this question which is central for a lot of Americans today, a priority for many of us, it does seem like the administration is just simply not taking this all that seriously. This is an attempt to change that and shift that in her rhetoric today.”

In an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt that aired this week, Harris claimed the administration has “been to the border,” then Holt noted she has not. In response, the vice president said, “I haven’t been to Europe, either.” President Joe Biden appointed Harris to lead the administration’s border crisis response in March, and she has still not been to the border itself.

Domenech also said the White House has continually searched for a scapegoat amid the border surge, blaming it on unrelated issues rather than admitting fault.

“I think unfortunately they have really dug themselves a hole here by not really addressing this from the beginning as the crisis that it was, and pushing back against it as something they could attempt to shift and change as opposed to something that was out of their control and due to systemic problems, climate change, any number of other issues that you could grab ahold of — as opposed to what Americans know it really is. Which is allowing so many people to come across our border and stay.”