Gabe Kaminsky
Gabe Kaminsky
Gabe Kaminsky

Gabe Kaminsky is an intern at The Federalist. His work has been featured in the Daily Wire, the New York Post, The American Conservative, RealClearPolitics, the Washington Examiner, The Washington Times, Townhall, and other outlets. He has also appeared on Fox News, Newsmax, Hill.TV, OANN, and various radio programs. Follow him on Twitter @Gabe__Kaminsky or email [email protected]

New EU Alert: Having A Sense Of Humor Is Proof You Might Be A Far-Right Terrorist

The EU released a non-satirical report this week offering that humor, including the sharing of memes, could be a sign your peer is a ‘far-right extremist.’

Study: Mississippi’s 15-Week Limit On Abortion Is Commonsense In Europe

A new report released Tuesday found that a vast majority of European nations limit elective abortions even earlier than 15 weeks gestation.

Former Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi Dead At 77 After Bicycle Accident

Former Republican Sen. Michael Enzi, who served in Congress for 23 years, died Tuesday after being hospitalized from a bike accident last week.

Robin DiAngelo Says Comedy Gives Whites ‘An Excuse To Get To Be Racist’

Robin DiAngelo, the far-left author of the 2018 book ‘White Fragility’ and now ‘Nice Racism,’ said white people use comedy as an outlet to be racist.

WATCH: Gavin Newsom Says Unvaccinated People Are ‘Like Drunk Drivers’

Democrat California Gov. Gavin Newsom said those who choose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 are ‘like drunk drivers’ on CNN on Monday. 

CNN’s Don Lemon Says Don’t Get The Vaccine? No Supermarket, Work, Ball Game, Or Freedom For You

Lemon ridiculed Americans who choose to not get vaccinated, saying they shouldn’t be allowed to participate in normal society due to their ‘freedom’ logic. 

Former Sen. Barbara Boxer Assaulted And Robbed In Oakland After Police Vow To Crack Down On Surging Crime

Amid an uptick in crime rates and a decision to defund the city’s police, former senator Barbara Boxer was assaulted and robbed in Oakland, California.

Biden ATF Nominee ‘Frustrated’ By First Amendment Freedom Of Gun Owners To Say Things He Doesn’t Like

David Chipman said on television it is ‘frustrating’ the U.S. government cannot violate people’s right to bear arms if they use ‘hate speech’ on the internet. 

Cruz, Hawley, And Lee Urge SCOTUS To Reverse Pro-Abortion Rulings

Cruz, Hawley, and Lee submitted an amicus brief calling on the Supreme Court to overrule its prior decisions that upheld the supposed right to kill a baby.

Report: France Tried To Warn U.S. In 2015 That China Kicked Them Out Of Wuhan Lab

France warned U.S. State Department officials in 2015 that communist China planned to cease its collaboration agreement at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Twitter Suspends Nation Of Islam For Attacking Vaccines, But Not Attacking Jews

Twitter previously declined to ban Farrakhan’s personal account or the group account for their routine harassment of Jewish people.

Democrats On Performative Capitol Riot Commission Made More Election Challenges Than Republicans Pelosi Kicked Off

Pelosi’s rebuke of Jordan and Banks is incompatible with the records of those she handpicked to lead the Trump Derangement Syndrome initiative.

Biden DOJ Won’t Investigate Deadly Nursing Home Policies In These Democrat-Run States

The DOJ has declined to investigate nursing homes policies in New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan that led to mass deaths.

D.C. Mayor Bowser Orders Removal Of Anti-Castro Mural On Same Street As Black Lives Matter Mural

Bowser has no problem with Marxist groups like BLM painting the streets of D.C., but had a ‘Free Cuba’ mural removed in less than 24 hours.

Biden Gets Roasted For Bumbling Through Mostly Empty Town Hall

Biden was criticized for his performance at CNN’s town hall on Wednesday, as prominent people on the left and right took to Twitter to bash his incoherence.

The University Of Pittsburgh Is Hiding How Much It’s Spending On Racist Indoctrination

The University of Pittsburgh is hosting a critical race theory conference in late July, while concealing its related financial activities thanks to an uncommon state open records law.

USA Women’s Soccer Team Crushed At Olympic Opener After Kneeling In Support Of BLM

After the U.S. women’s soccer team kneeled in support of BLM before their game against Sweden at the Tokyo Olympics, the ladies were handed a 3-0 loss. 

LeBron James Bent The Knee To Dictator Xi But China Still Isn’t Releasing ‘Space Jam 2’

While LeBron James has consistently capitulated to China, Xi Jinping has yet to greenlight the NBA star’s new film ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ for release.

Majority Of Voters Reject COVID Vaccine Mandates, New Poll Finds

A new survey indicates the majority of likely American voters believe receiving a COVID vaccine should be a personal choice, not something mandatory.

No, The Biden Administration Is Not Backing Down On Critical Race Theory In Schools

‘They have done what they usually do, which is elaborate wordplay. This is one more attempted hoodwink in public,’ says Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars.