Gabe Kaminsky
Gabe Kaminsky
Gabe Kaminsky

Gabe Kaminsky is an intern at The Federalist and a student at the University of Pittsburgh. His work has appeared in Fox News, the Daily Wire, the Washington Examiner, The American Conservative, RealClearPolitics, and other outlets. Follow him on Twitter @Gabe__Kaminsky or email [email protected]

Biden Fails To Condemn Hamas Terrorist Attacks On Israel

“Israel has a right to defend itself when you have thousands of rockets flying into your territory” Biden said, but did not go further to call out Hamas as the one doing the terrorizing. 

Oregon Hires ‘1619 Project’ Writer To Lecture Teachers And Students On ‘Reframing’ History

The state of Oregon is paying Nikole Hannah-Jones of The New York Times’s “1619 Project” is set to lecture teachers and students on systemic racism.

Biden White House Edits Administration Quotes Before Letting Reporters Publish Them

Politico spoke to several reporters who concurred that the Biden White House has a policy on quotations that mirrors that of the Obama administration.

Tennessee Billboards Encourage People To Finally ‘Ditch The Mask’

‘I hope this encourages people that are tired of complying with arbitrary rules that there are other people like them,’ said Gary Humble. ‘If we all just stop doing this tomorrow, it ends.’

CIA’s Series Of Woke Recruitment Videos Damage National Unity

The Central Intelligence Agency is the latest government agency to demonstrate its partisan nature, and its overt politicization harms the nation.

Teenager Who Murdered An Uber Driver Will Be Out By 21, If Not Earlier

The brutal killing of Mohammed Anwar during a March 23 carjacking made national headlines upon its graphic footage being released.

New Data Finds Majority Of Trump’s 2020 Voters Were Women and Minorities

New data from progressive analytics firm Catalist indicates that President Donald Trump made significant inroads with minorities and women in the 2020 election.

Israel Defense Forces Take Out Hamas Commander Amid Conflict

Israel killed Hamas Commander Iyad Fathi Faik Sharir, striking other terror targets as well as weapons manufacturing sites in the Gaza strip.

Donald Glover Says Hollywood Is Making ‘Boring Stuff’ Because ‘People Are Afraid Of Getting Cancelled’

Twitter went wild with speculation as users tried to figure out what exactly Glover was trying to communicate in his tweets. Here are three possibilities.

Poll: Three-Quarters Of Americans Oppose ‘White Privilege’ Training

A poll released by Parents Defending Education finds that the vast majority of Americans utterly reject the anti-white racism of critical race and privilege theory.

Terrorist Group Hamas Launches Rockets At Jerusalem On National Holiday

Jerusalem was attacked Monday by terrorist group Hamas on the day of a national holiday in commemoration of the reunification of Israel.

WATCH: Dozens Of Migrants Cross Rio Grande In Del Rio, Surrender To Border Patrol

Migrants continue to flood the southern border and Del Rio, Texas remains one of the most trafficked areas in the nation.

Wyoming Bans Vaccine Passport Requirement In Public Spaces

Republican Gov. Mark Gordon of Wyoming banned the requirement of vaccine passports in government buildings and public spaces.

Another Utah County Censures Never Trumper GOP Senator Mitt Romney

Former President Donald Trump called out Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney upon his censure in a Utah county, saying he is “BAD NEWS.”

Louisiana Lawmakers Commend Anti-Fossil Fuel North Face For Being A Loyal Oil And Gas Customer

While The North Face virtue signals on their commitment to ending climate change, it relies on the fossil fuel industry to keep its business booming.

Texas House Passes Measure To Yank Funding From Cities That Defund Police

The majority-GOP House in Texas passed a bill Friday to punish cities that choose to defund their local police departments. It now heads to the Senate.

Poll: Most Americans Think Big Tech Is Divisive

An NBC News poll released Sunday shows two-thirds of Americans think Big Tech is dividing the nation more than uniting it.

WATCH: Plano Police Do Nothing While Black Lives Matter Illegally Takes Over City Streets

A video that went viral over the weekend shows a mob of Black Lives Matter protesters in Texas illegally blocking traffic while a police officer stands by.

‘Birthing People’ Stunt Latest Attempt By Far-Left To Establish An Anti-Science, Secular Society

In a disconnect from the rest of the country, the left wishes to cower Americans into submission and spin ideas that both contradict the Bible and science.

Bombshell Report: Disney Pushing Critical Race Theory Training On Employees

‘These aren’t isolated incidents. This is government agencies. This is churches. This is virtually every university. This is many if not most school districts.”