Gabe Kaminsky
Gabe Kaminsky
Gabe Kaminsky

Gabe Kaminsky is an intern at The Federalist, and a student at the University of Pittsburgh. His work has appeared in The Daily Wire,, The Washington Times, The American Conservative, RealClearPolitics, The Washington Examiner, and other outlets. He is a participant in the Academy program at The Heritage Foundation. Follow him on Twitter @Gabe__Kaminsky

Tennessee Bill Would Ban Government From Forcing People To Receive Vaccines Derived From Aborted Babies

At its essence, Tennesee House Bill 10 promotes foundational conservative policies and should be a no-brainer for Republicans in the red stronghold.

Joe Biden’s Cabinet Nominees Prove His Unity Claims Are Garbage

It may very well be a ‘time to heal,’ but Biden’s cabinet appointees and nominees make one thing very clear. Unity to the left means playing God and governing like kings and queens. 

Michigan Tech Professor Denounces School’s ‘Systemic Racism’ Training. The Cancel Mob Wants Him Fired

The virtue-signaling campus mob is pouncing yet again — this time for a professor unwilling to say America is systemically racist.

Marco Rubio Leads GOP Senators In Going After CEO Jeff Bezos For Amazon’s Digital Book Burning

The Republicans posed several questions to Bezos, notably asking what specific policy scholar Ryan T. Anderson’s book violated that justified its removal.

Biden Associate AG Nominee Vanita Gupta Wants To Ban Police From All Schools

Gupta’s radical interest group has played a major hand in trying to defund the police through ineffective ‘community policing.’

Domenech: Biden Administration Incentivizing Open Borders Run By Mexican Drug Cartels

‘How quickly we go back to ‘compassionate human holding facilities” as a term for what were called ‘cages’ and ‘human rights violations’ when Donald Trump did it.

Xavier Becerra Met With Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro In 1997 And Refused To Call For Free Elections

GOP senators will face off with the progressive HHS nominee, aiming to throw a wrench in his confirmation.

‘Roe v. Wade’ Movie To Premiere Friday To CPAC’s Sold-Out Crowd

With sold-out tickets for CPAC and former President Donald Trump set to speak on Sunday, this will undoubtedly be a major platform for the film.

Here Are The 4 Most Woke Films Nominated For The 2021 Golden Globes This Sunday

2020 wasn’t the greatest year in film, but it turned out to be a Godsend in light of the leftist propagandizing films nominated for The Golden Globes in 2021.

Facebook Hosts Far More Extremism, But Apple Still Won’t Reinstate Parler In App Store

Apple continues to carry Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube on its App Store, all of which have been the platform for Antifa to broadcast violence.

WATCH: HHS Nominee Xavier Becerra Dodges Question On Partial-Birth Abortion

“I understand that people have different deeply held beliefs on this issue. … We may not always agree on where to go, but I think we can find some common ground,” Becerra said.

Digital Book-Burning: Amazon Bans Scholar Ryan T. Anderson’s Book On Transgenderism

With the removal of Ryan T. Anderson’s 2018 book ‘When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment,’ Amazon openly signaled the end of dialogue.

Despite Corporate Threats, Republicans Raise $3 Million More Than Democrats In January

The money raised by the Republican Party will prove to be tremendously important in the 2022 midterm elections, as the GOP attempts to win back the House and Senate. 

Twitter Locked Focus On The Family’s Account Because The Christian Group Said Boys And Girls Are Different

Focus on the Family remains locked out of its Twitter account after the organization tweeted a link to an article that included basic biology.

60 Pro-Life Leaders Pen Letter Urging Senate To Reject ‘Divisive’ Xavier Becerra Nomination

“Becerra’s confirmation would be divisive and a step in the wrong direction,” the letters states. He “has proven himself to be an enemy of the health of women and the unborn.”

3 Top Democrats Who Celebrated Or Denied Leftist Street Violence Get Big Bucks From Hypocrites In Corporate America

If these sanctimonious businesses truly believe in law and order, why did they not announce they’re pulling the funding of Democrats who openly supported disturbing violence?

Pennsylvania GOP Prepares Censure Vote Against Sen. Pat Toomey For Voting To Impeach Trump

Toomey was one of seven GOP senators who joined Democrats to vote yes on conviction, which ultimately fell flat at 57 to 43 in favor of acquittal for Trump.

Conservative Groups Launch $2 Million-Plus Campaign Targeting Senior Biden Appointees’ Dark Money Ties

What are these secretive groups hiding? And why is it that the Democrats are the ones relying on dark money to win elections?

Nick Sandmann Documentary ‘Rush To Judgment’ Chronicles Disturbing Covington Catholic Media Smear

A new film does a deep-dive into the 2019 Covington Catholic event that was a media creation, and it’s worth your time.

Will Corporate America Keep Bankrolling Maxine Waters And Her Vile Rhetoric?

PACS are holding the GOP accountable for the Jan. 6 riot — but will they pull their funding from Democrats like Maxine Waters who encourage violence?