Gabe Kaminsky
Gabe Kaminsky
Gabe Kaminsky

Gabe Kaminsky is a senior contributor to The Federalist. His writing has been featured in RealClearPolitics, The American Conservative, the American Mind, the Daily Wire, the New York Post, the Washington Examiner, The Washington Times, Townhall, and other outlets. He has appeared on Fox News, Newsmax, Hill.TV, and various radio programs. Follow him on Twitter @Gabe__Kaminsky and email tips to [email protected]

Senate Republicans Urge Attorney General To Release Durham Report On Crossfire Hurricane

The senators said Americans were disturbed to learn that agents weaponized surveillance powers for political purposes, and should see the whole investigation.

DeSantis Admin Slams Biden For Petty Legal Threats Over GOP State Mask Rules While Afghanistan Falls

DeSantis’ office said Biden should be exercising better leadership amid the Taliban taking over Afghanistan, rather than intervening in Florida affairs.

Stacey Abrams Staffer Deletes Retweet Likening US Government To Taliban

A staffer for former Georgia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams retweeted a post that compared the United States government to the Taliban.

Please Put The Larry David-Alan Dershowitz Spat In The Next Season Of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

In a legendary moment uncovered by the New York Post’s Page Six, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ star Larry David went after celebrity attorney Alan Dershowitz in Martha’s Vineyard.

University Affirms ‘QAnon Conspiracy’ On COVID Spreading Through WiFi

“We have no choice but to cut the WiFi from all students who do not get the vaccine so we can protect the university from further infection,” administrators said.

Build Your Own Wifi: Quinnipiac University To Cut Off Unvaccinated Students From Internet

Quinnipiac University announced they will restrict WiFi access for any students who are unvaccinated on campus this fall.

After Afghanistan Debacle, Trump Must Be Impeached For A Third Time

Pelosi may have failed in her efforts to impeach Trump the first time, and then again after he left office, but this time is different. Trump is responsible for Afghanistan.

Graphic Video Shows Heinous Manhattan Hatchet Attack On 51-Year-Old Man Using ATM

Surveillance footage obtained by the New York Post shows a masked man walking into a bank in Manhattan and attacking a customer with a hatchet.

Trump Slams Biden For Denying Responsibility For Afghanistan Chaos

Former President Donald Trump rebuked Joe Biden Monday after the current president tried to shift blame for the crisis his administration caused in Afghanistan. 

Disclosures: ‘Cancel Rent’ Rep. Ayanna Pressley Made Thousands In Rental Income

While Pressley has called for allowing people to stop paying their rent, her financial disclosure indicates the congresswoman has made thousands of dollars from being a landlord.

Ben Domenech: Biden’s Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal Is A ‘Moment Of Reckoning’ For U.S. Foreign Policy

Domenech discussed the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan with Gallagher, Logan, and Heinrichs in a Fox News podcast Monday afternoon.

Former Tennessee Vaccine Chief Faked Threat By Mailing Dog Muzzle To Her Own Office

Tennessee’s former top vaccine official was caught by the government ordering a dog muzzle to her office and claiming it was sent as a threat.

Border Patrol Chief: Suspected Terrorists Crossing U.S. Border At Levels ‘Never Seen Before’

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is making a record number of arrests at the border, including criminals, pedophiles, rapists, murderers, and suspected terrorists.

Poll: 70 Percent Of Americans Disapprove Of How Biden Handled Afghanistan Withdrawal

The first poll released following the collapse of Kabul indicates a majority of people disapprove of Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan troops withdrawal. 

Leftist Filmmaker Michael Moore Celebrates Decline In White People: ‘Best Day Ever In US History’

Michael Moore took to Twitter to express his excitement after data from the United States Census Bureau revealed a decline in the number of white people.

Surgeon General: People Don’t Have A Right To Spread ‘Misinformation’

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy claimed Sunday while discussing COVID-19 that Americans ‘don’t have the right’ to ‘irresponsibly spread misinformation.’

College Board Practice Exam Indoctrinates Students On Voter-ID Laws

College Board included a section in its current Advanced Placement U.S. government practice test that requires students to condemn voter ID laws as racially biased.

Uber Eats Drops Former Quarterback Jay Cutler From Ad Because He Questioned Masking Kids

Uber canceled its offer to Jay Cutler to participate in an advertisement due to the former QB’s failure to walk the PC line on COVID-19 masking.

Scotland Will Now Let 4-Year-Olds Identify As Opposite Sex Without Parental Consent

Children as young as 4 years old in Scotland will be permitted to identify as the opposite sex and alter their names, new government guidance affirms.

Biden’s ATF Nominee Failed To Disclose Multiple Objectionable Interviews And Events Since 2012

David Chipman failed to disclose to the Senate Judiciary Committee several objectionable interviews and events he has participated in since 2012.