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Like His Brother, Chris Cuomo Isn’t Too Popular With The Ladies

Chris Cuomo Andrew Cuomo

Chris Cuomo is struggling to get female viewers to tune in to his CNN show after his brother resigned following a report detailing his sexual harassment.


CNN host Chris Cuomo is struggling to get female viewers to tune into “Cuomo Prime Time” after his brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned following an explosive attorney general report detailing the New York Democrat’s sexual harassment of nearly a dozen women.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday last week, “Cuomo Prime Time” had an average of 488,000 female viewers, after New York Attorney General Letitia James released the state’s investigation that Tuesday. This marks a 41 percent female viewership decline year-to-date. The show experienced a 45 percent loss of female viewers from the same week last year.

During the second quarter of 2021, “Cuomo Prime Time” forfeited 14 percent of its female audience, as reported by Fox News. The show also averaged just 86,000 viewers among women in the key 25-54 demographic in the three episodes he hosted last week, which is down 33 percent from the second quarter and 56 percent from the 2021 average rate.

The CNN host has gotten into hot water for assisting his governor brother, advising him and his administration to act “defiant” and not resign in the face of sexual harassment allegations, as reported by the Washington Post in May.

The attorney general report, however, found that Chris Cuomo participated in “ongoing and regular discussions” with the governor “about how to respond to the allegations publicly.” The host reportedly drafted and distributed a statement trying to discredit one of the accusers.

Last Friday, CNN’s Cuomo took an allegedly “pre-planned vacation” as his colleagues, such as Brian Stelter, criticizing him for not mentioning the former governor on-air.

“Chris Cuomo’s role as a member of his brother’s inner circle, a role that raises serious questions about journalistic responsibilities and ethics, is also detailed in the report,” Stelter wrote in CNN Business two weeks ago. “Chris surely has a lot to say about his brother. But for the time being he is staying silent: He did not mention the scandal on ‘Cuomo Prime Time’ Tuesday night.”

A former CNN employee who worked closely with the TV host reportedly told Fox News he thinks Cuomo will briefly mention his brother’s situation upon returning to the show and then continue as normal.

“My guess would be when he comes back, they’ll have him open the show with a short, brief, ‘This is why I’m not going to talk about the tough situation that my brother is going through right now,’” the former employee told Fox News. “‘And I will not speak to this again. And now let’s get after it,’ and move on.”

Whereas Chris Cuomo remains silent given the conflict of interest, left-wing media have turned on his brother. New York Magazine released an article Thursday titled, “The 8 Weirdest Unsolved Andrew Cuomo Mysteries,” which asks, “Seriously, what is up with his nipples?”