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It’s Time For CNN To Finally Cancel Chris Cuomo


CNN’s Chris Cuomo aided and abetted in his brother New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s retaliation and coverup and has violated journalistic ethics.


In an explosive report, New York Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat, concluded that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, another Democrat, is guilty of serial workplace sexual misconduct against at least 11 women, nine of whom are current or former state employees.

News reporting from May established that CNN primetime anchor Chris Cuomo advised his brother and his top aides to be “defiant,” deflect blame, and refuse to resign. CNN declined to take any disciplinary action against their host at that time, even though it acknowledged his actions were “inappropriate.”

The new report establishes that the TV anchor’s actions were much more extensive and egregious than previously reported. Gov. Cuomo and his top political advisors had “ongoing and regular discussions” with his younger brother “about how to respond to the allegations publicly.”

Chris Cuomo even reportedly drafted and circulated at least one political statement to help his brother discredit an accuser. The report concludes that the governor plotted to “discredit and disparage” an accuser and that his office attempted to cover up allegations.

CNN’s Cuomo aided and abetted in the retaliation and coverup. So why is he still employed by CNN?

Chris Cuomo’s actions are a clear violation of journalistic ethics. Also, among other legal liabilities he faces, the anchor created a hostile work environment at CNN. Indeed, CNN is now on notice that their host has no qualms about retaliating against assault accusers and covering up workplace sexual misconduct.

In fact, CNN’s continued employment of Chris Cuomo continues to help him cover up his brother’s predatory behavior. Under a phony guise of journalistic ethics regarding objectivity and conflict of interest, CNN has banned the primetime news anchor from covering Gov. Cuomo, creating a news blackout of the sexual harassment allegations during a critical primetime slot.

Originally, the anchor was banned from covering his brother since 2013, but CNN made an exception during the pandemic. Chris Cuomo regularly had his brother on his show, yukking it up as COVID tore through New York nursing homes, leaving thousands dead thanks to actions directed by Gov. Cuomo. But now that the governor is under fire, Chris Cuomo is once again banned from covering him.

CNN certainly has a strong willingness to cover allegations of sexual harassment, at least when that coverage aligns with CNN’s political interests. In fact, less than three years ago, CNN breathlessly reported the unsubstantiated, decades-old, and now-discredited allegations against then-teenager Brett Kavanaugh, peddled by highly partisan Democrats including CNN regular Michael Avenatti (who was later sentenced to two years in prison for extortion). Chris Cuomo repeatedly had Avenatti and actress-activist Alyssa Milano on air to fuel politicized attacks against Justice Kavanaugh.

CNN’s message is crystal clear: When it affects its bottom line or its liberal political interests, the network condones egregious ethics violations, collusion with politicians to bring recriminations against survivors of sexual harassment, and clear political double standards.

Just yesterday, CNN’s Brian Stelter weighed in and minimized this sexual abuse scandal as an “optics problem” and “family drama” with “no perfect solution.”

Here’s the “perfect solution”: CNN must fire its leading primetime news anchor for abusing his perch and power to help cover up and retaliate against the survivors of his brother’s serial sexual harassment. CNN must fire Chris Cuomo.