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After Afghanistan Debacle, Trump Must Be Impeached For A Third Time

Trump impeached

Pelosi may have failed in her efforts to impeach Trump the first time, and then again after he left office, but this time is different. Trump is responsible for Afghanistan.


Heed this call. Orange Man Bad, you know, the racist tyrant who used to chill at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and scoff down his McDonald’s hamburgers, must be impeached for the chaos ensuing in Afghanistan.

There is no other way. It is inconceivable to think that Trump could not be solely held accountable for the foreign policy botches of every administration in the last 20 years. In fact, we know this because every major issue plaguing America is inherently his fault; the Afghanistan withdrawal failure, open-border policy, lockdowns, drug overdoses, and Olivia Rodrigo’s rise to fame.

The Donald may think he is nice and comfortable lounging in Bedminister, New Jersey failing to break 100’s in golf with Chris Ruddy and the dude who sells pillows, but make no mistake: The Taliban’s takeover is completely his fault.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi must step up to the plate. Pelosi may have failed in her efforts to impeach Trump the first time, and then again after he left office, but this time is different. Harnessing the power of Trump Derangement Syndrome, it is time for the Speaker to make another hair appointment and prepare to finally impeach Trump for the disaster he unleashed in the Middle East.

The current commander-in-chief is just an innocent old man who wants to enjoy his choca-choca-chip ice cream. And he has fully earned it. Although Biden did not meet Trump’s prior May 1 withdrawal deadline from Afghanistan, and believed the lies from U.S. military leaders, the president showed immense leadership by spending time at Camp David during the crisis.

Camp David is where great men are built.

Biden may have said he had “no plans” to demand the impeachment of Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo prior to his resignation, but he would score points with left-wing voters by calling for a probe into Trump. It would be a slam dunk for The Corrupt News Network (CNN), given its ratings are in the can with Orange Man Bad out of the spotlight.

The honorable folks over at MSNBC, contrary to what you may think, nailed it when they ran a segment called “Trump’s role in Afghanistan.” The reality of the situation is that the $2 trillion war in Afghanistan was worsened by Donald not going on the frontlines and building a Trump Hotel in Kabul.

Since Trump did not greenlight such construction, the Taliban got an opportunity to lift American-made weights at the former presidential palace in Kabul. And since Trump imports all his hotel weights from the Chinese government, it would have saved the U.S. the embarrassment. But no, Donald decided to save money, just like he did on his taxes, and not help the Afghans get yoked with superior dumbbells.

Yes, Biden may have blown open the whole agreement with the Taliban by changing the withdrawal date, but it’s Trump’s fault for negotiating with terrorists in the first place. Trying to bring our soldiers home with a coordinated plan in place is an impeachable offense.

Finally, as with all of Trump’s intentions, this impeachment should come down to him being racist. Indeed, it is Trump’s racism against the Taliban that led to this nonsense. At least Biden respects his enemies enough to let them institute Sharia Law.

Trump had four years to solve the 20-year war. But he didn’t. He must be dragged before Congress to be impeached.

After all, isn’t three times the charm?