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Graphic Video Shows Heinous Manhattan Hatchet Attack On 51-Year-Old Man Using ATM


Surveillance footage obtained by the New York Post shows a masked man walking into a bank in Manhattan and attacking a customer with a hatchet.


Warning: This article contains graphic material.

Surveillance footage obtained by the New York Post shows a masked man walking into a bank in Manhattan and attacking a customer with a hatchet.

The attack occurred inside a Chase Bank in New York City’s Financial District on Tuesday. In the video, which the Post obtained on Tuesday, a man pulled a hatchet from a bag and targeted another man.

After the first blow, the bloodied victim tried to evade the attacker, shifting around the room. Upon beating the man several times, the unidentified attacker smashed the cash-dispensing machines and left his bag and hatchet on the floor. Police confirmed to the Post that the weapon was left behind.

“A man was there with a hatchet and [hit] my head … and my leg,” the victim told the Post while reportedly “dazed” and “with his head wrapped in a large bandage.”

Police arrested a man, 37, who matched the description of the attacker at 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday after they caught him breaking car windows, according to sources who spoke to the Post.

Ryan Girdusky, a New Yorker and the author of “They’re Not Listening: How The Elites Created the National Populist Revolution,” told The Federalist it is time for Democrats to get serious about fighting crime. 

“Crime in this city is getting worse, but it’s also becoming more brutal,” Girdusky said. “People are detached from their humanity. We need more than just restoring our police budgets and undoing Cuomo’s bail reform.”

Back in May, Democrat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Manhattan’s three biggest problems are “crime, crime, [and] crime.” The remarks came amid a 73 percent increase in shootings and a 47 percent spike in robberies, according to data from the New York Police Department.

Cuomo has been roundly condemned for his bail reform policy that has closed correctional facilities and led to criminals being pardoned. In his final days as governor, the Democrat granted clemency to 10 felons, including three people linked to murders.

After the murder of George Floyd last year, Democrats across the country moved to defund the police, with New York slashing about $1 billion. But like other increasingly crime-ridden cities, New York City pivoted, with lawmakers moving to add $200 million to the budget in June. Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, however, hailed the move as “targeted investments to break the cycle of incarceration and reduce gun violence.” The budget did not include more money for hiring officers.

The situation has become so stressful for police that the city hired therapy dogs, according to the Washington Post.