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‘Science Is Back’ With Joe Biden? Here Are 7 Things That Say It’s Not

science in the Biden administration

With the dawn of his administration, President Joe Biden ushered in a new era of norms, civility, and, most importantly, science. That’s right, No. 46 has brought us out of our anti-science Neanderthal thinking and into the glorious light.

“Science is back,” Biden announced while visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention headquarters in Atlanta on Friday. No, really, “all kidding aside.”

Biden can tout “science” all he’d like, but the policies at the forefront of his administration would like a word. Here are seven proofs that science is absolutely not back.

1. Transgender Person at the Helm of Public Health

Perhaps nothing displays Biden’s commitment to science quite like his nomination of Rachel Levine to be assistant health secretary. Levine, who is currently the secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, royally botched the state’s COVID-19 response, removing an elderly family member from a care facility while relegating others to the veritable Wuhan virus Petri dishes.

Worse than Levine’s failures as a state health secretary, however, is the fact that Biden’s pick to be assistant science czar is the living embodiment of science denial. Levine, born a biological man, is transgender, having transitioned in 2011.

2. The Anti-Equality ‘Equality’ Act

In that vein, let’s talk about the so-called Equality Act, which the Biden administration has long championed. A far cry from making anything more equal, this proposed amendment to the Civil Rights Act would effectively end girls’ sports and eradicate safe spaces for women. It does this by denying science.

Instead of just sex-based (and thus science-based) protections, which would largely become moot under the Equality Act framework, this legislation seeks to include arbitrary anti-discrimination laws on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Scientists agree that “gender identity can be very ephemeral,” independent journalist and author Abigail Shrier noted during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week, but if this legislation is passed, it would be “impossible ever to legally distinguish between a woman and a biological male who claims a female identity.”

3. Double Masking While Vaccinated

Nothing promotes vaccine hesitancy quite like watching the leader of the free world, who has been fully vaccinated, and his top health cronies parade around in not just one, but two masks.

“That’s the opposite of the message we ought to be sending and it’s the opposite of the message politicians ought to be sending,” Federalist publisher Ben Domenech said on Fox News this month, following GOP Sen. Rand Paul using science to throw wannabe god Anthony Fauci around like a little rag doll during his Senate committee testimony. “Virtually all of them that you see on your TV cameras have been vaccinated. They are not going to be transmitting this disease, they are not going to be vulnerable to it anymore.”

4. No Life Until Birth, Apparently

Despite the stores of evidence demonstrating human life begins at conception, Biden and his vice president have long maintained their support for abortion long before a baby can feel pain or takes its first breath outside the womb, in defiance of science.

While the Sacramento Bee said the claim that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris support taxpayer-funded late-term abortion until the moment of birth “exaggerated,” the duo’s record on the issue suggests otherwise.

Not only did the Biden administration reaffirm its commitment to the barbaric practice immediately after taking office by rescinding the Mexico City policy, effectively ordering Americans to fund abortions overseas with their tax dollars, Biden also nominated pro-abortion extremist Xavier Becerra, who has since been confirmed, to head the Department of Health and Human Services. Another of Biden’s nominees believes abortion is necessary for “racial justice.” This is the same Biden who waffled on the Hyde Amendment, signaling support for taxpayer-funded abortion here in the United States.

Earlier this month, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said it has been Biden’s “consistent belief” that Roe v. Wadeshould be law,” a common refrain from Democrats that would ultimately, analysts say, take power away from states and give it to the federal government to ensure women could obtain abortions until birth for any reason around the whole country.

Harris has a perfect score from the pro-abortion group NARAL Pro-Choice America. She voted no on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would have prevented abortions after 20 weeks gestation, by which point, if not earlier, the science shows babies can feel pain in the womb. Harris also voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would have required appropriate medical care for any baby who survives an abortion attempt and would have established criminal penalties for health-care workers who violated that standard of care.

5. Biden’s Border Superspreader

While the Biden administration has maintained that “even after you’re vaccinated, social distancing, wearing masks are going to be essential,” they have dismissed the COVID superspreading potential of the crisis on the southern border.

According to U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Texas Democrat, 108 migrants released from just one Gulf Coast city during the month of February were COVID-19-positive. As migrants surge across the southern border, many are in shelters or custody only briefly before dispersing throughout the United States to connect with relatives or friends.

“They tested some of the people who got put at the bus station in Brownsville and according to the rapid tests, about 108 tested positive,” Cuellar said. “So basically that creates a situation that they are letting people who are positive (for coronavirus) get on buses and with the permission of Homeland Security they can go anywhere in the United States.”

A Brownsville spokesman confirmed that number to Border Report and said that while some nonprofit organizations have provided hotel rooms for COVID-positive migrants to quarantine, the city can’t prevent them from traveling because the Department of Homeland Security has issued documents to them that allow them to travel north into the rest of the United States.

“We let them know and we guide them with CDC guidelines and explain to them that it’s really important that they isolate and quarantine, but I want to make clear that we can’t contain them. We can’t stop them,” the spokesman said.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called the Biden administration’s policies allowing COVID-positive illegal immigrants to infiltrate the United States “unconscionable.”

6. School Out of Session

While the science has consistently suggested remarkably low fatality rates among school-aged children and even shows children contribute very little to community transmission rates, the Biden administration has completely fumbled messaging on school reopening, proving their devotion is much more to teachers unions than to following the science.

After getting intense flak for its goal of only requiring half of the country’s children to return to in-person schooling for a minimum of one day a week by Biden’s 100th day in office, meaning students getting back into classrooms for only five or six days in total would meet the goal, the administration flip-flopped. The science hadn’t changed, just the amount of bad press.

Psaki then switched the “goal,” saying, “The president will not rest until every school is open five days a week.” The vice president also flubbed her way through articulating a school reopening plan, checking science at the door.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky even admitted the agency catered to anti-science teachers unions with its guidelines for school reopening.

“We have conducted an in-depth review of the available science and evidence base to guide our recommendations, and we have also engaged with many education and public-health partners to hear firsthand from parents and teachers directly about their experiences and concerns,” Walensky said, noting that input from these people who stalled school reopenings across the country resulted in “direct changes to the guidance.”

7. No Fracking Way

Over and over, Biden and Harris have exchanged science for stump speeches about the dangers of greenhouse gas emissions. Despite the State Department finding numerous times that the Keystone Pipeline would not have a material effect on greenhouse gas emissions, environmental groups have aggressively opposed the project, and the Biden administration capitulated, putting the kibosh on it during his first days in office.

According to the American Petroleum Institue, anti-fossil fuel policies like Biden’s would “shift to foreign sources, cost nearly one million American jobs, increase CO2 emissions and reduce revenue that funds education and key conservation programs.”

While Biden and Harris have repeatedly denied that they oppose fracking, their record on the issue is clear. “There’s no question I’m in favor of banning fracking,” Harris declared at a town hall in 2019 during her campaign for president. There’s more where that came from:

Saying “science is back” means very little coming from a vaccinated person in a double mask whose leadership has resulted in science denial at every turn.