Kylee Zempel
Kylee Zempel
Kylee Zempel
Kylee Zempel is an assistant editor at The Federalist. She previously worked as the copy editor for the Washington Examiner magazine and as an editor and producer at National Geographic. She holds a B.S. in Communication Arts/Speech and an A.S. in Criminal Justice and writes on topics including feminism and gender issues, religious liberty, and criminal justice. Follow her on Twitter @kyleezempel.
Wisconsin Voting Saga Is A Case Study In Coronavirus Election Madness

If we can learn anything from Wisconsin about coronavirus and election panics, maybe it’s that it’s time to start thinking about November. 

Why Blame Communists For The Wuhan Virus When You Can Blame Christians?

We most certainly are living in coronavirus hell, but despite what leftists and the media say, Christians aren’t the ones who got us here.

After Impeaching Trump Over Ukraine, Nancy Pelosi Demands Quid Pro Quo Before Releasing Aid To Americans

Who would have expected that a month after the impeachment circus, we’d be staring into the face of another quid pro quo? This time from progressive icon Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi Ignores Bipartisan Wuhan Virus Relief Bill, Proposes 1,400 Pages Of Progressive Pipe Dreams

After spiking a bipartisan Senate bill aimed at relieving the millions of American’s affected by the Wuhan coronavirus Sunday, Nancy Pelosi sneaked non-related, radical Democratic wish-list items into her own COVID-19 bill overnight. 

What You Can Give To Elderly People Without Giving Them The Wuhan Virus

During this time of uncertainty, fear, and loneliness, here are things younger people can do to help elderly people and lift their spirits without infecting them.

Biden Tells Man Accusing Him Of Gun Grab He’s ‘Full Of Sh-t’ — But I’ll ‘Take Your AR-14s’

Former Vice President and 2020 contender Joe Biden got into a scuffle about guns with an an auto plant worker in Detroit during a Michigan campaign stop.

Toxic Femininity Created Bachelor Peter Weber, The Man-Child No Woman Needs

The feminist idea of toxic masculinity has confused men into thinking women want weak-willed, easily-swayed, emotion-driven men. We don’t.

MSNBC Math Fail: Bloomberg ‘Could Have Given Each American $1M’ With His $500M Ad Buys

If Williams or Gay had paused to grab a calculator, they would have realized Bloomberg’s half-billion-dollar ad spree would be enough to give every American only about $1.50. Where’s Andrew Yang when you need him?

Abortion Rallies Clash As Supreme Court Hears First Abortion Case With Kavanaugh, Gorsuch

Abortion advocates only talk about access, rally attendee Krista Corbello said, ‘And it’s like, are we preferring access over safety?’ Thanks to June Medical v. Russo, the Supreme Court is about to decide.

Media’s ‘Anything But Joe’ Panic Has Done Nothing But Make Them Look Stupid

As Super Tuesday results rolled in, one thing became abundantly clear: The media completely blew it yet again.

Pete Buttigieg Ends His 2020 Presidential Run, But Won’t Be Gone For Good

Pete is a 38-year-old, progressive and ambitious Obama wannabe. Let’s not pretend he’s really going anywhere.

Joe Biden Sweeps South Carolina In His First 2020 Primary Win

Following his notable underperformances in the early primary and caucus states, Joe Biden swept the South Carolina Democratic primary Saturday, a much-needed win leading up to Super Tuesday.

Billionaire Tom Steyer Drops Out Of Presidential Race

Tom Steyer announced he is dropping out of the 2020 presidential race Saturday night after South Carolina primary results indicated the billionaire would be leaving the state with zero delegates.

AG Barr: ‘Remarkably Monolithic Press’ Aids Progressives In Making Us All ‘25-Year-Olds Living In The Government’s Basement’

William Barr noted the press, having become less like objective journalists and more like political activists, maintains massive influence in directing public opinion to ‘mobilize a majority’ toward progressive goals.

Bernie Sanders Is Crazy, But The Only Democrat Candidate Voters Actually Like

Bernie Sanders, for all his flaws and eccentricities, is a genuine sympathetic leader, a quality the other serious contenders have yet to display.

After Nearly Dying At The Hand Of A ‘Bernie Bro,’ Steve Scalise Attests To Their Violence

Steve Scalise deftly shushed Minnesota AG Keith Ellison on Twitter Thursday over Ellison’s ignorant Tweet challenging the violent nature of Bernie Bros.

Pete Buttigieg Cites Religion To Defend Late-Term Abortion Of Disabled Children

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg doubled down on his support for late-term, partial-birth abortions during an episode of ABC’s ‘The View’ Thursday in a spar with conservative Meghan McCain. 

Watch Nancy Pelosi Dramatically Shred Trump’s State Of The Union Speech On National TV

While many in the House gallery applauded the president for his remarks, the cameras caught Pelosi standing behind him ripping the manuscript in two. 

Don’t Pretend The Shakira And J. Lo Super Bowl Sexcapade Was Surprising

I unfortunately expected to see a carnal halftime show. I didn’t expect to see viewers shocked that prime time television could include such a sexualized performance.

TikTok Reinstates Live Action After Backlash, Citing ‘Human Error’

TikTok, the popular social video platform, has reinstated Live Action’s account after banning the pro-life organization for violating TikTok’s community guidelines.