Kylee Zempel
Kylee Zempel
Kylee Zempel
Kylee Zempel is an assistant editor at The Federalist. She previously worked as the copy editor for the Washington Examiner magazine and as an editor and producer at National Geographic. She holds a B.S. in Communication Arts/Speech and an A.S. in Criminal Justice and writes on topics including feminism and gender issues, religious liberty, and criminal justice. Follow her on Twitter @kyleezempel.
‘We Are Messengers’ Band Takes A Swipe At The Media At The March For Life

“This is what matters: family and freedom,” said the Christian band’s frontman Darren Mulligan.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Attending The March For Life

So many people in one place can make navigating Washington confusing, especially with heightened security now that President Trump is appearing. Here’s everything you need to know about security, scheduling, transportation, and more.

Nearly 50 Years After Roe, 65% Of Americans Want A Candidate Who Supports Significant Abortion Restrictions

While today’s left and 2020 Democratic presidential candidates endlessly strive to out-progressive each other on abortion policy, a new poll reveals bipartisan support for abortion restrictions.

We’re All Ready For This Impeachment Schiff Show To Be Over

Just when you thought Adam Schiff had reached maximum sleaze, word breaks he likely mischaracterized evidence related to Trump’s impeachment trial.

The Green Bay Packers Are The Better Team, Even If Aaron Rodgers Isn’t The Better Man

While I’m delighted the Packers beat the Seahawks, watching Aaron Rodgers beat Russell Wilson — not so much. You hate to see it. 

Hannah Brown Is Everything Wrong With Feminism

Hannah Brown is free to make all the bad choices she wants, but a truly empowered woman would own the outcomes, not make others bear the consequences.

10 Non-Christmas Songs You Should Listen To This Christmas Week

While not traditionally Christmas songs, these melodies remind us why the incarnation of the Savior of the world was oh so glorious.

Pelosi Decision On Impeachment Process Reveals It Was A Sham All Along

Nancy Pelosi refused to commit to sending Trump’s articles of impeachment to the Senate, confirming House Democrats’ true intentions are far from ‘saving our democracy.’

Dave Rubin Launches Creator Hub ‘Locals’ To Counter Big Tech: ‘Small Is The New Big’

Nearly a year after leaving Patreon, Rubin says his new tech company Locals is the solution, taking power from online behemoths and placing it into the hands of individual creators.

Christian Trump Supporters Don’t Have A ‘Branding Problem,’ The Left Has A Lying Problem

Millennials and Gen Zers attributing their religious exodus to Trump is evidence of them being unwilling and unable to think critically about him. It’s not evidence of a Trump ‘branding problem.’

Why Pete Buttigieg Is The Most Destructive Candidate For Christianity

This multilingual mayor of South Bend checks all the boxes, including religion. And he is without a doubt the most dangerous 2020 candidate for the gospel.

Somebody Please Tell Elizabeth Warren: Taxes Aren’t Philanthropy

While this may come as a shock to Warren and the media, philanthropy filtered through her plans isn’t philanthropy at all — it’s a political power grab.

98 Percent Of Latinos Don’t Want To Be Called ‘Latinx’

Despite efforts by woke media and presidential candidates a new nationwide poll reveals Hispanics reject the made-up word “Latinx” with near unanimity.

Kanye Understands A Crucial Part Of The Gospel Other Celebrity ‘Christians’ Don’t: ‘It’s A Hard Road To Heaven’

The problem with so many Christ-claiming celebrities is that they don’t actually believe Jesus is King. It seems Kanye does.

ABC News Tries To Pass Off Video Of Kentucky Gun Range As ‘Slaughter In Syria’

A week after the announcement U.S. forces will move out of Northern Syria, ABC News aired footage it claimed shows ‘slaughter in Syria,’ which appears actually to be from a Kentucky gun range.

Joe Biden Finally Calls For Trump Impeachment Despite His Own Crooked Ukraine Record

Biden’s comments on Trump’s interest in his personal political demands are ironic, especially since Biden’s Ukraine record isn’t clean.

Using The Oxford Comma Is A Sign Of Grace And Clarity

Nathanael Blake argued here this week that the Oxford comma is a crutch for bad writing, and I must protest. All things considered, this punctuation mark may be more divisive than partisan politics.

What Happened When I Ran For My Life During An Active Shooter Call To Police

You know something’s terribly wrong when you go to a horror movie at the theater, and the terror of your real-life experience infinitely surpasses any of the frightening imagery on screen.

Beto O’Rourke Flip-Flops On AR-15s

During the third round of Democratic presidential debates, Beto O’Rourke said if he is elected president the government would ‘take your AR-15s.’ He said the opposite less than two years ago.

Like The Vast Majority Of American Women, Tulsi Gabbard Opposes Late-Term Abortion

During a conversation Sunday with Dave Rubin, 2020 Democratic presidential contender Tulsi Gabbard said she is opposed to third-trimester abortions.