Kylee Zempel
Kylee Zempel
Kylee Zempel

Kylee Zempel is an assistant editor at The Federalist. She previously worked as the copy editor for the Washington Examiner magazine and as an editor and producer at National Geographic. She holds a B.S. in Communication Arts/Speech and an A.S. in Criminal Justice and writes on topics including feminism and gender issues, religious liberty, and criminal justice. Follow her on Twitter @kyleezempel.

When The Left Refuses Service, They’re Preventing Violence. When The Right Denies Service, They’re Bigots

Leftists love discrimination when it means nuking dissenters out of their businesses and off their platforms — but they’ll gladly drag you to court if you politely decline to serve them.

Biden Doesn’t Understand Why 74 Million Americans Have No Interest In His Unity Facade

Unity would be great, but it most certainly isn’t possible if our solutions involve deep-seated malice toward our opponents.

Whether Kamala Harris Is A Plagiarist Or A Liar, Her ‘Fweedom’ Story Confirms She’s The Perfect Biden Sidekick

‘Fweedom’ is what Kamala Harris has been wanting since she was in a stroller, according to an account of the vice president-elect’s early childhood that should probably be filed under fiction — or maybe plagiarism.

How The Gretch Stole Christmas

Because the only way to be on the ‘Nice’ list this Christmas is to mask up and avoid your loved ones at all costs.

New Mental Health Survey Shows Conservatives Were Right: Church Is Essential

According to a new survey, mental health has tanked across the board during this year of mayhem, except for one group: those who regularly attend church.

Science Says I’m In The Back Of The COVID Vaccine Line, But Government And Corporations Will Force Me Through It

The same businesses that successfully coerced an entire populace into covering their faces for nearly any normal activity will be able to apply the same logic to vaccines.

I’ll Give Up Black Friday When You Pry It From My Cold, Bargain-Grabbing Hands

The fliers are still arriving in the mail and the festive doorbuster commercials are rolling, but Black Friday this year just isn’t the same.

On Thanksgiving, Democrats Demand The Ultimate Family Separation Policy

More than eight months after “15 days to flatten the curve,” so-called experts are bidding us avoid family at all costs this Thanksgiving, lest we die.

Even ‘The Bachelorette’ Proves Harvard Degrees Are Useless

‘The Bachelorette’ has a way of teaching us week after week what not to do. This week’s lesson? Don’t blow six figures on a Harvard education.

Washington Post Predictably Covers For Leftists Who Attacked Trump Supporters Waving Flags In DC

This sorry excuse for journalism is one of the reasons Trump was elected in the first place — and it’s the reason the more than 73 million Americans who voted for him a second term aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

To Democrats, ‘Unity’ Means Doing Everything They Want And Shutting Up About It

The worst thing for our country isn’t a Joe Biden presidency. It’s giving the leftist toddlers what they want.

Schumer: If Democrats Win The Senate Through Georgia Races, We Will ‘Change America’

‘Now we take Georgia, then we change the world,’ said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. ‘Now we take Georgia, then we change America.’

Memo To The Lincoln Project: Thanks So Much For Helping Republicans Win 

The insufferable grifters at the Lincoln Project have been doing their darndest throughout this election cycle to get Democrats elected, and the results are in: They failed miserably.

After A Summer Of Anarchy, Portland Is Up In Flames Again Following The Election

Unrest is breaking out in cities again, as two days after the election, ballots have yet to be counted, with several states too close to call and litigation in the works.

Twitter Is Censoring Sean Davis For Quoting PA’s Supreme Court Decision Allowing Post-Election Ballots

Big Tech is at it again, this time with Twitter censoring The Federalist’s co-founder Sean Davis. His offense? Quoting an official Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision. 

Atlantic ‘Editor’s Note’ Adds New Layers To The Magazine’s Unethical Journalism Standard

The Atlantic issued what it called an ‘Editor’s Note’ — a strange way to spin an admission that it published a ‘BS’ story and has a staggeringly low standard of ethics.

Theologian John Piper’s Case Against Trump Is Intellectually And Morally Bankrupt

Piper’s argument boils down to this: It’s crazy for Christians to think Trump’s sins are less serious than Biden’s policies. Here’s why he’s wrong.

Wisconsin’s Great Recession Recovery Shows The Path Forward After COVID-19: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

A new study shows a clear path forward as Americans stare another recession in the face thanks to COVID-19. The most important focus? Jobs, jobs, jobs.

FLASHBACK: Health Experts Predicted Up To 200,000 COVID Deaths In US ‘If We Do Things Almost Perfectly’

A look back at experts’ early predictions indicates the United States’ COVID-19 response has turned out to be close to the best-case scenario.

‘The Bachelorette’ Strip Dodgeball Shouldn’t Have Surprised Sexually Conservative Viewers

‘The Bachelorette’ got a little risqué Tuesday night, with a group date round of dodgeball digressing into a strip version of the game, and detractors aren’t happy about it.