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Merrick Garland’s ‘60 Minutes’ Interview Was Pure Political Propaganda

Merrick Garland on 60 Minutes
Image Credit60 Minutes/YouTube

It’s hard to take Attorney General Merrick Garland seriously when he says, with a straight face, ‘We do not have one rule for Republicans and another rule for Democrats.’


You probably recall around this time last year hearing the news about the pro-life Catholic father of seven whose home was raided at gunpoint by more than a dozen FBI agents for the crime of sidewalk counseling outside an abortion facility. You’ve definitely heard of the many prosecuted J6 demonstrators, more than 1,100 of whom have been charged with crimes. Some have been sentenced to 18-plus years in federal prison on terrorism charges. And while the name Douglass Mackey probably doesn’t mean anything to you, his crime of trying to be funny on the internet with a satirical Hillary meme in 2016, and his resulting sentence that could land him in jail for 10 years courtesy of Biden’s DOJ, might ring a bell.

All the while, pregnancy center firebombers roam free, as do Black Lives Matter vandals and arsonists, and Democrats can interfere in elections with impunity.

That’s why it’s hard to take Attorney General Merrick Garland seriously when he says, with a straight face, “We do not have one rule for Republicans and another rule for Democrats. We don’t have one rule for foes and another for friends. We don’t have one rule for the powerful and another for the powerless, for the rich or for the poor, or based on ethnicity. We have only one rule, and that rule is that we follow the facts and the law, and we reach the decisions required by the Constitution, and we protect civil liberties.”

That quote was just one snippet from a sitdown “60 Minutes” interview with host Scott Pelley that aired Sunday, the entirety of which was unbelievable propaganda, complete with fawning media framing, crocodile tears, and bald-faced lies from our country’s ostensible head law enforcer.

Merrick Garland, the Victim

To hear Pelley tell it, in the grand scheme of federal crime and punishment, Garland is the real victim. “Merrick Garland’s Justice Department is prosecuting both former President Trump and the son of President Biden,” began the CBS host, setting up a facade of DOJ fairness. “Caught in the middle is this 70-year-old former prosecutor and well-respected judge with a long history as a moderate.” Ah, yes, the elderly, apolitical gentleman is just caught in the middle between one former president whose corruption and classified documents he treats with kid gloves and cover-ups, and another former president on whose estate he personally authorized a raid over similar — but better-secured — documents.

Pelley continued: “In a rare interview, the attorney general told us that in the Trump and Biden trials ahead, his prosecutors will pursue justice without fear and without favor.” (Scout’s honor.)

But Pelley’s lapdoggery was only the beginning. Bringing up the Trump indictments, Pelley implored Garland to “help us understand the timing,” gently pointing out that the DOJ’s prosecution of the former president and 2024 GOP front-runner is happening during the presidential campaign and thus arguably at “the worst possible time.”

“Justice Department prosecutors are nonpartisan. They don’t allow partisan considerations to play any role in their determinations,” Garland insisted, stating that the DOJ has a practice of not indicting “within a month or so” of an election. Prosecutors simply gather evidence and present it as it comes to light, making charges as soon as they have all the facts buttoned up, he maintained.

“The investigation itself has determined the timing,” Pelley chimed in, lobbing a softball to Garland as if to clarify the attorney general’s answer. “Yes, exactly right,” Garland replied.

It’s hard to believe, though, for anyone who followed the deep state’s role in the Russia-collusion hoax, or the disparate treatment of various possessors of classified documents. Or for anyone who lived through the Hunter Biden laptop fiasco, a piece of evidence incredibly damning to Joe Biden which the FBI had reportedly secretly verified roughly a year before the 2020 presidential election — long before the DOJ’s “month or so” window. It’s no wonder nearly 4 in 5 Americans perceive a two-tiered system of justice in the country, despite Garland’s empty assurances, and why with each Trump indictment his polling seems to improve.

Friends with Benefits

Then the AG and his interviewer spent a few minutes trying to distance Biden’s Justice Department from Biden himself, engaging in a series of leading questions intended to demonstrate that Garland is in no way beholden to the wishes of his boss, the president of the United States. This back-and-forth culminated in a lighthearted clip of Biden quipping about how infrequently he sees his attorney general.

Here, the two also touched on David Weiss, the Delaware U.S. attorney whom Garland appointed as special counsel over the Hunter Biden investigation. CBS neglected to acknowledge the sweetheart deal Weiss had previously cut with the Biden son, which included a ploy to get broad immunity for Hunter and his dad via a sneaky pretrial diversion agreement. Nor did it mention the skulduggery from Garland and Weiss over whether Weiss really had “full authority” to charge Hunter Biden, complete with walkbacks and misleading Congress.

Instead, Pelley let Garland double — or rather, quadruple — down on his claim that the AG is not involved in Hunter Biden charging decisions and that the authority rests solely with Weiss. In the “60 Minutes” interview, there’s simply no journalism to be found.

Crocodile Tears

And then came the waterworks. “Political violence” and “democracy” got Garland all choked up, with Pelley mentioning multiple times that it’s because two of the AG’s ancestors were killed in the Holocaust. That’s ostensibly what’s motivating Garland’s fervor for mercilessly locking up Jan. 6 demonstrators (unless your name is Ray Epps). In fact, he says the DOJ is still looking for defendants to charge — because “democracy.” It’s curious why Garland didn’t see fit to go after left-wing demonstrators who threatened Supreme Court justices outside their homes. That political violence and those illegal attempts to sway the justices away from returning abortion to the democratic process didn’t matter to Garland’s DOJ until it escalated to a literal assassination plot to take out conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Yet Garland declares: “I represent the American people. I don’t represent the president, I represent the American people. And likewise, I am not Congress’s prosecutor. I work for the American people.”

Sort of reminds you of President “Unity” Biden, a commander-in-chief for all — unless you’re an ultra-MAGA Republican. Biden’s attorney general likewise works for the American people — unless you happened to be in D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021, work in a pregnancy center, protest outside abortion facilities, are a traditional Catholic, are a victim of left-wing violence, or are a conservative Supreme Court justice.

As for the attorney general’s greatest hope, it’s that “we can pass our democracy on in working order to the next generation that picks up the torch and is responsible when we’re finished to continue that job.”

Thanks to the law-crushing likes of Merrick Garland and the partisan press that aids and abets him, when they’re finished, that hope will be dead — if it isn’t already.

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