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Democrats Project Their Election Interference Onto The Supreme Court And Everyone Else

When the Supreme Court smacks down Democrats’ election interference, Democrats claim the courts are a threat to democracy.


The Supreme Court reined in Democrats’ democracy-destroying lawfare with a unanimous decision to restore Trump to Colorado’s ballot on Monday, rejecting Democrats’ arguments that states can weaponize the 14th Amendment to kick their opponents — who have never been tried for nor convicted of “insurrection” — off the ticket.

Democrats have responded by absurdly claiming courts are the ones engaging in “election interference.”

“This is another example among many that are playing out right now, of the Supreme Court playing a huge role in American elections, and it’s not necessarily the case that that’s a good thing for the Supreme Court,” said Russia hoaxer and Democrat mouthpiece Ken Dilanian on MSNBC. This is “going to be seen by many people as the court essentially interfering in some sense in the election, and so this is all sort of playing out here in terms of how we assess the Supreme Court and its legacy.”

Former Democrat Rep. Donna Edwards advanced the same narrative on the same network, going after the Supreme Court for being “right in the middle of an election.”

“Not since Bush v. Gore have we seen a court that’s had this many opportunities to interfere in the election,” Edwards said. “This campaign is going to come down to whether voters want to choose somebody who either is facing criminal conviction or is convicted of a crime, and whether or not they want to preserve democracy.”

The Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus blasted the court’s “complicity” in “boost[ing]” Trump. Meanwhile, a member of The New York Times editorial board explicitly called the whole ordeal “election interference” and said, “[T]he court is putting itself in the middle of politics.” Former CNN commentator Keith Olbermann’s brain worms got the better of him, leading him to write that the “corrupt and illegitimate” Supreme Court “betrayed democracy” and “must be dissolved.”

Here’s how it goes: Voters engaging in the democratic process prefer a candidate Democrats hate. So Democrats do everything in their power, including ignoring due process and the rule of law, to tarnish that candidate at best or remove him from the ballot at worst.

That candidate appeals Democrats’ unjust lawfare in court. The courts recognize the lawfare as such and smack it down. But then, according to Democrats, the courts are the ones engaging in election interference, the candidate is the threat to democracy, and the voters are rubes if they elect somebody who’s been convicted.

In Democrats’ telling, Democrats’ hands are clean.

It’s imperative to reject Democrats’ propaganda here and to identify their lies as political projection. It’s not just that they peddle fake news and spin up false framing, it’s that they accuse their opponents of precisely the same corruption they’re engaged in. They do it all the time.

Just look at another election-related lawfare attempt in Georgia. Since the 2020 election, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and her band of anti-Trump Democrats have been rabidly pursuing a conviction of the former president and some 18 other Republicans for allegedly conspiring to overturn the results.

Willis’s team has not only misconstrued a phone call between Trump’s team and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, she also possesses evidence that exonerates the legitimate electors she has mischaracterized as fake. As Willis’s case progressed, information emerged about a romantic relationship between the D.A. and Nathan Wade, a prosecutor she paid a handsome sum of money to take down Trump despite Wade’s apparent lack of qualifications.

So the defense fought back, seeking to disqualify Willis for her large alleged conflict of interest. And now it’s Republicans engaging in partisan legal games, according to Democrat media.

“Trump Team Makes Final Push to Get Fani Willis Tossed,” wrote The Daily Beast, citing an assistant district attorney who called the GOP arguments “absurd” and “ridiculous.”

The conflict-of-interest scandal “spun out of control,” Newsweek claimed, citing “legal analysts.” It “overshadowed” the case against Trump and the 18 other Republicans, the website lamented.

“The Fani Willis courtroom drama was a distraction from the real crime,” whined the headline of an MSNBC article. “Willis and Nathan Wade testified on their relationship, with Trump lawyers distracting from core issue: attempt to overthrow democracy,” spun The Guardian.

Democrats also don’t reserve their projection for election lawfare. Just a few days ago, columnists Tom Schaller and Paul Waldman appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to pitch their new book, White Rural Rage, which sets out to assign all kinds of malice anger to flyover Trump voters who have white skin.

These authors are Democrats. They represent a political party that discriminates based on skin color, peddles repeatedly debunked hoaxes, tries to ban opinions and candidates it doesn’t like, and lights cities on fire when it doesn’t get its way. Yet they smear Republicans as racist, violent, anti-democratic conspiracy theorists. Pure projection.

In the same way, Democrats have spent the past 50-plus years working to dramatically change America’s cultural landscape, via the sexual revolution, Roe v. Wade, and Obergefell, then blast Republicans for being obsessed with the “culture war” any time they defend traditional marriage, reject the idea of a “gender spectrum,” protect human life, and resist porn in schools and libraries.

Today’s hyperventilating over the Supreme Court is just more of the same. From Fulton County to New York City to Washington, it’s Democrats who are dragging courts at every level into election battles with their reckless lawfare. Their victims have every right to appeal.

But appeal or not, it doesn’t matter to Democrats. They’re looking at two sides of the same partisan coin. Successful lawfare, Democrats win. Political projection, you lose.

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