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Wisconsin Bird Group Teaches Fourth Graders All About The ‘Gender Fluid’ Wild Kingdom

The Southern Wisconsin Bird Alliance offers ‘LGBTQIAP+ in Nature,’ a class exploring animal sexuality and ‘gender fluidity.’ To fourth-graders. 


Well, everybody’s heard about the bird. The bird is, after all, the word. In this post-apocalyptic “diversity, equity, and inclusion” age, the gay bird, the trans bird, the bi-bird, is the word. Or bi-bi birdie, if you prefer. 

The Southern Wisconsin Bird Alliance, formerly known as Madison Audubon, offers “LGBTQIAP+ in Nature,” a class exploring the diverse range of sexuality and so-called gender fluidity in the animal kingdom. To fourth-graders. 

“We know that there is a beautifully wide range of ways that humans identify, and scientists have learned that there are many examples of plants and animals that are LGBTQIAP+ in nature, too!,” the alliance declares on its website. You can come out now, lavender. Your secret’s out. And ferns, the lesbians of plants, you’re not fooling anyone. 

“We created a lesson on this topic last year and recently shared with one of our fifth grade groups. It provided a great opportunity to build inclusive community within the classroom and led to thoughtful questions and discussion from the kids,” the environmental group gushes. 

Just in case you’re scoring along at home, the ever-expanding alphabet of depravity in human beings is now being foisted on unsuspecting flora and fauna.

Kids can learn all about fish “that change sex (sometimes repeatedly)” — without the help of child-mutilating doctors. They can catch up with “bisexual bonobos” (real swingers, those monkeys), or “gender fluid” hummingbirds.  

The lesson is open to grades four through eight, “with options for adjusting for elementary students through high school.” Do they save the pansexual pandas for the upperclassmen? 

Here’s what each class gets, according to the website: 

  • A google slides presentation to show kids with supporting notes for teachers. This can be used virtually or in-person. 
  • A document for printing only the images [Good Lord, what kind of primate porn are they pushing?]: useful for teaching without screens. 
  • Suggestions for discussion topics, creating research projects around this area, and nature journaling activities to follow the lesson. 

How about this for a discussion topic? Toucan Sam: We know he’s fruity, but is he gay? 

Or a possible journal entry: Dear Diary, Exit, stage left, even. I always suspected Snagglepuss might be gay. Now, thanks to LGBTQIAP+ in Nature I know.

The Southern Wisconsin Bird Alliance is taking this wild pride event directly to Madison-area educators so the deep DEI indoctrination may continue in arguably one of the most left-bending school districts in America. And, yes, taxpayers are picking up part of the tab.

Pride in the Pride?

“Pride Month is a time to celebrate the beautifully wide range of ways that humans identify. Did you know that many other animal and plant species are just as diverse?” An alliance Instagram post from last June declared. “This new set of lessons and activities explores the lives of a few of the many LGBTQIAP+ creatures that are part of our amazing world!”

Carolyn Byers, the Southern Wisconsin Bird Alliance’s director of eduction, shared the joys of the bestial sexual spectrum at the 2023 Madison Area Green and Healthy Schools Summit, sponsored by the Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education. The association is a “member-based, professional community of individuals and organizations with diverse backgrounds that promotes responsible environmental action, elevates voices for environmental justice, and celebrates excellence in environmental education,” according to its website. Nothing says excellence in environmental ed like a robust conversation about the trans birds and bees. 

Last year’s summit was held at Madison’s Wingra School and included a “Madison Teacher Panel Discussion” featuring several educators. The summit taught teachers about all kinds of wacky and wild stuff. The bird alliance’s Byers led a session on “Talking About Big Topics with Kids: Diversity in Nature Lessons Created by Madison Audubon for Your Classroom.” 

The bird alliance says that “the mainstream environmental movement has historically been led by and for white folks.” Summit attendees learned all about “how our educators are beginning to shift that by centering diverse communities in the lessons we teach and in the community we build with the students.”

“This session will also highlight lessons focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, and access that are available for free on our website like Bird Names for Birds, LGBTQIAP+ in Nature, and our Black Birder’s Week collection. (*new organizational name coming soon),” the session description states. 

Wisconsin conservative talk show host Dan O’Donnell posted the link to the Southern Wisconsin Bird Alliance’s kinky wild kingdom class with a photo of the instructor in action. The alliance did not take too kindly to O’Donnell’s share. 

“Unfortunately, sharing this post has attracted attention from people unfamiliar with or misinformed about our work, culture, values, and mission, who have made inaccurate and hateful comments,” the organization said in a response on the posted Facebook photo. There would be consequences, according to the group. 

“Because these commenters have not engaged in respectful conversations in good faith, in accordance with our community standards, we have had to remove them and turn commenting off,” the alliance scolded. 

“We stand with the LGBTQIAP+ community, who number among our staff, volunteers, and members. Hate and ignorance will not keep us from creating welcoming spaces for ALL bird enthusiasts and nature lovers,” the statement continued. “Our lessons are all based on documented natural phenomena that are well-studied by scientists and naturalists, and easy to find and learn about through reputable sources. We are proud to have lessons that show how humans fit into this already diverse world, and applaud educators who are making a space for ALL kids to learn and ask important questions, and for LGBTQIAP+ kids to feel safe and valued in the classroom.”

But do you need to push gender-bending fish and ape homoerotica to make ALL kids feel “safe and valued”? 

None of this should stun anybody who has the misfortune of living in Madison or who, like me, thanks his lucky stars daily for escaping Wisconsin’s insane asylum city. The same leftist community that brought us the Feminist Bird Club is now taking its identity politics to the wild kingdom. Marlin Perkins must be rolling in his grave. If he were still alive, well, he’d be nearly 120 years old, but I bet he’d also be begging Jim to shoot him full of elephant tranquilizer. 

Interposing nutty lessons on the sexuality and gender fluidity of plants and animals to 10-year-olds to inculcate the LGBT-plus-plus agenda is a new entry into public education deviancy in America. And taxpayers’ hard-earned money shouldn’t be paying for it. 

The inclusion scientists should know what we of a certain age learned from the old Chiffon margarine commercials: It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. 

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