Angela Morabito
Angela Morabito

Angela Morabito is a writer, strategist, and consultant in Washington, D.C. She appears on Fox News, Fox Business, and many radio shows across the country. Angela is a contributor to the Washington Examiner and was named to the Red Alert Politics “30 Under 30” list in 2016. Originally from Marietta, Georgia, she holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Georgetown University. Angela’s work covers issues of culture, politics, media, and ethics. Follow her on Twitter @AngelaLMorabito.

If 16-Year-Olds Want To Vote, They Should Have To Earn It

Top Democrats are seriously considering an attempt to lower the voting age to 16, but none has addressed any of the other responsibilities tied to that age.

The Celebrity College Admissions Scheme Hurt Good Kids The Most

Every spot taken by a cheater is a spot that is denied to someone who played by the rules and did the honest work.

Study Finds Voter ID Requirements Don’t Repress Minority Votes

The country can now take an obvious step to protect the integrity of our elections, knowing that enacting voter ID laws will not disenfranchise anyone.

The Border Fight Is About Which Party Gets To Ignore America’s Laws

It’s undemocratic for legislators to cherry-pick which laws they want to enforce when they have a legal obligation to secure the border.

In Midterms, Celebrity Endorsements Hurt The Candidates They Were Trying To Help

Voters in Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia chose the un-flashy Republicans over the celebrity-backed Democratic candidates in the 2018 midterms.