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America Is In Shambles Because Of Democrat Policies, Not Just Joe Biden

Joe Biden looking confused during 2024 debate
Image CreditCNN/YouTube

Don’t buy the spin. Swapping Biden out for a shiny new Democrat won’t save America.


CNN spent the hour after Thursday’s presidential debate in an emotional tailspin. But at the heart of their desperate “analysis” was speculation about whether the fumbling Biden should step down to let another Democrat jump in to carry the torch of “DEMOCRACY.” 

The jig is up. Here’s what disillusioned Democrats and independents and moderates need to know. What all the blue-state refugees who now live in Texas and Florida instead of California and New York City need to admit. What all the fed-up middle-class families and forgotten nonwhite voters in the suburbs need to remember: These aren’t just Joe Biden policies that are disastrous. They’re Democrat policies. 

Abortion. Economy. Crime. Immigration. Lawfare. Foreign policy. Health care. It doesn’t matter what pet issue has voters down in the dumps. Democrats are in lockstep on the losing side. And anywhere they aren’t in lockstep — like on whether Israel is a victim of terrorism or a group of oppressive “colonizers” — they tow the radical line.

You think a Democrat switcheroo is magically going to secure the border and end the unmitigated illegal alien crime wave? (And lest you’ve been captive to the corporate media spin, here are a few of many examples of such atrocities.) Not a chance. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, Biden’s expanded asylum, repeal of Remain in Mexico, outrage over shipping migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, support for ripping down border razor wire, and playing footsie with Mexican cartels are all fruits of the same poisonous tree: Democrats’ antipathy for the U.S. border. It’s delusional to think the governor of sanctuary-state California, for instance — a possible 2024 replacement — would be a workable substitute for Biden.

The same goes for Democrats’ abortion radicalism. Now, Donald Trump isn’t nearly as pro-life as I and many other conservatives and Christians are or would like him to be. But there’s absolutely no doubt he’s the moderate on the issue in 2024. After 50 years of unconstitutional Roe v. Wade supremacy, former president Trump nominated the Supreme Court justices that overturned the abominable precedent. He now advocates for about as moderate an abortion position as you can get: Leave it to the states. So California and Florida can enact opposite laws, and the other 48 can do everything in between.

Biden, meanwhile, can’t articulate his abortion position, other than saying “Roe” over and over. That’s because he, like all other Democrats in positions of power, supports a woman’s nonexistent “right” to kill her unborn child at any point up until birth for no other reason than that the idea of being pregnant makes her feel sad. As my colleague Jordan Boyd wrote, the majority of voters reject this, and, “In fact, most Republican, Democrat, and independent voters say they support protecting unborn babies beginning at 15 weeks.”

On and on it goes. The foreign policy, welfare, and subsidy and bailout spending that have helped drive up inflation over the past three-plus years are Democrat policies, not just Joe Biden policies. The soft-on-crime ideology, push for self-styled “progressive” district attorneys, and defund-the-police movement, among other perversions of justice, are again Democrat pet projects, not a Biden-unique quirk.

And our two-tiered system of justice — led by the deep state, rogue state prosecutors, and a leftist executive — wouldn’t stop just because Biden isn’t on the ticket. The same people who raided the homes of pro-lifers while seeking immunity for the Biden family; prosecuted one man for “classified documents” while letting other worse offenders go free; and made up novel legal theories and new statutes of limitations to gag, fine, and ultimately imprison their chief political opponent are beholden to a party, not just the sitting president.

So when the Democrat armchair class suddenly gets weepy about Biden’s decline, saying Democrats “‘HAVE A PROBLEM’ AFTER BIDEN’S DEBATE PERFORMANCE,” don’t buy the spin that a shiny new Democrat could bail America out.

It isn’t just Biden that’s ruined America. It’s his party.

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