A.D.P. Efferson
A.D.P. Efferson
Allysen Efferson
Mrs. Efferson has an M.S. in speech language pathology, and an M.S. in counseling psychology. She writes on mental health issues, and is a therapist in east Tennessee.
3 Steps For Building Resilience In A Crisis

For many, it’s emotionally difficult to find their bearings in the middle of the storm, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. But there is always hope.

Trump Is Right: Suicides Do Increase During Economic Hardship

The AP’s statement has no basis in reality. There is currently no body of research that demonstrates people are less likely to take their lives in time of economic hardship.

Biden’s Stutter Isn’t A Problem, But Banning People From Asking About It Is

By way of an explanation for his frequent gaffes and wild statements, Joe Biden has begun sharing his heartbreaking story about growing up with a stutter. Is that the real problem?

Euthanizing Mentally Ill People Just Lets Their Illness Win

The most recent tragedy was the euthanizing of Aurelia Brouwers, a 29-year-old female who claimed multiple mental illnesses and fought for eight years to be euthanized in the Netherlands.

New Research Confirms That Abortion Hurts Women

The largely ignored findings run completely afoul of today’s narrative about how abortion is a benign, safe procedure that represents the pinnacle of female empowerment.

Why Lewis Hamilton Should Not Apologize For Saying ‘Boys Don’t Wear Dresses’

The Internet needs Lewis Hamilton to stand up for what he really thinks, because the world needs diverse, free thinkers.

Therapists Who Reinforce Clients’ Trump Fears Are Hurting Them

The election of President Trump is not an excuse for mental health therapists to throw out their professional training and evidence-based research to collude with their patients.

Study: Most Americans Think They’re Better Than Everyone Else

Americans have a moral superiority problem. A central feature of moral superiority, also known as ‘self-enhancement,’ is irrational thinking.

4 Tips For Talking With Your Kids About Transgenderism

More and more parents are being put in the unwelcome position of having to discuss adult issues with young children, often without much guidance.

Patricia Heaton Is A Gracious Ambassador For Life

If we want to defend the dignity of human life, we need to show dignity. Patricia Heaton, star on ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ and ‘The Middle,’ demonstrates how.

3 Tips For Surviving Extreme Public Embarrassment

For most of us, recovering from extreme public embarrassment is an ugly, messy process that often requires more than a hardy laugh at one’s own expense.

4 Reasons Most Americans Are Wrong About Spanking

Most Americans think spanking is acceptable, but its negative effects outweigh its positive ones, even when it doesn’t constitute child abuse.

6 Upsides To Donald Trump’s Candidacy

Here is the Internet’s contribution to a positive outlook on the Trump versus Hillary election.

Does Pro-Abortion Rhetoric Harm Women?

The abortion industry uses coercive messaging to encourage conformity among women who have had abortions, and this is incredibly damaging to a woman’s recovery.

These Weird Parrots Show Why We Need Alpha Males

The Kakapo’s evolution is a cautionary tale, and one that the modern dating world would do well to hear.

Why Some People Commit Suicide Without Warning

While knowing the four features of maladaptive perfectionism is not a guarantee you’ll stop someone from suicide in time, it is a start.

The Psychology Behind The Trump Phenomenon

If so many Americans think Donald Trump is the cure, what do they think is the disease?

‘Aliens’ Is Really A War Movie

James Cameron took Ridley Scott’s perfect science fiction thriller and made it into a military action flick.

Some Ways To Cope With Grief During The Holidays

Last Christmas, many times I asked when the pain would end, sometimes through desperate, angry tears. Here are some things that helped me and may help you.

Why Good People Support Planned Parenthood

As genocide studies reveal, we are all capable of justifying and committing extreme evil under the right circumstances.