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A New York Times Writer Is Spreading Insane Anti-Government Lies

1619 Project

Pulitzer Prize winner Nikole Hannah-Jones is now peddling ridiculous conspiracy theories.


Nikole Hannah-Jones, a Pulitzer prize-winning author, lead writer of the 1619 Project, and it often seems the owner and operator of The New York Times, appears to have deleted her Twitter account after promoting an insane conspiracy theory on Sunday. “Read this,” Jones insisted as she quote tweeted an account alleging that the government is providing fireworks to black and brown teenagers in an effort to sow chaos.

According to the tweet thread endorsed by today’s leading intellectual journalist the “government,” not sure if that is state, local, or federal but somehow I’m sure it’s Trump’s fault, is handing out fireworks not just to make New York City appear more violent, but to deprive people of color of sleep to disorient them. The totality of the evidence provided for this bizarre claim is that the author of the tweet and his neighbors think it might be what’s happening. In fairness that is a better factual basis than much of what Hannah-Jones wrote in the 1619 Project.

The extent to which promoting this kind of anti-government conspiracy theory is dangerous and stupid cannot be overstated. The effort to discredit government authorities that save lives in New York City every day makes that job harder. Why would anyone who trusts Hannah-Jones ever think now that the same police (or maybe it’s firemen, or the CIA?) who are lying about giving kids fireworks should be trusted when needed?

But there is a deeper question here that must be grappled with. If a conservative, say a staff writer here at The Federalist, took to Twitter to claim with absolutely no evidence that Black Lives Matters was giving out fireworks in a false flag operation to make the NYPD look bad, that person would almost certainly be fired. Not only that, The Federalist itself would come under harsh attack with calls to deplatform the website.

The sad fact is that Nikole Hannah-Jones has been applauded by her employer, by the Pulitzer committee and by a bunch of women pretending to read “White Fragility” for their book club, for telling half-truths at best about the history of our nation. Now she has moved on to vile conspiracy theories about our present. Will there be any repercussions for this? Color me skeptical.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that the progressive left has no use for facts. In fact, facts are irrelevant to them. Truth is not measured by Hannah-Jones or The New York Times by what actually happens, but rather by whether it will lead to their goals of supposed social justice. Hannah-Jones knows that Mayor Bill de Blasio, or whoever, isn’t giving kids illegal fireworks, but it doesn’t matter. Her lie is for the cause and thus justified.

The cold, harsh fact, the one that almost got The Federalist defunded by Google after NBC News went to the manager, is that the news media is lying to us. They are doing it everyday, they know they are doing it, but they assume since they went to fancy schools we are too dumb to notice. Well, we noticed. The New York Times will continue its spectacular free fall into an anti-fact, anti-American screed zine, but at least we are seeing through the veil, through the lies, and know how little credence they should be given.