David Marcus
David Marcus
David Marcus
David Marcus is the Federalist's New York Correspondent. He is also the Artistic Director of Blue Box World, a Brooklyn based theater project. His plays have been seen on the stages of Galapagos Arts Space, D Lounge, and Theater Double Rep. A former member of the Bat Acting Company at the Flea Theater he has also performed at the Kennedy Center and Theater for the New City among many others. His work has appeared in National Review Online, The New York Times, City Journal, PJ Media, Liberty Island and the New York Theater Review. Follow him on Twitter, @BlueBoxDave.
Ocasio-Cortez Joins De Blasio In Call To Punish Asian Students

Progressives want to lower the standards of admission at New York’s top public high schools in the name of diversity. And they don’t care how many Asian students it harms.

Elizabeth Warren Underwhelms In CNN Town Hall

Warren jumped into the presidential race early and didn’t find much traction. Last night’s CNN town hall won’t help much.

How Each Of The Democratic Frontrunners Is Using Twitter So Far

Twitter has become one of the most powerful tools in American politics. So how are the leading Democrats contending to be president using it?

Yes, Beto Can Win The White House

Beto O’Rourke looks a lot more like recent Democrats who won the White House than any other candidates. Don’t underestimate him.

The Last Godfather Is Dead, And So Is The Myth And Magic Of The Mafia

The Colombo family boss Carmine “The Snake” Persico died last week. The last tie to the ‘Golden Age’ of the mafia is gone. And maybe so is the Italian mob’s stranglehold on the American imagination.

If Pelosi Believed Her Claims About Trump And Russia, She Would Impeach

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision not to impeach Donald Trump is the clearest indication possible that Democrats do not believe he colluded with Russia.

In Her First Town Hall, Tulsi Gabbard Came Off As A Leftist, Not a Centrist

Tulsi Gabbard answered questions at South by Southwest, and she sounds pretty much like every other progressive Democrat running for president.

Why The Next FDA Head Needs To Be Friendlier To Vaping

Scott Gottlieb is leaving the Food and Drug Administration. His successor needs the courage and determination to help millions of Americans stop smoking through less-harmful alternatives.

Omar and AOC Don’t Get To Get To Define Anti-Semitism

Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez need to stop telling Jews what is and isn’t anti-Semitic.

In The Age Of AOC, Sanders’ Launch Speech Almost Seems Moderate

Bernie Sanders opened his campaign in Brooklyn with a speech that sounded a lot like him in 2016, but what was then far-left is now in the center.

Unlike Trump, Trudeau Is In Real Trouble

Just three weeks after the scandal broke, a former member of the Canadian PM’s cabinet has testified that he tried to interfere in a criminal investigation.

Legalizing Prostitution Will Only Make Its Inherent Problems Worse

Legalizing prostitution is not a panacea that will result in healthy and happy ‘sex workers.’ Instead, it will make a societal ill much worse.

Ed Gillespie Gives A Master Class On How Republicans Should Discuss Racism

The former RNC chair and candidate for Virginia governor gave a master class on racism in America.

The Epidemic Of Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes In Brooklyn Is No Hoax

While the nation was focused on a hoaxed hate crime, Brooklyn’s Jews have been repeatedly and actually attacked. Are we not discussing it because most of the perpetrators are black?

The Jussie Smollett Incident Was Never Very Important

Hate crime or a hoax, the Jessie Smollett story says nothing about race in America and everything about a deeply flawed news media.

By Scuttling The Amazon Deal, AOC Just Opened Herself Up To A Primary Challenge

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez killed a deal to bring 25,000 jobs to New York City that was overwhelmingly popular, especially among minorities. Will she pay a price?

30 Years After The Fatwa, Salman Rushdie Lives But Free Speech Is In Danger

On this day in 1989, a fatwa ordering the murder of Salman Rushdie was announced. Are we closer or farther to the goal of free expression today?

Trump’s Executive Time On Twitter Is What Makes Him Successful

Critics complain that Trump spends too much time just sitting around tweeting and watching cable news. But Twitter and cable news are why he is president.

Why It’s A Good Thing Northam Survived The Revelations Of His Racist Past

The elites in politics and media were quick to judge Gov. Ralph Northam, But their condemnation did not bring him down.

In Ocasio-Cortez’s District, MS-13 Kills While She Calls To Disband ICE

Ocasio-Cortez’s deeply unserious call to abolish ICE invites more murder and crime in her own backyard while doing nothing to solve the problem.