David Marcus
David Marcus
David Marcus

David Marcus is the New York Correspondent for the Federalist where he has written since 2013. His work has also appeared in the New York Times, the New York Post, the New York Daily News, National Review Online, The Weekly Standard, and City Journal. David is the former Artistic Director of Blue Box World, a Brooklyn based theater project, and also a former president of the Bat acting company at the Flea Theater. He also was a participant in the 2018 National Security Seminar at the Army War College.
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Is Fortnite Live The Future Of Television?

The nature of entertainment and storytelling is changing our culture, but is it for better or worse?

The ‘Not My President’ Crowd Needs To Sit Down And Shut Up

For the left to demand now that we must accept the election and get behind the man Americans chose is such a sick and demented joke that it is hard to fathom.

How Diego Maradona Made Me A Soccer Fan

My love of the game is really my love Diego Maradona.

Andrew Cuomo Absolutely Deserves An Emmy Award

Cuomo is America’s greatest governor on television, and its worst in real life.

My Open Apology To Wajahat Ali On Behalf Of All Trump Voters

I know we disappointed you. I mean, what is the point of living in a free country if there are going to be dumb people who don’t want to submit to single-party rule?

New York Denying School To Children Is Child Abuse

A parent who refuses to provide a decent education for his children, who simply ignores the need, is guilty of child abuse; a government that does the same is no less guilty.

You Can Fire Morrissey, But You Will Never Break His Spirit

Music legend Morrissey was dropped by his label on Monday, but his loyal fans know that cannot stop him.

Refusing To Apply The Law To Violent Leftists Is Normalizing Political Violence

The sickness of political violence is growing in our society, and we do not seem to have the will to stop it.

Biden Must Denounce The Lincoln Project’s Dangerous, Targeted Harassment Of Lawyers

Condemnation of the Lincoln Project’s pathetic temper tantrum by Biden would go a long way to dissuading his own followers from supporting this harassment.

Media Lies About Pfizer Partnership With Trump Administration’s Operation Warp Speed

Reports that Pfizer’s new vaccine was not a part of Operation Warp Speed as simply a lie.

The Big Loser Of The 2020 Election Was CNN

After four years of being all anti-Trump all the time, what will the once-proud ‘news’ network do if Biden actually ascends to the presidency?

The U.S. Supreme Court Should Act On Pennsylvania’s Vote Count

Pennsylvania is counting votes in violation of the Constitution and it needs to stop.

If Biden Wins, What Will Republicans Be Looting On Election Night?

Brooks Brothers? Cabela’s? As anger at the prospect of a Biden presidency courses through conservative veins, what stores should we expect to be targeted?

This Has Been The Worst Election In American History

The presidential election of 2020 will go down as the worst America has ever had. It must never happen again.

Will Fear Or Hope Win The Chinese Virus Election?

Just how afraid Americans are afraid of the coronavirus will decide the election.

Like So Many Conservatives, The New York Post Has Come Around On Trump

The story of 2020 may be shaped by the conservatives who did not vote for Trump in 2016, but are now doing so enthusiastically.

Of Course New York City Is A Ghost Town

President Donald Trump was absolutely correct on Thursday night when he called New York City a “ghost town.”

Even If He Wins, Biden’s Email Scandal Is Not Going Away

If Joe Biden is elected president, the scrutiny of his email scandal will only intensify.

How Politics And Bureaucrats Killed A Campaign To Inform Americans About COVID

Political motivations destroyed a COVID public service campaign within HHS because it might have helped the reelection of Donald Trump.

White House Expert Scott Atlas Censored By Twitter

Twitter has capped off a week of censorship by silencing a top White House scientist.