David Marcus
David Marcus
David Marcus
David Marcus is the New York Correspondent for the Federalist where he has written since 2013. His work has also appeared in the New York Times, the New York Post, the New York Daily News, National Review Online, The Weekly Standard, and City Journal. David is the former Artistic Director of Blue Box World, a Brooklyn based theater project, and also a former president of the Bat acting company at the Flea Theater. He also was a participant in the 2018 National Security Seminar at the Army War College. [email protected]
Neither Antifa Nor The Alt-Right Matter Very Much

Too many in the people in the media make too big a deal out of Antifa and the Alt-Right. Neither is a significant force in American political life.

No, Amy Wax Is Not A White Supremacist For Wanting Immigrants Who Support American Norms

The left-wing outlet Vox’s defamation of a University of Pennsylvania economics professor is lazy and dangerous, and they should apologize.

We Work For Bernie, Here Are Our Demands

We, the workers of Sandernista International Local 101, demand fair and equal treatment from our employer, Bernie Sanders.

Blocking 9/11 Funds Is Why Nobody Likes Rand Paul

Blocking funds for 9/11 responders because of concerns of fiscal responsibility is the most Rand Paul thing ever, and he should stop.

Why Racism Is Now The Pornography Of Modern Discourse

The ‘I know it when I see it’ standard for pornography is now the standard for racism. It is wrongheaded and cannot stand.

Why Scarlett Johansson Is Mostly Right About Identity-Blind Casting

The ‘Avengers’ star is generally right that actors can and should play anyone, but sometimes that gets complicated.

Is Normalcy Donald Trump’s Second Act?

Donald Trump is enjoying some of his highest numbers ever. Is it because he is pivoting toward normalcy?

The AOC-Pelosi War Was Inevitable

For months now, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi have been gibing at each other. Now it is turning into all-out war, as it was always going to.

France Is The Latest Country To Authorize Killing People Who Aren’t Dying

In Europe, a disturbing trend of killing people who are not dying is taking hold. Let’s not let it happen again in America.

Vulgar Anti-Trump American Fans In France Is How You Get Trump

The U.S. women’s soccer team was the story America needed. But it’s 2019, so of course it’s all really about Donald Trump.

Justin Amash Has A Dangerous Third-Party Fantasy

Justin Amash announced his independence from the GOP yesterday. He would rather Democrats win than Trump succeed. Good riddance.

The Brooklyn Nets Are Now Kings Of NYC Hoops, And The Knicks Are Still Horrible

The Brooklyn Nets just signed Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, securing their place as the only watchable basketball team in New York City.

Antifa Is Mostly Made Up Of Privileged White Dudes

Many in the media treat Antifa as a diverse group of warriors against fascism and racism. This is an absolute fabrication.

Accusing Biden Of Racism Betrays The Term’s Flaccidity

Pretending that innocent remarks are racist to score political points is the worst way to fight racism.

Jerry Nadler Represents A District Gerrymandered To Capture White Voters

Let’s be real about gerrymandering: both parties use it, it’s the proper political process, and its detractors are mostly hypocrites.

Justice Democrats Poised For Another Queens Victory

In another low-turnout primary in Queens, Justice Democrats look to have pushed their progressive candidate for district attorney, Tiffany Caban, across the finish line.

AOC’s Opposition To Beds For Migrant Kids Is Callous And Cruel

To stick it to Donald Trump, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants kids to sleep without beds.

How I Dug Into My Favorite Poem When It Grew Into Real Life Around Me

One morning, I found I was living my favorite poem. It changed how I look at the poem, and how I experience the morning.

Justice Democrats Are The New Neocons, And Should Be Opposed The Same Way

Neocons had little popular constituency but great institutional power. Justice Democrats have little popular constituency but great cultural power. They will fall the same way.

Why Trump’s Cyber Attack On Iran Was The Right Move

Cyber attacks are the future of warfare. By launching one against Iran, Trump has increased the threat to Iran without plunging the United States into war.