David Marcus
David Marcus
David Marcus
David Marcus is the New York Correspondent for the Federalist where he has written since 2013. His work has also appeared in the New York Times, the New York Post, the New York Daily News, National Review Online, The Weekly Standard, and City Journal. David is the former Artistic Director of Blue Box World, a Brooklyn based theater project, and also a former president of the Bat acting company at the Flea Theater. He also was a participant in the 2018 National Security Seminar at the Army War College. [email protected]
We Cannot Destroy The Country For The Sake Of New York City

New York City is being ravaged by the Wuhan coronavirus, but the rest of the country is being destroyed by a generation of economic collapse.

In Isolation We Rediscover Our Dusty Bookshelves

In the dull boredom of quarantine, the bookshelf becomes much more than decor or storage.

How The Performing Arts Can Rise From The Virus Like A Phoenix

In the wake of the coronavirus, the performing arts have the chance to come back stronger than ever. Here’s how.

The Media’s Hatred Of Trump Is Endangering Lives

The news media’s disdain for Trump has always to reporting that is misleading, but during a pandemic it can also be deadly.

Obama’s Use Of Wuhan Flu To Push Politics On Twitter Is Shameful

Obama taking to twitter to to use the virus attack Donald Trump and promote his climate agenda is the last thing America needs.

Wuhan Virus Media Coverage Is Too Focused On New York City

New York City is the epicenter of the outbreak, but it is not the entire country.

Life In The Age Of Time Stood Still

In the miasma of the Chinese Virus, at least I have my cat.

Trump’s Approval Is Spiking, And The Left Can’t Stand It

President Trump has stepped up his game in response to the Chinese Virus. The American people see, and the leftist media can’t stand it.

Don’t Worry, New York City Will Beat The Chinese Virus

New York City isn’t easy, and the virus will learn that soon. Deadly though it may be, it cannot outhustle New Yorkers.

Bill De Blasio Cements His Disgraceful Legacy With Wuhan Virus Response

In a time when New York City needs a serious leader, Bill de Blasio has failed on all counts.

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ Is The Anthem Of The Chinese Virus

Am I going to infect other people? No. Am I going to spend hours listening to Morrissey and Nirvana and get nothing done? Yes.

The Media Lied About A Tragic Poisoning To Vilify Trump

Of course Trump didn’t tell people they should take a prescription drug without a doctors orders. He certainly didn’t tell anyone to DIY the drug using a fish tank product.

Trump And Cuomo Are Looking For A Path Back To Normalcy

Self-isolation and a zero non-essential workforce is not sustainable. Donald Trump and Andrew Cuomo understand this and are looking for solutions.

No, CNN, ‘Humanity’ Is Not Responsible For Wuhan Virus. China Is

The corporate news media is carrying communist China’s water by deflecting blame for the coronavirus,

The Shapeless Banality Of Quarantine Takes Place In New York City

It’s only been a week and already quarantine is getting pretty old.

A Majority Of Voters Approve Trump’s Handling Of Chinese Virus

After a bumpy few weeks the Trump administration has found a firm footing in its response to Chinese Virus.

Self-Loathing In The Age Of Virus

What do we do when the most dangerous thing in the world is ourselves?

Joe Biden Shines With No Debate Audience

Without his cheering section Bernie Sanders seemed lost and confused. Joe Biden, on the other hand, played perfectly to the camera.

Hey, De Blasio, Close The Freakin’ New York City Schools

Keeping New York City schools open in the face of coronavirus makes a mockery of social distancing. Close the schools.

I Work From Home. Here Are Some Tips To Make It Easier

Working from home is a massive lifestyle change, but there are things you can do to make it easier.