David Marcus
David Marcus
David Marcus
David Marcus is the Federalist's New York Correspondent. He is also the Artistic Director of Blue Box World, a Brooklyn based theater project. His plays have been seen on the stages of Galapagos Arts Space, D Lounge, and Theater Double Rep. A former member of the Bat Acting Company at the Flea Theater he has also performed at the Kennedy Center and Theater for the New City among many others. His work has appeared in National Review Online, The New York Times, City Journal, PJ Media, Liberty Island and the New York Theater Review. Follow him on Twitter, @BlueBoxDave.
The 6 Most Philly Moments Of The Eagles Playoff Run

The legendary sports fans of Philadelphia are having an epic run for the ages.

What Does It Mean To Be A ‘Trump Supporter’?

The Trump supporter has been handled, not with journalism, but with anthropology. That may change soon.

Democrats Threw Children’s Health Care Under The Bus

After all their talk about its importance, it was Democrats who left a 6-year funding package for CHIP on the table, not Republicans.

Why Anthony Scaramucci Deserves A Triumphant Return To The White House

When Anthony Scaramucci’s concerns about Steve Bannon turned out to be legitimate, it’s clear that the Mooch still has juice in the Trump White House.

Do Americans Still Believe In Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream?

The passage of time has made us wonder if Martin Luther King’s dream of a healed nation was maybe just that: a fantasy.

After James Franco, Entertainment Needs New Rules For Sex Scenes

To anyone who has worked in film or theater, these offers to perform in ‘bonus scenes’ raise some very dangerous red flags.

Is Trump Turning A Corner On Immigration With Feint At DACA Deal?

President Trump, who some suggest is mentally unfit, led the most substantial and important debate on immigration we have seen in a generation.

Here’s The Perfect Cast For ‘Fire And Fury: The Movie’

A film adaptation of Michael Wolff’s gossip book about the Trump administration, ‘Fire and Fury,’ is almost sure to follow, probably in 2020, just in time to influence the election.

To Understand Trump Talk, You Must Speak Outer Borough

President Trump spent almost all of his childhood in Queens, and still sounds like it. Even his accent and facial posture give this away.

Why Did The Washington Post Tweet A Debunked Hit Piece On Jesus?

If there is some news value in questioning the existence of Jesus in the Christmas season, why not at least run a new article that addresses the harsh criticisms of the original?

What Roberto Clemente’s Death Still Says To Us 45 Years Later

The dramatic and tragic end of Roberto Clemente’s career capped a story that is uniquely American and uniquely baseball.

It’s Not Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Fault White Liberals Have Anointed Him Their Prophet

Ta-Nehisi Coates has never been a policy wonk or a political organizer. He’s not a Marxist revolutionary like Cornel West. Coates is, more than anything else, a fine writer.

No, John Conyers’ ‘Retirement’ Does Not Absolve Democrats

Does Rep. John Conyers’ retirement give the Democratic Party moral high ground in the firestorm of sexual harassment charges? The answer must decidedly be no.

For Public Sanity’s Sake, It’s Time To Slow The News Cycle

Public opinion in the moments after news breaks is changing the very nature of coverage in ways that confirm biases more than they inform.

The Giants Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves For Benching Eli Manning

The Giants have beclowned themselves through a season reminiscent of a Wile E. Coyote cartoon. But to suggest this is Manning’s fault is the very height of absurdity.

Let’s Respond Generously To The Black Dad Who Worries About His Kids Befriending White Kids

Those of us of every race and political perspective must stop looking at everything written about race as an opportunity to call the other side the real racists.

Two Catholic Heavyweights Debate The Value And Limits Of The Free Market

At a time when many Catholics are troubled by the ideas of a next-generation pope with a Twitter account, these questions and arguments are of extraordinary importance.

‘The Meyerowitz Stories’ Illuminates New York And The Fragility Of Success

This is not the generic familial dysfunction of wealthy people with too much time and money on their hands. It is uniquely New York.

Weinstein Sex Scandal Dunks Celebrity Trump Critics In Shame

The same people who rightfully were shocked and alarmed at Donald Trump’s ‘grab the p-ssy’ comments knew full well this was de rigeur for men in power.

Why Are White People Culpable For Stephen Paddock But Not Arabs For Islamic Terrorism?

The argument is that American society is and always has been a terrorist white supremacist enterprise.