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When Finally Asked About Hunter, Joe Biden Retreats To Debunked Russian Disinformation Conspiracy Theory

Why is Joe Biden peddling a debunked conspiracy theory? Perhaps the truth is too painful.


Back in October, when The New York Post broke a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop and investigations into corruption involving a presidential candidate, a conspiracy theory was floated to explain it all. It had all the hallmarks, we were told, of Russian disinformation. Dozens of intelligence “experts” signed a letter saying so.

The world now knows that the Department of Justice is investigating the younger Biden, and that this was not Russian disinformation. But somebody needs to tell Joe Biden.

On Tuesday at a press conference, Biden was asked by Fox News’ Peter Doocy if he still believes the story is Russian disinformation now that his campaign has admitted the corruption investigation is real. After laughing for an odd moment, Biden replied, “Yes, yes, yes,” before chiding Doocy for asking him about it.

This is an astounding claim from Biden given that we now know that the DOJ has had a long and ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes. The investigation is serious enough that Attorney General William Barr kept it secret so it would not influence the election.

Over the past two months, Joe Biden himself has never disputed a single reported aspect of the story. So on what basis does he believe that this is all Russian disinformation?

Biden has grown accustomed to a media that won’t ask him hard questions, but he is about to appoint a new attorney general whose job is to oversee a department that is investigating his own son. If Biden really believes there is no legitimate case against his son, that this is all a plot by Vladimir Putin, then how can we trust him with that choice?

It would be one thing if he were saying he trusts his son but wants the legal procedures to play out. Instead, he is citing a debunked conspiracy theory.

The Biden transition team needs to clarify this right now. Is it the position of Biden that The New Post story (which social media giants widely censored) and the subsequent stories from other outlets are a disinformation campaign? If the answer is no, then they need to correct his misstatement.

If the answer is yes, then they need to show some evidence. Right now, it just looks like Biden is tossing around conspiracy theories to protect his family.