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Welcome To The United States Of Amazon

Big tech smartphone

Big Tech is taking over our country, and it might already be too late to stop them.


Michelle Obama has never been elected to any public office; neither have big tech companies. But that didn’t stop the former first lady from calling on social media platforms to permanently ban the sitting president of the United States, who received 74 million votes in the recent election. Amazon has never been elected to anything, yet it reaps the windfall of lockdowns in progressive states across the country as our small businesses die.

Cable providers have never been elected to anything, but now there is a call from an elected official and a competing network for cable and internet companies to ban conservative news outlets.

Right before our eyes, the greatest experiment in democracy the world has ever known is turning quickly into a big tech monopoly. These companies will decide what viewpoints may be expressed. These companies will decide what products can be sold and by whom. These companies will choose our leaders by silencing any politician who runs afoul of their worldview.

And what is their worldview? The best way to know is by what they ban and what they don’t. The freely elected president is not allowed to tweet, but the Communist Chinese government is, and they are. Here’s what passes muster in Silicon Valley without flags, without warnings, without so much as a Wuhan bat of an eye.

For those who don’t know, and many don’t because much of our media is beholden to Red China, this vile tweet is referring to forced sterilization and forced abortions for Muslim Uighur women, many of whose husbands, sons, and brothers are literally in concentration camps. Big tech is probably fine with this horrible brutality, but when a handful of lunatics storm a Capitol that was barely defended, we must suddenly rethink hundreds of years of our nation’s dedication to free speech.

What is telling, what we must pay close attention to, is that big tech is silencing conservative American voices for the very same reason that China is sterilizing Muslim women. It is to quell extremism, to stop insurrection. Let’s be completely clear about something: When the alt-right loonies, aided by a smattering of Antifa, briefly took the Capitol, the government was in absolutely no peril of being toppled by a coup. To suggest it was is absurd nonsense.

The D.C. rioters were never within a million miles of being able to affect changes that will alter your lives or our government. Big tech on the other hand is already there. In the name of stomping out extremism, these mega-corporations will use every tool in their quiver to expel politicians and political speech they deem “dangerous.” But notice something else: The politicians and political ideas that big tech seeks to cancel also just happen to be the ones that threaten their growing monopoly over our commerce, our speech, and our government. What a happy coincidence for them.

The current situation is bad, but to consider the possibilities of where all of this might lead is to consider the end of a United States with freedom and liberty. Does anyone doubt that many in power and most in big tech wouldn’t force us to be tracked to apps to prevent, oh, I don’t know, the transmission of a virus? Does anyone doubt they would happily censor speech that contributes to the “public health crisis” of racism or climate change?

Do you really feel that far from the Chinese model of social credit, where your good or bad actions dictate how free you are or where you may travel? It wouldn’t violate the Constitution at all as far as progressives and weak-willed conservatives are concerned. These are private businesses; they can do whatever they want. Under their corporate authoritarian vision of the future, an airline could ban you for a social media post, and a bank could deny you service because you broke curfew.

Proponents of the tech giants argue that other companies could simply fill the void if Americans don’t like what the tech corporations are doing. But can they? What if the tech giants simply buy up all the competition? What if lockdowns continue to destroy independent businesses? What if the only thing left at the end of the day is you in your hovel, staring at a screen while machines whir and deliver you sustenance.

Ask yourself who benefits from stifling free speech, from destroying small business, from tracking the movements of Americans. It all points in one very obvious direction. Welcome to the United States of Amazon. All of your needs will be met; you won’t even have to leave the house. Just play by the rules, and it will all be over before you know it.