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WATCH: Angela Stanton-King’s Pro-Life Instagram: ‘No Way I Will Ever Support Any Party That Believes In Aborting Our Future’

Angela Stanton-King posted a personal statement against abortion to Instagram, arguing she could never support the Democratic Party.


Activist Angela Stanton-King posted a personal statement against abortion to Instagram on Monday, arguing she could never support the Democratic Party because of its stance on life. Stanton-King is the founder of the American King Foundation, which focuses on “criminal justice reform, re-entry, and reuniting American Families throughout the United States of America that have been affected by the laws of mass incarceration,” according to its website. She’s also an outspoken supporter of President Trump.

Stanton-King began the 15-minute Instagram Live video posted Monday morning by contemplating why “all the hate I get comes from my people because I believe in supporting Trump.” She then pivoted to address abortion. Here’s a transcript from that portion of her remarks: 

Let me tell you something, and then I gotta get ready to start my day. I don’t care what nobody says, I will never support abortion. My mother has given birth to five children. I know that it is a baby. I know that child is going to have a life that is totally separate from me. You could have a baby today and die tomorrow, that child still have his own life and still have to live and grow without you.

There is no way that I will ever support any party that believes in aborting our future, because here is my thing: We will not live forever. I will not live forever. We have to pass the torch. We have to continue to live, we have to continue to grow. How many Martin Luther King Jrs have we aborted? How many Obamas have we aborted? How many doctors, how many peacemakers? Once that life is being created, right, once that life has been created, it’s only one way to end it. There’s no way anybody can ever convince me that a party that wants to pay for me to abort my future is for me? No, because my children are my future. Right? 

I had a baby at 15. That baby is a lawyer, she is doing her thing. She is somebody that God put in my life to help me, you understand, not hurt me. We don’t know what our children are gonna grow up to be. So I’ll never do that.

The rest of the video—which was captioned, “The DEMOCRATIC Party has DESTROYED the #BlackCommunity“—made the case against liberal policies that foster dependence on government programs. Stanton-King drew heavily from her experience re-entering the workforce as a convicted felon.

So I’m out. You telling me I can’t get government assistance because I’m a convicted felon. I don’t have any support. So guess what I do? I get up off my a-s and I start my own business. And no it wasn’t hard. I didn’t have to go back to school. I didn’t have to get an education, although I have. What I did was I found out what my God-given gift was, what God has given me, and I built myself up off of that. 

The full video is available to watch here.


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The DEMOCRATIC Party has DESTROYED the #BlackCommunity Don’t watch this if you’re easily triggered. #Politics #America #Facts

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Susanna Hoffman contributed to this report.