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The Women’s Strike Embodied Feminist Phallacies That Set Us All Back


It’s been a long few months of unhinged insanity ever since the chosen glass-ceiling-breaker forgot to campaign in the Midwest. “Saturday Night Live” had a funeral and cultish song dedication to Barack Obama. Brawny paper towels have declared that strength has no gender, women and odd male hangers-on have knitted pink hats shaped like their own genitals, and a new odd phrase that captures all this forward-looking behavior has been coined: The Future is Female.

So feminists declare a destructive goal for the future of humanity and we aren’t supposed to believe that feminism harms women? Women are human, after all, and their future is tied to their counterpart’s success. This is a pretty odd declaration for folks who vote for the party of “science.” At an extreme, they are either calling for a future where humans will reproduce asexually or saying men must be second-class citizens because revenge is more important than progress. Make Humans Amoebas Again is an odd clarion call for a movement, and Make Men Not Matter strikes one as unachievable.

Setting aside the insanity of such goals, step two in this plan to usher in a new era of female has been a strike. When women just don’t go to work they are likely to widen any wage gap, as it provides another opportunity for those who do work that day to outshine those who didn’t. The luxury of not working is for a particular class of women who aren’t doing so badly in the United States.

The previous March for Women effort oddly ended up with women aggregating around a rather large phallus symbol. Ironically there’s a message in there that the movement keeps missing. Men will benefit from the poor strategy and tactics that feminists keep using.

Instead of empowering women, feminism has handicapped them. The efforts of self-proclaimed feminists lack long-term strategy and don’t support a solid case for female leadership.

Why Modern Feminism Makes Life Harder for Women

Between the knitted vagina hats, the strange obsession with their periods, and the inability to take responsibility for being an adult, feminists’ latest efforts aren’t moving them closer to breaking the glass ceiling. When faced with what it means to lead, instead of showing up, they organize a strike.

Meanwhile, men have been operating on advice like Thomas Edison offered: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Here’s Woody Allen’s note: “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” A day without women’s work is just another day someone else is working to get ahead of you. Women who need to work can’t simply take a day off for a political statement, yet their wealthy female compatriots will preach this as salient advice for those who haven’t secured success yet.

So feminism continues to preach ideas that not only counter proven strategies for success, they impart this fallacy to those who have not yet achieved success. There’s no hand up here. If anything, they are pushing new female entrants further from achieving success with such poor advice. This harms women’s growth and provides a huge advantage for men. Men aren’t steeping themselves in empowerment messages. Men keep getting the same message that has been effective for centuries: Hard work matters.

Empowerment Is Cheap; Real Work Is Hard

Consider the effect of telling young women and those who are struggling that their hard work will never be recognized. They’ll never be paid fairly nor heard, nor be president because of the all-pervasive invisible fog of sexism in this country. Does that make one want to work harder or to shrug and give up?

That message beguiles many women into believing they have no accountability for their own future. Feminist propaganda steals women’s agency with a message that provides a handy straw man for their failures. Instead of picking themselves up and learning from their failures, they may take the easy route and blame others. This weakens women’s ability to grow from failure and countermands the consistent feedback from CEO’s and industry leaders, who note recognizing and owning one’s failures is critical for success.

Feminism, instead of describing how hard work pays off, pushes a more seductive message that presumes success without effort. Telling little girls they can be whatever they want to be, the future is female, and the world is out to get them is all pretty confusing advice. Little girls don’t organically wander around the United States fearful that they can’t be somebody one day. Their first inkling of doubt probably occurs after the adult cacophony beats these messages into their heads.

Telling them Hillary lost because she was a victim of bullying by a mean man isn’t truthful, either. Hillary lost because she failed to do the work, just like Mitt Romney did in 2012. Feminism today is a cheap way to try to buy your way in without doing the work.

So as many wallow on A Day Without Women and watch movies remade with female leads, their pink knitted caps snugly secured to their heads to keep out the bad thoughts, perhaps they consider whether to buy these new, empowering female scientist Lego figures, because what children can’t see they can’t do.

Women did not ask for one raise this week, but who cares since tampons will be tax-free and with that change women can curl up with their extra-large package of Brawny towels and know now they are someone because a paper towel company said so.

Feminism is having a paper towel company finally recognize the unpaid labor women do. You’ve come a long way to end up being a baby instead of a fully realized adult. As long as feminism insists on defining women as victims, there will be no progress. Meanwhile, men will keep their heads down and keep delivering, and women will wonder why they keep getting left behind.