Amy Otto
Amy Otto

Amy Otto’s work has also been published at Townhall, Pocket Full of Liberty, and the UK site The Conservative Woman. She has co-hosted The Wrap and Splintered Caucus, weekly podcasts that covered culture and politics. Follow her on Twitter, @AmyOtto8.

Yes, You Can Still Watch ‘Roseanne’ And Enjoy Kanye’s Music Even If You Dislike Their Politics

Suddenly progressive writers are churning out articles about how they cannot find a way forward to listen to Kanye or watch Rosanne’s show despite being fans.

By Booking A Porn-Maker To Get At Trump, Jimmy Kimmel Degrades America

Jimmy Kimmel’s interview will not make the point that we should all expect better of the president, or hold up fidelity as an expected norm in marriage.

Where Moms On The Right And Left Can Meet In The Sexual Harassment Conversation

That mother on the other side of the aisle is as afraid as you are for our daughters. Her solutions may seem ridiculous or alien, but they are a starting point to build trust.

Lena Dunham Uses Planned Parenthood To Make People Forget Her Crazy Dog Story

After offending fans who balked at Lena Dunham giving up her shelter dog, she runs to support an organization that treats life as disposable.

Sorry, Feminists, ‘Girlboss’ Epitomizes How Capitalism Empowers Women

Sophia Marlowe’s passion for building her business and brand are when the Netflix show is at its best and, despite contrary reviews, the most feminist.

The Women’s Strike Embodied Feminist Phallacies That Set Us All Back

Today’s feminism will harm the next generation of women and put men at a unique advantage.

Cosmo Objects To Maternity Leave For Women Because Men Don’t Get It

Please tell me again why Cosmopolitan magazine is allowed to pretend it’s feminist when its writers insist men need benefits that only make sense to apply to women.

Liberals Shout Down The Opposition Because Otherwise They’ll Lose

The only way to keep bad ideas dominant is to prevent people from introducing any alternatives.

Yes, Men Really Did Greater Things When Boobs Were Harder To See

Ancient art elevates a woman’s body as something worth years of effort to pursue, while pornified bodies commodify human beings as pixels to callously flip through and discard.

Even Her Supporters Know Hillary Clinton Is The Terminator

Every pitch made for Hillary ends up being oddly reminiscent of the Terminator: ‘It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.’

The Media Keeps Airbrushing Democrats Like Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s departure from the DNC is as superficial as a photo shoot. She’s moving on to work for Hillary Clinton, which is pretty much what she was doing already.

Men Did Greater Things When It Was Harder To See Boobs

To make America great again we may need to make seeing boobs rare again.

Left-Wing Feminists Need To Do Better Than Donald Trump Knickers

The Telegraph has reported a surge in popularity of period panties that feature Donald Trump’s face right snug up against a popular lady feature.

Why Drafting Women Would Be A Big Mistake

Republican candidates who want women to register for the military draft need to get a head check.

Olivia Pope’s Abortion On ‘Scandal’ Wasn’t Brave

Anyone can recite the abortion industry’s talking points, as Shonda Rhimes did with the winter finale of ‘Scandal.’ She should try more complex and compelling themes.

Ladies: Take Jeremy Renner’s Equal Pay Advice

Jeremy Renner is the one treating Jennifer Lawrence equally by expecting her to not need his help to negotiate great movie deals.

We All Know What Unions Don’t: They’re History

President Obama’s Worker’s Voice Summit focused on archaic employment ideas instead of the innovations that are creating and improving jobs.

Republican Field Coalesces In Second Debate

In Wednesday’s debate, the candidates began both uniting around tax and immigration policies and opening fissures between them that will influence the final primary vote.

6 Hits And Misses From This Year’s Miss America Pageant

Why do contestants need to answer political questions for a beauty pageant? Miss America doesn’t know, either.

Whistleblower Raises More Questions About Planned Parenthood

A former StemExpress tech who dissected dead babies for sale opens up further about what happened in Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics.