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The Media Keeps Airbrushing Democrats Like Debbie Wasserman Schultz


Pride comes before the fall, and for Debbie Wasserman Schultz that moment was last week when she gleefully taunted Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

Five days later, the Democratic National Committee chairwoman was booed roundly by her own party after being forced to resign when a pack of leaked emails indicated she and other DNC officials had tipped the scales for Hillary Clinton’s primary opponent, Bernie Sanders.

Who could blame her for that long streak of unearned arrogance, when the media has been doing her heavy lifting for years? Wasserman Schultz has hardly been a congenial face for the DNC or a particularly popular one. Let’s rewind to 2012 to see how Vogue packaged her for general consumption.

That woman in the photos bears little resemblance to DWS, but Vogue wasn’t just airbrushing her photos. They were doing what the entire media has been doing: packaging a whole image that simply does not hold up once you look closely. This woman worked to disenfranchise large swaths of progressive voters at the behest of Hillary Clinton.

Wasserman Schultz is no hero to women. When faced with evidence of her own culpability, her first instincts were to find a staffer to blame. She further had the audacity to say, when meeting boos while speaking to the delegation from her home state to the Democratic convention: “We know that the voices in this room that are standing up and being disruptive, we know that is not the Florida we know.” The room responded with “Shame, Shame, Shame,” and the Cersei Lannister of the DNC departed quickly.

Her removal from her DNC position is as superficial as the Vogue photo shoot. She’s moving on to work directly for Hillary Clinton, which is pretty much what she was doing before she made it official. This story will fall off the front pages before Hillary steps on the stage at the convention, especially given that the airbrushing works both ways, with reporters giving their articles to the DNC to approve pre-publication.

Wasserman Schultz wasn’t the only one to catch the ire of Democratic delegates. Sanders came out mid-afternoon to tell his fans that the revolution was over, and was booed whenever he mentioned Hillary’s name. Elizabeth Warren came out and gave a rambling speech that was interrupted by chants of “We trusted you” and “Goldman Sachs,” despite administering her standard bromides against people who make money and how the system is rigged.

One realizes that all these speeches are a variant of “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.” Elizabeth Warren is what happens when Jan Brady grows up.

Regardless, the media remains fascinated with Warren, despite a retread of her last lackluster performance at the convention. There is almost zero interest in ever reporting how she bent the rules at Harvard University by leveraging its affirmative action policy to get hired. Nor do reporters push back even gently on any of her nonsensical statements that describe America as such a horrible and crooked place. There’s not one comment about how the dark country both Warren and Sanders describe contrasts so sharply with Michelle Obama’s “right now, this country is great.” The lack of curiosity over this is the living embodiment of shruggy guy: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

The media isn’t interested in reporting on those deep differences. Nor can they find bipartisan common ground. One week ago, folks at the Republican convention chanted “Lock her up” in reaction to Hillary’s name, and the collective pearl-clutching gasp of the media was almost too much to bear. Fast-forward five days, and the same thing happens but this time it’s Democrats chanting “Lock her up ,” so now it’s free speech.

This might have something to do with Hillary being implicated as “extremely careless” about protecting classified information and the strange idea that she should be held to the same standard as anyone else in that situation. Despite the shadow this latest Hillary scandal casts on her trustworthiness and ability to put the nation’s best interests above her own, by Thursday evening the press will have coronated her as a candidate on the cusp of making history.

You won’t see the media share Hillary preparing with the Teleprompters like they did here.

There will be no strange new respect for Ivanka Trump despite her pandering on a key issue for them—women’s pay and family leave. The message on the Left is “don’t be fooled by Ivanka,” despite her very clear and public statement at the convention for some of their favorite policies. This is never about getting agreements, it’s about winning.

CBS already was starting to “move on” by the end of the night Monday by papering over a strikingly divided convention floor. CBS News’ Scott Pelley was succinct: “Bernie Sanders heals the breach.” That was his analysis after Sanders’ speech to the convention Monday, after a raucous first day filled with restive supporters of the Vermont senator and the controversy over leaked emails from the DNC. The pundit class largely echoed Pelley’s words. ABC’s David Muir and CNN’s John King both said they noticed more cheers and fewer boos than Sanders drew when talking about Hillary Clinton earlier in the day.

“As a Hillary guy, I could not have asked for more from Bernie Sanders,” said CNN’s Paul Begala. His colleague Van Jones called it a “really, really incredible act of leadership.”

One expects by Thursday the media will have airbrushed away the discord from earlier in the week and present a fully unified media front behind Hillary. Meanwhile, the real unrest lies just beneath the surface, waiting for its next cult leader.