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Left-Wing Feminists Need To Do Better Than Donald Trump Knickers

The Telegraph has reported a surge in popularity of period panties that feature Donald Trump’s face right snug up against a popular lady feature.


In a form of protest to Donald Trump’s often rude comments about women, such as this about Fox News’ Megyn Kelly: “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her… wherever,” the company Bloody Marys is offering underwear that features Trump’s face where the blood lands.

Now, Trump’s comments are a bipartisan offense, but the Etsy creator of the period panties is donating $3 from each pair sold to Planned Parenthood, and offers a variety of mean baby-loving Republican faces you can have decorate your underwear. You can choose your “Blood Dumpster” from a drop-down menu.


While grotesque and infantile, I can’t see how this is a way to hurt Trump or any man in particular. Men often enjoy being infantile and grotesque. Tell a man that you are selling underwear where his face is snuggled right up to lady’s “wherever” and, well, he’s not going to be offended. Tell Trump that and he’ll take it as a badge of honor and probably start touting the sales of said product in his one-hour sit downs with Sean Hannity. One only assumes they aren’t made in China.

The Left Loves Excretions, I Guess

This is just more of the Left’s bizarre obsession with bodily waste that seems so oddly prominent this election. Between the “tampon tax”—which is clearly the major lever holding women back from vast wealth—and the previously insidious $9 copay on birth-control pills, the Left is going to put a whole 15 bucks back in your pocket each month. Equality, here we come!

Perhaps it’s a sign of our nation’s fabulous prosperity that we finally have the leisure time to consider our excrement in excruciating detail.

Combine that with multistate offensive on the horrors of gendered bathrooms, which are keeping this nation from being free or compassionate or something. Wrap it up with a favorite form of protest: the use of feces and urine to support abortions on demand in Texas. Simple conclusion? The Left has a serious excretion obsession. Perhaps it’s a sign of our nation’s fabulous prosperity that we finally have the leisure time to consider our excrement in excruciating detail. If so, one hopes more adversity comes our way just so our discourse may become more civil.

The second feature of this form of protest shows what baffles angry feminists the most. Men. They don’t understand them at all. Men aren’t going to be upset that you put their face on underwear; they aren’t going to hear a word you say if you decide to protest passionately about equal pay while topless. They aren’t going to take you seriously if you think you need the government to get you a raise.

Don’t Left-wing Feminists Have Anything Better to Do?

Even less grotesque but equally oblivious are efforts like actress Emma Watson going to the United Nations to deliver a “game-changing “speech on feminism. These are ridiculous when held to scrutiny. The UN is one of the larger perpetrators of violating women’s rights, with ridiculous acts like naming Iran to a council on women’s rights. Iran leads the world in female executions and recently ordered the hanging a 26-year-old rape victim.

UN peacekeepers also use their clout to commit acts like this:

UN peacekeepers shot dead a 16-year old boy and his father and raped a 12-year-old girl in Central African RepublicAmnesty International has alleged. The claims will intensify pressure on the beleaguered UN mission in CAR, already under scrutiny over its recent handling of allegations of child sexual abuse by French soldiers and its own peacekeepers.

The 12-year-old girl had been hiding in a bathroom during a house search in a Muslim enclave of the capital, Bangui, on 2 August, she told Amnesty. A man allegedly wearing the blue helmet and vest of the UN peacekeeping forces took her outside and raped her behind a truck. She said that he dragged her out of the room, and slapped her when she started to cry. ‘When I cried, he slapped me hard and put his hand over my mouth,’ the girl was quoted as saying by Amnesty.

Or the UN suspending this whistleblower:

A senior United Nations aid worker has been suspended for disclosing to prosecutors an internal report on the sexual abuse of children by French peacekeeping troops in the Central African Republic.

Sources close to the case said Anders Kompass passed the document to the French authorities because of the UN’s failure to take action to stop the abuse. The report documented the sexual exploitation of children as young as nine by French troops stationed in the country as part of international peacekeeping efforts.

This quote from watchdog Paula Donovan is especially damning considering the UN is the lefty go-to for pontificating about rights: “The UN’s instinctive response to sexual violence in its ranks – ignore, deny, cover up, dissemble – must be subjected to a truly independent commission of inquiry with total access, top to bottom, and full subpoena power.” This is the same organization that just days ago condemned only one country for violating women’s rights. Of course, it was Israel.

Whether it’s the low of period panties, excrement-laden protests, tampon taxes, or pontificating while oblivious of the UN’s lack of credibility, left-wing feminists aren’t really moving the ball forward. In fact, they may be setting women back.