Saritha Prabhu
Saritha Prabhu

Saritha Prabhu is a freelance writer.

Elites Screwed Up Iraq, Russiagate, And Much More. How Can We Trust Their Coronavirus Management?

Virus management is about power and control, the two things the elite always want and therefore don’t want to relinquish even when the virus recedes.

Why Democrats Shouldn’t Keep Taking Minority Voters For Granted

It is insulting for the left to think black and brown voters will always vote en masse for the Democratic Party.

Why I Love Bernie But Wouldn’t Vote For Him In 2020

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ about-turn on illegal immigration is his Achilles heel, plus some of his followers scare the wits out of me.

Being A Brown Immigrant Gives You No Pass For Racism Against Trump Supporters

As a long-time legal immigrant, I don’t agree with the view that the country is filled with racism and white nationalism, or that open borders is the answer to past sins.

10 Reasons I Like Donald Trump, From A Female, Former-Democrat Immigrant

Donald Trump is the perfect president to counter the D.C. swamp and the foreign policy blob.

How The Left’s Immense Cultural Power Affects Politics

Much of our current divisiveness and polarization stems from the imbalance between the left’s media power and the right’s political power.

Will Democrats Cook Up Another Russia Hoax For The 2020 Election?

The left tried to explain away their humiliating 2016 election loss using the illegitimate excuse of Russian meddling. What will they blame a 2020 loss on?

President Trump’s Concern For Foreign Casualties From An Iran Strike Demonstrated Strength And Empathy

When was the last time you heard a U.S. president express hesitancy and moral qualms about the loss of innocent lives through our military interventions? Probably never.

Why It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins Democrats’ 2020 Primary

What the heck happens after this much-ballyhooed 2020 election? Will there be any compromise, will anything get done? We know the answer to that.

Donald Trump’s Biggest Crime Was Winning The 2016 Election

For the crime of winning the 2016 election, the elites have pinned all manner of crimes on Trump, hoping something will stick.

Why ‘Canceling’ Trump Officials Is Creepily Repressive And Hypocritical

Progressive groups want ‘corporate America to blacklist senior people in the Trump administration.’ By this standard, a long list of American leaders will have to be ‘canceled’ too.

I’m A Liberal, And I’ve Learned A Ton From Watching Tucker Carlson’s Show

Carlson’s comments made a decade ago are certainly offensive, but his is an important voice and his show ought to continue.

How My Meat-Loving Son Changed My Mind About Becoming Vegan

Now I believe people should limit meat and dairy consumption for ethical reasons. My son was right––we have a moral imperative to reduce animal suffering.

I’m An Immigrant, And Trump Represents My Views On Immigration Way Better Than Democrats Do

I am an immigrant and erstwhile Democrat who finds herself thinking that the Trump administration officials are increasingly the adults in the room on immigration policies.

Chuck Todd Can’t See It’s The Media’s Fault Americans Don’t Trust Them

Chuck Todd’s recent article in The Atlantic was an insult to the intelligence of those of us who are ordinary voters and avid media consumers.

How Spygate Is Turning Democrats Like Me Against Our Party

I was a long-time Democrat who ‘walked away’ from the party because I couldn’t stomach the Democrats’ anti-democratic antics. Post-2017, it is like the mask has been ripped off.

I’m A Democrat, And The Left’s Russia Gaslighting Scares Me More Than Trump Does

My fellow Democrats are increasingly becoming the kind of low-information voters they despise and think are only on the other side.

I’m A Liberal, And I Agree With Sean Hannity That American Journalism Is Dead

The 2016 election opened my eyes to this ‘Truman Show’-like media universe we’ve all been inhabiting.