Adam Mill
Adam Mill is a pen name. He works in Kansas City, Missouri as an attorney specializing in labor and employment and public administration law. Adam graduated from the University of Kansas and has been admitted to practice in Kansas and Missouri. Adam has contributed to The Federalist, American Greatness, and The Daily Caller. Adam's greatest pride is his 12-year-old son, who shares a love of deep political discussion and hiking in the alpine as often as possible. Adam believes that individual liberty is both the means of obtaining and purpose of collective greatness. Adam may be reached at [email protected] He is not accepting new clients or consulting arrangements.
Judge Emmet Sullivan’s ‘Bullet Fee’ Persecution Of Michael Flynn Is An Abomination

It’s a technique pioneered by the Soviets: one last pound of flesh extracted from the victim’s family as further punishment for ‘forcing’ the state to oppress the victim.

Why Everyone Should Cheer That Roger Stone’s Corrupt Prosecutors Resigned

The prosecutors who attempted to deceive the court and their DOJ superiors all resigned in a huff. Let’s hope the door hit each of them in the backside as they stormed out.

Why Trump Was Absolutely Right To Boot Alex Vindman

President Trump directed the transfer of both Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his twin brother Yevgeny Vindman from the National Security Council.

Impeachment Opened With Primal Screams, And Died With A Whimper

The Get-Trump forces have deflated. Like a primal scream ending in soft whimpers, the impeachment charade has been a bust.

3 Kinds Of Women Democrats Refuse To Believe Exist

Sometimes, the mere existence of a live human can be the best evidence that a widely held belief is based on a lie.

FBI Director Wray’s FISA Abuse Response Flips Justice The Bird

Wray is expecting us to believe that FBI agents lied to a court because they didn’t have the right form. A normal court would consider his response an act of defiance towards its constitutional authority.

If The FBI’s Contempt For The Law Is Not Reined In, Its Abuses Will Get Worse

The former CIA and FBI director’s article is a symptom of how the establishment media has become the propaganda arm of an increasingly robust U.S. authoritarian movement.

Democrats’ Impeachment Is A Political Kamikaze Attack

Impeachment feels a lot like a political kamikaze attack on President Trump. It may hurt him, but it’s going to be worse for Democrats.

5 Assumptions That Lead To Garbage Conclusions In Schiff’s Impeachment Report

Rep. Adam Schiff’s 300-page Trump-Ukraine impeachment report is what you would expect after two weeks of hearsay and opinion testimony: unsupported conclusions based upon faulty assumptions.

In 2008, Democrats Argued Against Impeaching A Republican Near An Election Year

Should the Democrats pull the trigger to impeach the president? In 2008, several leading Democrats told their colleagues to get over their impeachment obsession and allow voters to pick new leadership.

IG Report Shows FBI Has Lost Control Of Its Source Network

The scale of the FBI program to pay informants is troubling and jaw-dropping. $42 million a year likely represents tens of thousands of criminals being paid to act as sources for the FBI.

In Their Own Words, Democrats Explain Why This Impeachment Is A Farce

The House impeachment effort is bureaucracy versus democracy in the Democrats’ brazen attempt to protect the ‘independence’ of the deep state.

Bureaucrats’ Hurt Feelings On Foreign Policy Don’t Justify Impeachment

Privileged bureaucrats are so high on their self-righteousness that they actually think they’re protecting the Constitution by obstructing the foreign policy of the elected president.

Democrats Retreat From Subpoenas To Schedule Impeachment Vote

So Democrats are now abandoning any effort to seek court enforcement of past subpoenas issued under Rep. Adam Schiff’s Ukraine charade?

Democrats Are Embarrassed By Schiff’s Impeachment Tactics, And They Should Be

The sneaky, one-sided Schiff procedures conspicuously advertise this project for what it is: just another naked power play to get Trump.

New FISA Court Opinion Reveals More Illegal FBI Spying On Americans

Near-absolute power has corrupted the U.S. intelligence community so it now threatens our freedoms and ability to hold elections without interference from leaking and spying bureaucrats.

6 Ways The Salem Witch Trials Were Fairer Than Democrats’ Impeachment Inquiry

Witches in 1692 knew exactly what law they stood accused of violating because New England witch hunters respected due process more than Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi do.

How The House Plans To Use Its ‘Inquiry’ To Instigate Impeachment

Democrats want to force the president into defying a court order upholding a House document request in order to justify a full-blown impeachment proceeding.

If Vaping Is Banned, Millions Of Americans Will Needlessly Die

The media is trumping up a fake national health crisis, but the only thing vaping poses an existential threat to is the tobacco industry’s business model.

Why Criminals Looking To Victimize Women Love Gun Control

Should women be permitted to protect their own bodies? Or should they be forced to passively endure an attack until an authorized protector from the government can ride to their rescue?