Kristan Hawkins

Kristan Hawkins is president of Students for Life of America.

‘My Body, My Choice’ Was Always A Lie, And Injection Mandates Prove It

The raw abuse of authority shows that the actual agenda is often ‘my choice, your compliance,’ whether the issue is abortion, COVID-19, or anything else.

The Left Won’t Tell Women That Abortion Can Cost Them Their Future Family

Fully informed consent of any abortion event, whether surgical or chemical, should include the long-term implications for women’s health and fertility.

Judges: Ignoring The Constitution On Abortion Since 1973

The faulty legal foundation of Roe must be confronted, one case at a time, one judicial appointment at a time — which is why elections are so crucial.

Coronavirus Reveals Ugly Truths About Health Care Rationing

In a medical emergency, doctors make tough calls, but this crisis has uncovered problems with rationing policies: Economic considerations are often replacing the goal of life-affirming care.

Isabella Chow Stood Up For Christianity At UC-Berkeley, And Met An Onslaught

For refusing to support a transgender statement, Isabella Chow has been attacked, threatened, and disaffiliated from the campus organization she was representing as a senator, with nearly no opportunity to respond.

Cecile Richards ‘Made Trouble,’ Alright: For Millions Of Babies, Their Mothers, And Our Humanity

While she masqueraded as an advocate for a health-care provider, Cecile Richards’ Planned Parenthood model made abortion non-negotiable to its deadly business. That came at a cost.

California Moves To Force Public Universities To Administer Abortion Pills

The state legislature is moving on an aggressive attempt to reconfigure student health centers from places of healing to abortion franchises.

Left Using Illegal Immigrant To Push U.S.-Sponsored Abortions For Non-Citizens

At issue is whether the United States will expand its mission to ending the lives of preborn infants for all those who travel here illegally.

Democrats’ Rabid Abortion Stance Is Endangering Their Appeal To Millennials

Thanks to the abortion industry, leading Democrats have a complete lack of awareness about American support for basic abortion restrictions and even what Democrat voters believe.

To Its Long List Of Lies, Planned Parenthood Adds ‘We’re Nonpartisan’

Planned Parenthood campaigned hard for Hillary Clinton. It’s now clear why, as Republicans investigate federal funding for the abortion giant and alleged atrocities.

Democrats Should Put Some Blame For Their Electoral Losses On Planned Parenthood

If the 2016 election cycle isn’t enough of a wake-up call, the Democratic Party will soon learn from young adults, many of whom are appalled by the extremism of the abortion industry.

Abortion Leader: Pro-Lifers Think Women Are Too Hormonal To Make Decisions

It is unfathomable to think pro-lifers somehow blame hormones and the resulting choice to have an abortion on why the country is divided on this issue.