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To Its Long List Of Lies, Planned Parenthood Adds ‘We’re Nonpartisan’

Planned Parenthood campaigned hard for Hillary Clinton. It’s now clear why, as Republicans investigate federal funding for the abortion giant and alleged atrocities.


If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, did it make a noise? If the nation’s largest abortion vendor bragged about spending more than $30 million to elect Hillary Clinton then failed, would they get to describe themselves as “nonpartisan”? In the world their president, Cecile Richards, lives in, that answer is absolutely yes.

Richards has had a tough couple of years. After all, her organization was exposed for illegally selling the body parts of babies they aborted, caught repeatedly lying about providing mammograms (they don’t), exposed for having abortion quotas and providing substantially less prenatal care than they advertise, and losing millions during the 2016 election when they made history by endorsing a candidate during the primary.

Planned Parenthood was exceptionally excited about Clinton. The abortion giant was tripping over themselves to prop up her ticket. Richards wrote several commentaries about how wonderful Clinton would be for women’s health and what a strong voting record running mate Tim Kaine had in support of Planned Parenthood. A glitzy Planned Parenthood event was where Mrs. Clinton gave her first speech once her nomination was secured. At it, Richards proudly proclaimed that “This isn’t just about electing the first woman president, it’s about electing this woman president.”

They also spent a nonpartisan 99 percent of their political donations on Democrats during this time.

But Wait, There’s More

That was only the beginning. Rolling Stone came out with an article in the fall, whose headline screamed “Inside Planned Parenthood’s $30 Million Ground War to Stop Trump-Pence,” on the massive ground game Planned Parenthood was assembling for Clinton.

Richards seemed to be well on her way to achieving her stated goal of turning Planned Parenthood into “the largest kick-butt political organization,” as she told the New York Times in 2008. A fawning Washington Post story in October 2016 declared that Richards had achieved her goal: “One thing, though, is indisputable: her success at creating a powerful political juggernaut.”

Then Election Day happened, and instead of Richards taking selfies with President Hillary Clinton in the White House, it was leaders of pro-life organizations being invited to the Oval Office. Ouch.

Now Planned Parenthood is facing down a Vice President Mike Pence, who was trying to defund them before it was cool, back when he was a member of Congress. They are looking at the possibility of criminal investigations by the U.S. Department of Justice under Jeff Sessions and repeal of forced abortifacient insurance coverage by Secretary Tom Price at the Department of Health and Human Services.

So what do they do? Employ their public relations team in overdrive, which has apparently come up with the brilliant idea of saying that Planned Parenthood is a nonpartisan organization and that women’s health care is not political.

But Abortion Is Partisan

Women’s health care isn’t political in the strict sense of actual women’s heath, not the code name for “abortion” Planned Parenthood uses when they talk about “women’s health.” Abortion is not health care, and Americans are clearly opposed to tax dollars being used to fund abortion.

Lefty women’s magazine Cosmopolitan got on board the non-political train as well, stating that “Abortion patients are not trying to make a political statement by entering a clinic.” No one goes to a doctor to make a political statement, and hopefully women are not thinking of having an abortion for political reasons.

Teen Vogue didn’t get the Planned Parenthood memo. They recently came up with a horrible story for gift ideas for a friend who had an abortion. It’s an overtly political list, suggesting a coloring book of the liberal, activist Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an F-U-terus pin (with proceeds going to Planned Parenthood, of course), signup to be an abortion escort, and a “we won’t go back” needlepoint. Not one mention of post-abortion healing services.

Planned Parenthood is not nonpartisan. They are political because they are the nation’s largest abortion vendor, and, as they have repeatedly proven, they will fight tooth and nail for every dollar they can scam out of taxpayers. That ends this year.