Amy Drake
Amy Drake
Amy Drake

Amy Drake is a former reporter and political speechwriter. She now works primarily as a stay-at-home mom in Indiana.

Another Reason Schools Can’t Force Masks On Kids: Their Rights To Free Speech

Students who consider the mask political commentary have the right not to wear one, because political speech on public school grounds is considered protected.

Indiana Lawmakers Must Protect College Students From De Facto Vaccine Passports

What should be clear to all is that a just society should never penalize those who are unwilling to undergo medical procedures.

Indiana County Takes National Lead In Pushing Back Against Vaccine Passports

With the Biden administration a lost cause and Indiana passing only limited vaccine protection measures, St. Joseph County citizens were wise to take matters into their own hands.

How COVID Bailouts Are Bribing Red States To Do Joe Biden’s Bidding

Money has a way of making us lose focus. It’s great at first, but then you realize what you’ve lost by taking it.

For Fake News, Look No Further Than The Newspaper On Your Front Porch

Fake news is not limited to CNN and the New York Times, and censorship isn’t just on Facebook and Twitter. What is happening in the big cities has filtered down to the towns in the cornfields, too.