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Democrats Should Put Some Blame For Their Electoral Losses On Planned Parenthood

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Not too long ago, the abortion industry noticed their identity as “pro-choicers” wasn’t conveying their position accurately or resonating with younger people. So they sought to change the messaging on abortion, pushing out radical feminists like Katha Pollitt, who declared abortion was a social good.

Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, opened up about her abortion in a major women’s magazine. Abortion advocates attempted to remove the stigma of abortion. In essence, they all dug in their spiked heels even deeper. In the 2016 election cycle, they threw everything they had behind their pantsuit-loving, history-making Democratic nominee. And it didn’t end well for them.

Richards campaigned for Hillary Clinton, joked about coordinating outfits on Twitter, and fangirled the nominee for months on end. Illyse Hogue, the president of NARAL and who has been rumored to be seeking the Democratic National Committee chairmanship, got a prime speaking slot at the Democratic convention over the summer and shouted her own abortion—a first for any speaker at a national convention—which drew cheers and applause.

Democrats Eject Pro-Life Americans from Their Party

The Democratic Party then passed its most extreme platform in history on abortion, calling for the end of the Hyde Amendment, which prevents taxpayer funding from paying directly for abortions, more funding for Planned Parenthood, and for abortion to remain legal throughout all nine months for any reason whatsoever.

There was no mention of trying to help women facing unplanned pregnancies or fixing our broken national and international adoption system. It was abortion all the time, for any reason, and paid for by taxpayers.

The bond between the Democratic Party and the abortion industry has been tight. Planned Parenthood spent at least $30 million on the election and, according to Open Secrets, none of this money went to Republicans.

The message is now clear: There is no room for pro-lifers in the Democratic Party. And what a shame that is. Democrats believe in many worthy policies that are meant to care for humanity, but if someone is not pro-abortion, they are being told they have no place in that party.

There were once a dozen or so pro-life Democrats in the House of Representatives, but when they sold out their votes on Obamacare in 2009, giving House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the votes she needed to pass the bill, all but one of these representatives were defeated the next election cycle.

The Republican platform is an anti-abortion one, but it’s not unheard of to have pro-choice Republicans hold office. Just look at the U.S. Senate or at the Republican National Committee or in any statehouse. Being pro-life is a core position of the Republican Party, but it’s possible to still be accepted into the GOP while not holding those views. Good luck with that for pro-life Democrats, which are nearly extinct.

Your Party Is Too Extreme for Most Voters

As the Democratic Party reviews their historic losses this cycle, they need to take a hard look at Richards and her buddies in the abortion lobby. They pushed and pushed abortion to the masses, becoming more and more radical as the cycle went on, ending with Hillary Clinton’s refusal in the last presidential debate to decry late-term abortion, something that is vastly unpopular with the American public.

The Institute for Pro-Life Advancement poll on millennials and abortion over the summer found that the positions Clinton and the DNC take on abortion are so extreme and radical that only 17 percent of millennials agreed with them that abortion should be legal at any time for any reason.

If the 2016 election cycle isn’t enough of a wake-up call, the Democratic Party will soon learn their lesson from young adults, many of whom are appalled by the extremism of the abortion industry. More than half of millennials, in the same IPA poll, said abortion should be illegal in all or most circumstances. The exceptions of rape, incest, and the life of the mother constitute the “most circumstances” language.

Planned Parenthood boasts of having 200 groups on college campuses, while Students for Life of America has more than 1,040 groups on college, high school, medical, and law campuses.

On Election Day, Google Trends reported that the term “abortion” was the most-searched for all day. And look what happened. The candidate that embodied the most extreme agenda on abortion in history is now busy looking at cupcake recipes instead of whom to appoint as the next Supreme Court justice.

If the Democrats want to die a slow death, they will allow themselves to be contaminated by Richards and her own radical agenda. If they want to expand, bring in new people, and create a party that accepts those who hold anti-abortion views, they need to cut Planned Parenthood loose, severing ties to an industry that betrays women, sells their babies for profit, and corrupts the entire political process. It’s a simple choice. What is it going to be, Democrats?