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Defending Abortion Of Zika Babies Proves Trevor Noah’s A Coward


Trevor Noah is showing his stupid again by wishing “a giant mosquito would f–k [Marco] Rubio and leave him pregnant with a Zika baby” after the senator said women infected with the Zika virus shouldn’t abort their babies.

Noah lashed out on “The Daily Show,” saying, “It’s not just mosquitoes that suck,” it’s politicians who get involved in a woman’s right to choose. “I don’t understand how any man thinks that he has the right to dictate to women what they should do with their body,” he said. “Men know nothing about what it’s like to be a woman. So why do men always get to make laws about women’s health issues?”

First of all, Noah’s right: mosquitoes aren’t the only thing that suck. His show sucks, and he sucks. His jokes are lame, unoriginal, and downright stupid. This is just one more example. He compares men telling women not to get an abortion to black people telling white people not to wear sunscreen, which is kinda funny but not in the way Noah thinks—and that only makes him look more stupid.

Men Do Have a Vested Interest in Babies

“Imagine if black people were the only ones who could decide whether white people are allowed to use sunscreen,” Noah said. “People would be like, ‘What do black people even know about getting sunburnt?’ Black people like, ‘No, yo, yo, I hear what you sayin’ b., I hear what you sayin’. All I know is, I’m pro-melanin.”

He’s trying to make the point that men and women are so different that one can’t tell the other what to do with their own bodies, yet he fails to see that regarding babies’ bodies, men do have a right to speak (and pass laws).

The baby inside the woman—a separate, yet dependent, entity from the mother—is equally part of the man and the woman. The man has just as much of a vested interest in that child as the woman. After all, without him, there would be no baby. It’s the baby’s body that is at issue here, not the mother’s, and the father shares that child with the mother. (Since Noah might not have studied genetics at any point in his life, this might help explain how human life begins.)

Ironically, his comparison to blacks and sunscreen actually supports this general point of commonality. The fact is black people do wear sunscreen (30 percent of them), and all black people need it no matter the shade of their skin. Black, white, it doesn’t matter—we all need protection because skin can be damaged and, yes, black people get cancer too. In fact, blacks are more likely to die of melanoma than whites. “Yo, b. I hear what you’re sayin’. On second thought maybe I am pro-sunscreen!”

Of course, all that might just be too complex for someone like Noah, who is more concerned about pushing a liberal agenda than making good jokes rooted in truth (which are the best kind). But because he puts his ideology first, he fails as a comedian and comes across as a blabbering buffoon.

Real Men Don’t Support Abortion

This is particularly evident when he talks about abortion and shows himself as merely a typical wimpified pro-choice beta male. His faux-chivalrous defense of women and their bodies is nauseating. I want to vomit every time I hear some pansy man who sold his balls to the feminist movement whine about respecting a woman’s right to choose death over life.

“It’s a woman’s body, and I respect women,” they bleat repeatedly like emasculated sheep. Sure you do, buddy. You’re a shining testimony of male strength by knocking up women then removing yourself from any responsibility and saying a woman should get an abortion if she wants. Very convenient for you.

A real man makes a stand to protect both women and children—and, yes, abortion is not good for women; in fact, it’s more dangerous than childbirth. So a wimp who says he’s all for a woman’s right to choose an abortion doesn’t care about women at all. He just wants to remain safely neutral as she puts her life at risk for something in which he was intimately involved.

A real man commits to loving and caring for a child, even if that child comes into this world with a birth defect. Too many men today are all about having sex, but when it comes to the hard work of raising children, they’re MIA. Involve a child who has special needs, and he’s out the door faster than Planned Parenthood can hide profits from selling baby parts.

One of the most common arguments for abortion is “we don’t want to bring more children into the world where they have no one to care for them, and they’ll be raised in poverty” (as if poverty is worse than death). Well, that problem would be erased quickly if the men who impregnated the women in the first place acted like real men and took care of the women they had sex with and the children created from that union. It’s not like the woman magically got pregnant on her own. (And shut up, little miss feminist, who’s screeching right now, “I don’t need a man!” Sure you do, honey. You certainly needed a man when you wanted to have sex. So like it or not, he’s involved.)

Cowards Run from Their Choices

The point being, it’s not Virgin Marys going to get abortions. Men are part of this process, part of the decision-making, and part of the solution if only they stand up and be reliable men who provide for their children.

“But it’s about CHOICE!” the yellow-bellied pro-abortionists wail. They’re so right. It is about choice. That choice was made when a guy and a girl decided to have sex (even if they used birth control, which is never 100 percent). So, yeah, it is about choice, but a coward runs from the responsibilities that are inextricably bound to that choice.

A real man, on the other hand, sacrifices his own needs to care for the child he helped to create when he and the woman made the CHOICE to have sex. When they made that CHOICE, they both became responsible for any consequence of that CHOICE. That consequence is human life. Small. Dependent. Vulnerable. But still life.

A responsible, good man protects that life, even if that means sacrificing his own. That’s what real men do. That’s what pro-life men do. Pro-choice men are cowards. They screw anything with two legs without taking responsibility for their actions and then imagine themselves noble when they let the woman take on the burden of aborting her child.

These sensitive soft males with their manhood stuffed under their mommy’s pillow haven’t a clue of what nobility, strength, and respect really look like. If they want to show women respect, they need to start by being someone worthy of respect. They need to be men who do the hard work of taking responsibility for their own actions and caring for the life they have brought into this world and for the women they have used for their own gratification.

If these pro-choice cravens can’t do that, they’ll continue to prove they’re the real misogynist pigs in this world, not men who stand for life.