D.C. McAllister
D.C. McAllister
D.C. McAllister

Denise C. McAllister is a cultural and political commentator based in Charlotte, NC. She is a pro-life speaker, advocating for the rights of the unborn, and coauthor of the New York Times bestseller “Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump.”

House Democrats’ ‘Anti-Hate’ Resolution Is A Stress Test For Criminalizing Their Opposition

Leftists have refashioned ‘hate’ into a political tool to silence opposition. Christians and conservatives are routinely called racist, sexist, homophobes, on no evidence but their disagreement with the left.

Court Decision Saying Women Must Be Drafted Puts Equality Over Principle

Men should be pushing back against the decision to allow women to fight in combat, not to make it easier for more women to be forced into combat.

Dear Jonah Hill: The Problem With ‘Superbad’ Isn’t Masculinity

When actor Jonah Hill said men have been taught not to show vulnerability because it’s thought to be feminine or gay, he’s ignoring a fundamental aspect of being a man.

We Don’t Need Less Traditional Masculinity, We Need More

This effort to eradicate masculinity is dangerous because it disrupts the relationships that depend on the complementary nature of the sexes.

Gillette’s Latest Commercial Is An Anti-Man Dumpster Fire

The Gillette commercial is a diabolical failure from the beginning because it establishes a wrong premise—that masculinity itself is abusive.

American Psychological Association Says Traditional Masculinity Is Pathological

According to the APA, ‘components of traditional masculinity’ include ‘emotional stoicism, homophobia, not showing vulnerability, self-reliance, and competitiveness.’

Stop Shaming White Women For Voting Republican

What’s wrong with white women? Perhaps there’s nothing wrong with them as a group. Perhaps many just don’t adhere to groupthink that strips us all of our individual liberty.

In Palm Beach County, Democrats Argue To Count Votes Cast By Non-Citizens

Something is rotten in Palm Beach County, where Democrats want to count the votes of non-citizens.

What’s Behind College-Educated, Suburban Women Flipping To Democrats

These women who reside in wealthy suburbs are an odd group. Sometimes they vote on the economy, but their loyalty to the pocketbook only goes so far.

Why Women Going On A Sex Strike Over Politics Is Completely Wrongheaded

Wednesday Martin’s strategy to use something as intimate and personal as sex to incite broader cultural change corrupts something sacred.

Hero Who Died Fending Off Potential Rapist Underscores The Dangers Of Me Too

Patricio Salazar’s actions remind us of the good a man can do when faced with a crisis, and how honor and strength still beat in the heart of humanity.

No, Stormy Daniels, You Don’t Represent All Women

Woman aren’t part of some mindless collective that can be defined by any individual who claims to have magical moral authority simply because she’s a female.

‘Sex And The City’ Actress To Challenge Andrew Cuomo For Governor Of New York

Besides being famous for the role as Miranda in ‘Sex and the City,’ Cynthia Nixon is a spokeswoman for a leftist, labor-backed education activist group.

Graham Calls For McCabe Firing Inquiry. Has He Paid Any Attention The Past Two Years?

After more than a year-long inquiry with obfuscation and deflection from the FBI, Graham wants to investigate as if Andrew McCabe hasn’t smelled like a fish for too long.

The Return Of ‘Queer Eye’ Could Be A Win For The Right Kind Of Tolerance

If we focus only on how we’re different and demand approval of those differences, we will never live peacefully with one another.

What Happened To Love In ‘A Wrinkle in Time?’

The theme has been so recklessly and deliberately removed that it drains this already abysmal film of depth and strips it of a universal message we all need to hear.

We Can’t Make Schools Safe Unless We Get Government Out

The guns and school violence conversation needs to happen at the local level to have any chance of effectively keeping kids safe in school.

Yes, You Can Be Pro-Choice And A Christian, Even Though It’s Not Consistent

The Christian life is fraught with many moral dilemmas, many hidden sins, many twists along the narrow way, and we need to allow space for people to learn over time.

The GOP Base Won’t Boycott Over Trump, Because Trump Isn’t The Problem

The real motives of Rauch, Wittes, and NeverTrumpers have nothing to do with pragmatic politics in response to a ‘dangerous’ president or concern about the rule of law.

Adam Schiff Fundraises Small-Dollar Donations Fueled By Trump Rage

Republicans might want to take note—the effort to fund ‘the resistance’ through an online platform is growing and in some cases succeeding.