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Twitter Ramps Up Election Meddling Ahead Of Midterms With Fake Fact-Checking Program Expansion


Birdwatch is a last-ditch attempt by Twitter to use manufactured consensus to influence Americans, especially those who are already voting.


Twitter is no stranger to manipulating the information voters are or aren’t exposed to so it’s no surprise that, just one month before midterm elections, the Big Tech company is expanding its fake fact-checking program “Birdwatch” to target all users.

Twitter first rolled out Birdwatch in 2021 as a way to recruit more censors who will join in their quest to silence their political enemies. Disguised under an alias that is not “publicly associated with contributors’ Twitter accounts,” birdwatchers who deem inconvenient or damning tweets to be “misinformation” are granted the power to add their own “context” to certain tweets for all to see.

Nearly two years into the program, it’s clear that the accounts Twitter deemed worthy of “fact-checking” belong to most of the same left-wing liars who run the corporate media and publicly call for the censorship of anyone who disagrees with them.

Seeing the success Birdwatch has yielded for Twitter, whose not-so-secret goal is to memory-hole conservatives who speak the truth, the Big Tech platform is expanding the program beyond its test phase.

“If you use Twitter in the US, you’ll begin seeing notes occasionally in your Twitter feed starting today,” Twitter’s Birdwatch account tweeted on Thursday. “But don’t expect to see them all the time — notes only show up when they earn a status of ‘Helpful,’ and the contributor base is small (and growing).”

Twitter encouraged users to embrace the growing crowdsourcing program for the sake of “democracy” but it’s not hard to see how the Big Tech platform and the elites who are elevated on it could harness this power to do the opposite: swing elections in their favor regardless of voters’ feelings.

The Big Tech platform is no stranger to swinging elections. After all, it was one of the first social media companies to expurgate the Hunter Biden laptop bombshell mere weeks before the 2020 presidential election and lock the account of the legitimate news organization that reported it.

Even after the 2020 election, Twitter had no qualms about censoring former President Donald Trump’s calls for peace during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. That censorship and the company’s subsequent decision to banish Trump from the platform indefinitely were used as evidence by the sham House Jan. 6 Committee in their efforts to keep the former president from ever returning to the White House.

Making Birdwatch public is a last-ditch attempt by Twitter to use manufactured consensus to influence Americans, especially those who are already heading to the polls to cast their votes.

It’s also one of the last opportunities for Twitter employees, distressed and chagrined by the idea that free speech could be restored on the site, to use their power to influence election outcomes (again) before Elon Musk purchases the Big Tech platform.

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